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Hey, I’m Jake and get ready to App All….*sneezes*
*oh the horror* I love cylindrically shaped mexican food items
and North American bovine, put em together waddya get, Burrito Bison: Launcha Libre. The latest in this web game saga, finds you
as the luchador Burrito Bison. You must launch yourself from the ropes of
the ring and soar through the air, body slamming gummy bears along and using their squishy
remains to go on your quest to retrieve your cookbook. The more bears you crush, the more money you
receive which can be used for power-ups like bounciness, slipper lotion, or elastic cables
for more launch power. There are different bosses to battle, and
each round has you slowly depleting their health. There are also two other luchadores two unlock
like Pineapple Spank and El Pollo. Each with their own unique way of body slamming
enemies. As you go through the game, you can also upgrade
the bad guy’s weapons and use those items to get further in the level. You can also snag pinatas that are filled
with all sorts of goodies but I always feel bad punching it open. I’m sorry. Oh, and there is also a power-up called Tacorazzi
so I mean, this game really knows me. If your body gets tired of slamming into things,
try using your fists instead with the counter of death In this classic kung fu game complete with
VHS and old film effects, you play as a Bruce Lee inspired character as he punches and kicks
his way up a dojo tower to rescue his kidnapped lady. The controls are pretty simple, there are
only two buttons. One to block high punches and another to block
low ones. Once blocked, you inflict a devastating blow. While simple, the game is difficult as your
anticipation for a particular move might have you hitting the wrong button. Each villain has a blue flame that denotes
their health. The more flames, the more hits to defeat but
once vanquished you get the flames and can use them to upgrade things like the character’s
health, which is pretty necessary. There are also throwing stars to block, bosses
to combo punch into oblivion and even the appropriate Bruce Lee kung fu sound effects. Man, making my way up this dojo of doom would
be much easier if I had a tank…out A multiplayer game where you blow up tanks. Oh yeah. You can join a new world or join a player
hosted one with a map that they created themselves. If you enter a map with lots of other players,
it gets frantic. For every tank you destroy, you get coins. You then use those coins to get objects to
build your own levels by using the coins to create walls, doors, turrets, switches, and
so on. You can also build barriers during a match
to shield yourself or trap in another player. Just be careful of your bullets ricocheting
and hitting you, because that is not good. It should be noted that while I was screen
recording my play session late at night, there weren’t many other users online but I assume
once this video comes out, that will most likely change. So while I wait for you to download this game
I’m going to play some music with tappy cat. A rhythm game with 46 songs to play and unlock. Put your paws to the chords and get shredding. Well, not really shredding, but even in the
beginning levels the game is pretty tough. There are four lines and different kinds of
notes appear on each. It takes some getting used to as this set-up
is different than most rhythm games. As you progress you are rewarded with fish,
and you get more fish the better you do. Every so often a curious feline will mosey
on past and you use the fish to lure them in. Once you collect additional cats, you can
play as those characters with their own unique background. I mean, look how cute that cat is. Look at it. Look at it. Isn’t it just Dandy…Dungeon. Dandy Dungeon is awesome…and weird. I’m going to talk generally about it as
to not ruin the story, but we follow the character of Yamada, a programmer at a game studio,
who, in his free time, starts working on his own game. Dandy Dungeon is a game within a game. Not only do you follow Yamada through his
life and interact with a cast of characters but you also play test the rogue like game
he is making, and in doing so, you level up Yamada which gives him the confidence to create
new levels and characters. When in the game, inside the game, you must
clear various dungeons of monsters, traps and treasure. Before even touching the screen, figure out
your route, because once you do a timer begins and you have to draw your path before it runs
out or face health damage. While in combat, you can use upgrades or potions
to help or heal your character, If you don’t traverse the entire floor, you also get damage. Once you get a bit into the game, you meet
the love of your life who becomes the princess you must rescue in your game. Ok, that’s all I’m going to say about
it because I don’t want to spoil the story. Links to all the apps can be found in the
description below and if you want more App All Knight there is a playlist right here. Filled with Apps…all…knight *sanity begins to disappear* And, As always, thanks for watching.

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