5 Reasons NEVER to Date a Belarusian Girl

5 Reasons NEVER to Date a Belarusian Girl

Всем привет and welcome to another
video with me Conor Clyne this is the Tsar Experience and yes you did read
the title of this one correctly it is five reasons never to date a Belarusian
girl now before you get triggered by that and think that I’m hating unfairly
on the Belarusians make sure they’ve actually watched the previous video this
is a sequel to my video 5 reasons to date a Belarusian so am being fair and
balanced and giving you full disclosure about the pros and cons to coming to
Belarus and dating the local girls I’m actually today in Gomel which is Belarus’
second city so let’s go and take a walk around and I’ll fill you in on the
five reasons that you should consider not dating the girls here, пошли! I have to actually say that I struggled a
bit to come up with the five reasons not to date a Belarusian in contrast to
Ukraine where my friends gave me like about 20 reasons straight away and
continue to supply me with more reasons after the first one that’s why I made a sequel I
may even go ahead and make more sequels to that series but for Belarus actually
we kind of struggled to find really more than one or two so after having a lot
more reference experiences and spent a lot more time in the country over the
last year I’ve finally come up with these five but on the whole I’m of course a
very positive about Belarusian girls but these reasons are more like some
food for thought So reason number one you’ve got to say
that it appears that in Belarus amongst girls at least that me and my friends
have met infidelity seems to be a bit of an issue
because you know I go on Instagram and I start to see a lot of photos of girls
I’ve been with you’re with other guys that appear to be their boyfriend and
that didn’t seem to be an issue and at times they’re just plain brazen
about it they don’t really care at other times they seem they actually don’t let
me see their Instagram so I don’t find out that they actually have a boyfriend
here so that seems to be happening a lot more to me and my friends than in other
countries that we traveled to around the world and in Eastern Europe and even
more than in Ukraine which I wouldn’t rate very high on the fidelity spectrum
either so if that is something that’s important to you because maybe you were
considering dating a Belarusian girl over the long-term or getting married or
something eventually in the future you might want to consider that you want
that fidelity does not seem to be very high on your hand just here to have fun
it’s not gonna be a big issue so that’s reason number one So let’s talk about reason number two
while you might consider never to date a Belarusian and that’s something that’s a
little bit maybe uncomfortable to talk about so one thing that I’ve noticed is
in general Belarusian girls on these kind of crazy weekend nights don’t seem
to be particularly concerned about whether whether I use protection or
whether use a condom or not when we have sex and that makes me think of course
well if they’re not so concerned about it not asking about it trying to
copulate before I even have a chance to put on a condom then it’s probably
indicative of a pattern of behavior which means that protection and
protecting yourself from STDs is not something that’s a huge concern for them
in general definitely make sure that you bring your own condoms and put them on
and always insist that just looking out for you you’re Irish boy here
stay safe don’t rely on the Belarusians on that point of view
I got a nice reactions from some Belarusian girls over there maybe they
want to comment on this So in my previous video five reasons to date a Belarusian I talked about how well basically they’re super enthusiastic
about foreigners and basically hooking up and having maybe casual sex is pretty
easy so that might sound great but actually the kind of flip side to that
is that when Belarusian girls tend to go on a lot of dates or start to get to
know you and take you seriously which can be really really quick they tend to take
it maybe a little bit too seriously compared to what probably you’re used to
and it will be very very soon that they’re talking about like are you gonna
get married have kids all that kind of stuff and that might be it might be
great but that might be really bad depending how you view things and how
fast you want to go but one thing to consider on top of that is that you know
visa free at the moment that I’m speaking in May
2019 is just 90 days per year and unless you’re living in a country where
Belarusians can also travel visa-free it’s actually gonna be very hard to
spend a lot of time together so while the hooking up phase or coming here and
getting to know lots of girls is pretty cool and pretty easy actually continuing
on with relationship when you leave Belarus it’s gonna be a bit harder than
you might have expected and the girls are gonna take it
uber seriously in my experience and my friends’ experience here there isn’t much
of a courting period in Belarus before things become very
serious and that can present a new set of problems
so just be aware of that as a potential for complicating your life going
forward So reason number four about why you
should not date a Belarusian to consider like the downsides to it is a
flakiness now I refer to this also in the video on Ukraine and here it’s
pretty similar girls in this society in general don’t like to give direct
answers like no I’m not interested or maybe they’ve just created another you
know series of options for themselves and in general flakiness flaking on
dates and stuff like that is also an issue here in Belarus in the Ukraine
video I gave you the advice that you might want to you know stagger three
dates when in the space of an hour just because in all likelihood probably
only one of three would show up so that’s something to consider So the fifth and final reason why you
should be but you should be aware of that’s a negative with dating a
Belarusian potentially is the fact that on the whole Belarusian girls can be a
little bit boring definitely compared to their
neighbors in countries around them Belarus is a very predictable country
it’s as predictable as the trains in Switzerland running on time basically
and as a result girls don’t tend to be very spontaneous also they don’t get to
travel as much as other nationalities because obviously the economic situation
and the fact that they need a lot of visas to travel as a result they don’t
tend to have the world experience that you’re gonna find if you travel to other
countries especially in Western Europe and even compared to Ukraine which of
course has visa free to the Schengen area so they can actually travel for six
months of the year there that is something that I have noticed that my
friends have noticed that on the whole Belarusians can be just a tad tad bit … dull Here we are at the end of another video
you’ve made it to the end of it and I’m hanging out here in Odessa Mama just
at Red Line Club who are graciously hosting me it’s a luxury club here that just
opened in Odessa for the summer it is June 2019 this is the kind of scene that
you can have hanging out here in luxury clubs by the shores of the Black Sea of
course having fun having an forgettable experience and I want to ask
you what are you doing next weekend because it could be you you could be
here at this club with me living the tsar experience so the way you can do
that is by writing to me on my email on [email protected] or DMing me on instagram my handle is tsar experience we’re gonna jump on a 10
minute strategy call for free we’re gonna work out when we can make it
happen and if that coincides with my expectations your expectations it could
be you next weekend here see you in the next video до свидания до побачення
from Odessa Ukraine!

