4 TIPS to JUMP HIGHER, Badminton

in this video we’re gonna talk about how
we can actually jump higher and we’re not gonna talk about the strength of the
legs and so on so not about the physical attributes but more about the
biomechanical skills so actually when we jump high we are actually not improving
the power of our smash but it has some benefits the higher we jump the steeper
we can hit our shots so that’s the real benefit of jumping high the first thing
we want to focus on is to use the ground like a trampoline when I’m jumping I’m
not jumping like this I want to really jump on the floor like this so as I put
all my weight into the ground the ground is actually helping me to get more
height in my jump the next thing we will be focusing on is using the arms so I
want to use the arms like this to get momentum upwards
so as I’m jumping I want to bounce off the ground and use my elbows at the same
time like this the next thing we want to be focusing on is actually after we jump
to tighten up our core so we don’t want to be so loose our upper body it’s gonna
be loose but our core we want to still tighten up our core if I’m relaxed in my
whole body as I’m jumping I will not be able to maintain my height so in certain
situations where we are either doing the China jump or the jump smash we are
kicking with our legs so as we kick with our legs we’re
actually getting a bit higher Oh you

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