5 Fortnite Settings That You NEED To Change! (Controller Fortnite Settings)

5 Fortnite Settings That You NEED To Change! (Controller Fortnite Settings)

Hey what is going on guys, in this video today
we’re gonna be going over some fortnite settings that don’t really get a lot of attention,
but I believe will help you have a better overall experience when playing fortnite,
and maybe even help you improve a bit as a player. So when I mention fortnite settings, the first
thing that most of you guys probably think of are some of the more controversial and
important ones. Ya know, the settings like confirm edit on
release, edit mode aim assist, etc. etc. Those are all settings where the community
is split seemingly right down the middle on whether the setting being on or off is the
better option. But we’ve talked about most of those in-depth
already, so that’s not what this video is going to be focusing on. And then the majority of the remaining settings
are more or less obvious whether you want to have them on or off, so also no need for
any kind of discussion there. So what you’re left with is about 4-5 interesting
miscellaneous settings that people either don’t know about, or don’t care about when
they probably should, and that’s what we’re gonna be covering in this video. So, without further ado, let’s get right into
it. Alright so the first thing that I wanna talk
about in this video are the in-game graphical settings. My guess is that these settings are something
that the vast majority of you guys either haven’t changed these at all, or maybe played
around with brightness for like 30 seconds a year ago, and you just haven’t even looked
at it since then. And I’m not gonna pretend that graphical settings
alone are gonna make you a much better player, but it’s crazy how many players I see playing
on terrible settings that I think are putting them at a pretty significant disadvantage,
especially if they’re on console. And we’ll get into a little more detail about
that shortly. But even just changing brightness alone can
make a noticeable different depending on the monitor/TV you play on. Here’s a side by side example of what Fortnite
on console looks like during in-game night time on the default 1000 brightness vs, 130
brightness. Not the biggest difference in the world, but
I think we can all agree that 130 looks a little bit better, and it would be a lot easier
to see enemies on that brightness in-game. However, keep in mind that’s only for my specific
monitor, it may be totally different for your TV/monitor, so play around with it a bit. Another interesting thing that I heard regarding
console Fortnite specifically, is that certain colorblind settings can make up for some of
the graphical problems that console has.The most notable one is the fact that you’re forced
to play with shadows on, which can be very problematic to say the least. So I’m not gonna 100% vouch for this because
I haven”t gotten around to fully testing it, but I’ve heard a few good things about
the colorblind setting Tritanope set to 5 strength. Apparently it looks very similar to regular
Fortnite, and just adds a bit of contrast with certain things and make shadows look
a little less overpowering. The next thing I wanna talk about are some
various settings that a lot of players seemingly don’t know about. The first one is motion blur and it’s under
the advanced graphics setting. Now this is a really weird one, because the
ability to turn on or off motion blur was initially added to game back in season 8,
but only for some consoles. For example, I had the motion blur setting
with my Xbox One X, but my friends who played on the regular xbox or the xbox slim didn’t
have that option. But that finally changed a few weeks ago,
and at this point I believe every console now has this setting. Now what’s funny about the description for
motion blur, is that it kinda tries to lead you into turning it on. It says “Some people are very sensitive to
motion blur. Disable this effect to prevent nausea or keep
it enabled to get more fluent animations.” So I’m sure at least a few people read that
and were like “I don’t get nauseas while playing video games but I do want better animations
so I’m gonna turn this on.” Pretty reasonable but that’s simply just Fortnite
bamboozling you. Motion blur is something you want to turn
off not only in Fortnite but pretty much in any shooter game that allows you disable it. All it does is make your screen a little bit
blurry when you make quick turns, which I guess is realistic, but all it ends up doing
is obstructing your vision and hurting you. And the funny thing is, I actually saw a few
tweets from people saying that their motion blur was actually set to “on” by default. So even if you know you’d never turn in on
yourself, just give it a quick check to make sure it’s all good. The next setting here is tap to search/interact. I saw a comment on a video from about a week
ago that basically said something like “Bro how do you revive people and drop stuff at
the same time, whenever I try to do that it cancels the revive.” And this comment had like 20 something thumbs
up so clearly a decent amount of people don’t know. What tap to search/interact does it it enables
you just tap your interact or action button 1 time, and the game will register as if you’re
continually holding it down until you complete whatever action you initiated. Now this is definitely mostly a matter of
convenience especially with shorter actions like opening chests or supply drops. But when it comes to longer things like reviving
a teammate or using a reboot van, it’s helpful to have tap to search/interact enabled because
it will allow you to go in your inventory, and even drop things for teammates. And the final setting that people have asked
me about recently is the reticle ammo indicator, and why I don’t use it. It isn’t a huge deal to me, but I just personally
feel that it obstructs my vision a little and kinda looks like a part of the crosshair
when you’re using certain weapons, so I just keep it off. The final thing I wanna talk about in this
video is your HUD. And for those of you guys not familiar with
that term, it basically refers to all the the display elements of Fortnite that stay
on your screen the entire time you’re playing so things like your map, you and your teammates
names, your health bar, your inventory, your materials, and just off the top of my head
I think that’s everything. And I know this may seem like something that
doesn’t really effect much, but trust me it can. And let me tell you a funny little story about
this exact topic. A few weeks ago I was playing Fortnite with
one of my friends who has played the game since season 2 or 3 and he’s definitely a
pretty solid player. And I was gonna hop off the game because I
needed to work on something for school, and he told me he was about to play the weekly
cash cup, so I told him to share screens through discord so I could watch him play in the background. And when he starts up the stream I see that’s
he’s still playing on the default HUD and the default safe zone, which he thought was
just totally normal. So that opened my eyes to the fact that if
this guy whose a good player and has been playing the game for a while could use a horrible
HUD layout, there’s probably a lot of people out there doing the same thing. So here’s what the default HUD layout looks
like. The majority of you guys are probably thinking
“eww this is gross” but I’m sure at least some of you can’t even tell what’s wrong here. As you can see, first off with a HUD scale
of 100%, all those display images I talked about earlier are huge, especially the map. I mean this thing is taking up what seems
like a solid 5-10% of my screen. Also, because I’m using the default safe zone
all this stuff is pushed towards the center of my screen, when it should actually be towards
the edges. And here’s why this is problematic: Let’s
say I’m running forward or looking forward just like this, so much of that brick and
metal wall area where a theoretical enemy could be is blocked by the map. It just feels like so much of your view is
restricted that it’s no doubt in my mind gonna make you play worse in the long term. So now here’s an example of what an 80% HUD
scale with a properly set safe zone looks like. I mean it’s like a breath of fresh air compared
to what you guys just saw. So please please please, if you haven’t adjusted
your HUD, lower it a bit from the default 100%, and set your safe zone so it lines up
to the edges of your TV. I believe you can only change this in-game
for some reason under like the user interface section in the Fortnite settings, so if you
can’t find it when you open your settings from the main menu that’s probably why. So, I hope you guys enjoyed this video and
if you watched the entire thing be sure to let me know with a comment down in the comment
section below. I know that if you’re a good player you probably
knew most if not all this stuff already, but if you changed any settings because of this
video let me know which one it was. Be sure to leave a like, leave a comment,
subscribe, turn on post notifications, do whatever the heck you want, and I, will catch
you guys next time!

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