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  2. Being radioactive should be on this list. 😉 Cheers Conor great job. Regarding STD: what's your view on HIV prevalence in Belarus/Russia and girls?

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  4. When I was looking for girls to meet in Minsk via Couchsurfing, one of them was like, "I actually moved back to Grodna. But you should visit my city. You can stay with me and my family." So we wrote a few times and when I got to Belarus, I drove to Grodna. Got there in late morning, we spent the entire day together, walked around a lot, she showed me a small History of Grodna museum that some elderly guy has turned a part of his house into. In the evening she and I are having beers and she shares a story with me in which she casually mentions her boyfriend. It's not something she had talked about the entire day! It's not that I cared one way or the other, it's just that it's weird to spend an entire day with a male stranger and not bring up a boyfriend until like 11pm.

  5. About Reason #1 all girls they have friend or boyfriend but they are not serious about relationships…that's why they look to foreigners as potential husbands.

  6. I wonder if the girls themselves consider it 'cheating'. Or if it's the traditional belief "that it's not a committed relationship until the ring is on the finger". Though this kind of thinking is becoming less and less common in the ex-USSR some still hold onto it. Where, basically, they can date other people until they are engaged to be married. But, again, given how many couples are now living together unmarried…obviously societal changes have been happening. I myself am living with someone unmarried in Russia.

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    The girl I hope to find should be sweet and trusting, and really want a husband along with a family. Not some slut who gives it to any handsome face they see, all in the name of fun, or pleasure, or whatever. Good men are hard to find these days but I hope that these words will encourage men to not compromise a lady or yourself.

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  40. First off, who the f**k are you to dictate such terms? You are just a
    nerd/geek who probably had no success with the ladies in your days and
    now you are an aging old fart who thinks that he can get anyone just
    because you spew a few words in a foreign tongue, haha! Pathetic loser,
    nobody cares about your desperate existence! Get a life and do something
    that is actually productive!

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