4 Unicorn Birthday Party Games for Kids

4 Unicorn Birthday Party Games for Kids

these games are appropriate for both
children and adults and are fun simple quick and easy let’s get into today’s
video you are going to need some kind of big container here I have a pretzel
container you’re going to need some unicorn cards playing cards like these
and party hat some sort of greens and oh I better not show you this one right
here I’ll save this to the end let’s get into these four party games here we go I
think I’ll start out with showing you this game right here involving this
container and these fun unicorn cards they have just such cute little unicorns
on them if I can find them where we got them I will link them down below it set
up this container in the center of your room and try to toss playing cards into
the container and whoever gets the most playing cards in the container is the
winner it’s as simple as that hi my name is Shawn welcome to prayer lights if you are new I would love for you to consider subscribing to this channel by
hitting the subscribe button down below the next game is called don’t step on
the unicorn poop make yourself unicorn poop out of rainbow-colored
playdough like this just by twisting it around get the sparkly kind I love the
sparkly playdough kind and then you set yourself out a garbage bag blindfold
your participants and have them try not a step in the unicorn poop with their
bare feet moving on to game number three I have other games that are fun
for kids to play at parties like this one that I will link in a card up here
you may want to go check out a game of street is called the unicorn horn toss
so hopefully you already have party hats at your unicorn themed party and you can
just have everybody take their party hats do some cute little rings and make
a ring toss game with the party hats as a unicorn horn with your hats on the
floor and have participants try to toss their little rings onto the unicorn horn
last game this one is not a DIY game this is a game you can purchase this is
a fun game for adults as well as older children so I do not recommend this game
for younger children but I had to show it you guys because it’s all about
unicorns super cute it is called unstable a
unicorn’s unstable not unstable but it Unstable unicorns there’s only one
inappropriate card in it so you could always take it out for kids my husband
and son and I we loved playing this game they actually got it – got it for me for
Christmas if you want to know more about this game I will link it in description
box down below have fun at your next party share the fun with your friends
and I will see you in my next video thanks for watching

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  1. Yay! Unicorns!! ? ? ❤️

  2. I can always count on your videos to bring some fun into my day. Help me get in touch with my inner child. Thanks for posting these.

  3. Love your shirt! Great game ideas!!! Maybe a video on how to make a unicorn birthday cake next ?

  4. Unstable unicorns is so fun!!!!

  5. This is fun! It would be fun if you did one a little longer, playing the games with your husband or kids. That was what was so fun about the pancake game video, seeing you and your husband just laugh and have a good time! ?

  6. Your pretzel container is good, but a giant cheeseball container is where its at. Some great games.

  7. Love your video 😉 remember me

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