Hello guys I trust I’m going to tell you today The 5 best heroes midlane at the moment lets go The first Gusion Why I chose gusion as number one Because of gusion Is the strongest assassin hero as well as the current mage In my opinion like that What makes gusion stronger is actually Because of the ulti The ulti can be used for Initiate faster enemy before Usual in combo skill 2, skill 3 Skill 2 and skill 1 And the ulti can also be used for Run away or want Escape the term The second The second is Lunox Lunox is a mage hero Which according to me is very easy to use Why it’s so easy to use Yes, because Just play skill 1 and skill 2 only But you have to memorize the stack lunox The usual one is the color again The yellow One more purple Well, for example, you can Not playing the term If for example you understand the combo The purple one and the yellow one You can survive Can In one game it can not die The enemy also can’t kill you His matter Lunox’s ulti Can also run away Moreover, it can make an enemy burst The third According to the third cave, Selena Yes Selena is the point from the beginning until now The point, according to me, is the hero Which is very annoying until now Why is it so annoying Yes Because if for example hit a combo selena Usual The combo is just right when he throws the arrow And you got hit by that arrow Then continue to combo skill 1 And ulti Continue to skill 1 again You can die right away Especially if you use it for example Hero types, for example gusion For example like The gusion hit once with Selena’s arrow Just once Die early in the game Die Gusion can be really poor Can get bullied really The fourth that According to me Harith Harith as you all know Harith from the beginning until now it was finished Hero mage who is often banned in rank And in the tournament Harith combos are very easy Who used to Skill 2 Ulti Then skill 2 and skill 1 Then harith Have absorb shield Which is very thick too More or less like esmeralda If for example you have to meet the hero That hero A hero who can lock For example akai Kaja Khufra The opponent must be weak But though With Although there are three hero counters as well Harith is actually an easy to use hero The combo is really easy too Only Ulti Skill 2 Dash,dash,dash Skill 1 Dash again Until the enemy dies Continue Harith also produces absorb shield From skill 2, that’s it Which certainly makes the enemy trouble To kill him The fifth According to the fifth cave The strongest hero in this meta Esmeralda Why esmeralda Because Before that As you all know it Esmeralda has Very sick skill And also Esmeralda Can produce a thick absorb shield Well the point is Esmeralda According to me Is my favorite hero right now Because he’s the strongest mage hero Make meta now Ok so guys The 5 best midlaner heroes My version What do you think about the comments below?

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