[4K 360° VR] Decoding Fan Zhendong’s Reverse Pendulum Serves — TOMORROW TABLE TENNIS

[4K 360° VR] Decoding Fan Zhendong’s Reverse Pendulum Serves — TOMORROW TABLE TENNIS

Happy New Year and Merry Christmas if you’re
celebrating it! Hope you all had a wonderful year
It was definitely amazing for me and this channel I really appreciate your support! You guys are awesome! In the new year, I hope we could improve together
to a whole new level Hope you noticed this video is a 360 video
You can move around. And if you’re using a computer, you can use
your mouse to drag around to see the surroundings This is my first time incorporating VR into
my video. Let me know what you think! In today’s video, I’ll be talking about several
serves and some not boring ways to practice them If you’re doing well in those exercises, you can reward yourself with your favorite drink or food! Cheers! Setting barriers is an effective and fun way
to practice serving First, let’s review backspin ghost serve
Our goal is to let the ball go through and bounce back in between the two cans
Notice we have two lengths for this serve The shorter one here is farther for the opponent to reach The longer one here is harder to be pushed
back short on the table Once you’ve mastered this distance, you can increase the difficulty by shifting the barriers and decreasing the gap This exercise trains precision of placement
and pureness of backspin Now, any deviation or impurity will cause
the ball to miss the gap For a more detailed tutorial on this serve,
check out my “Decoding Ma Lin’s Ghost Serve” video Now you may want to add some sidespin or cork spin to your backspin serves Now we can do it this way We can have a shorter one that goes like this, or a longer one with more side/cork spin on it like this This exercise helps us to understand combination
of spins When there’s more backspin on the ball, it
tends to curve more sharply back whereas a ball with more side or cork spin
tends to produce a smoother and wider curve After this exercise, you’ll be able to easily
control the extent of each spin on your serve If you want to add more side/cork spin to make your serve curve even more like Mizutani’s serve We can.. Here, we want the ball to go through the first
“door”, then curve behind the middle four cans, and finish passing through the “side
door” We see a 90-degree-angle turn of the ball
Remember to have enough backspin on the ball combined with lots of corkscrew spin by rubbing
the bottom part of the ball and swing towards your stomach
For a more detailed tutorial on this serve, check out my “Decoding Mizutani’s Serve” video Now we’ll do some fast long serves This one is to their forehand, backhand, and this to their middle a bit towards their forehand So they’ll have a hard time moving Notice we can add some extent of backspin
or topspin to this serve By punching the ball down onto the table,
we create some backspin like these three By hitting forward, we put some topspin to
the ball You’ve mastered this exercise when you can
hit any target as you like Now, let’s talk about reserve pendulum serve
Your regular grip won’t do so curl your three fingers at the back of
your racket By curling your fingers and moving your thumb, the handle lies on top of your arm which gives
you much more room wait.. let me get a ball
Stand with your left foot in front of your right like so and lean forward
Raise your center of gravity like this by lifting your left foot
Then raise your racket and your arm At the peak, fix your elbow as the pivot and
drop your forearm like a pendulum Now as the reaction force makes it swing back, add force that is directed away from you This is when you contact the ball. Lower your gravity back down Let’s do it again..
Here notice my elbow is at the highest point my arm is relaxed and can swing back and
forth At this point, think yourself as a crab holding
up the two claws So like this
And at this point, too, but in a different angle Your body should rotate counter-clock wise in this process Don’t contact the ball far away from your body Toss the ball so that it’s underneath you, then contact There are three different placements: forehand
short, backhand short, backhand long Adjust the direction of your brush accordingly
Ma Long has a different stroke from Fan Zhendong His elbow stays lower and the movement is
shorter This helps him to create backspin comparing
to Fan Zhendong’s serves which are mostly side and topspin

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