5 Things That Should be Canon (Star Trek)

5 Things That Should be Canon (Star Trek)

So if you’ve been following the development
of Star Trek Picard you may be aware of the prequel comics that have come out concerning
Picard’s actions as a Starfleet Admiral in2384, only 5 years after Star Trek Nemesis.
Included in these pages was the reveal that his new flagship on being reassigned from
the Enterprise E was the USS Verity NCC-97000. This ship is undeniably an Odyssey class starship
as designed in a competition of Star Trek Online by Adam Ihle and I was so happy to
see it. What’s more supposedly these comics are to be treated as canon for the upcoming
series which places them in prime continuity with the rest of the Trek main series. I’m
a little sceptical as Star Trek has never really considered anything not on screen as
actually occurring but it seeing it there got me thinking. What are some other things
from the so called beta content, that is books, games and other media, that I’d love to
see folded into official canon a-la Grand Admiral Thrawn from Star Wars?
Here’s a list of 5 things that I think should be added to the Star Trek continuity. For
the sake of keeping things simple, I’m only including official Star Trek sources, so no
fan fictions here despite how awesome Axanar looks and how much I’d love to see Garth
of Izar’s deeds. These choices are mine based on the stories and things I enjoyed
from outside of the main shows but I’ve not played every Trek game nor read every
Trek book. But hey, if something out there exists in your head canon, what would you
add? First off, there have been many stories post
Dominion War, the last major event to shake up Starfleet in the series and while Deep
Space Nine ended with a mostly satisfying way, I’d enjoy seeing what happened to some
of the powers involved, namely Cardassia. It was wreaked at the hands of the Jem Hadar
and their genocidal Founder Gods at the end of the war with 10% of the planet’s population
being put down, a literal decimation of a people. The novel “A Stich in Time” sees
the enigmatic Garak dealing with how best he can help his people but the real draw is
the deep dive into his past as we learn what exactly it is that Garak used to do. I think
some mysteries of Star Trek are best left unanswered like the Borg’s exact origin
but other’s like Garak’s past are ones that would continue to add to his character.
It also introduces a new aspect to the Cardassian people between the old guard who want to rebuild
Cardassia as it was and new factions in support of a more open Cardassia and support for movements
such as the Reunion Project which eventually leads to a more democratic style of government
while Elim Garak lends his experience in subterfuge to supporting the movement.
Not only is it a good indicator of where Cardassia, for the most part one of Star Trek’s baddies
could go, but it brings some closure to Garak’s character who forever has had his morality
in conflict with his skillset and profession. When he worked for the Obsidian Order his
actions were for the state and he believed, his people, but the actions he undertook ate
away at him in his later years on DS9. Then during the Dominion War he suffers a full-on
panic attack because although now he’s following his convictions his actions are having a direct
consequence on his people by feeding Starfleet intel. This is a good way for him to unify
his morality, history and finally he can do what he’s best at, but for a positive result
instead of feeling conflicted. The next thing I’d love to canonise is the
emergence of the Romulan Republic. This concept is one that is very heavily fleshed out in
Star Trek Online but it’s not so much how its formed as what it is that I’d love to
see developed. The Romulans have always been an antagonistic towards the Federation, Klingons,
hell, anyone really, placing security and paranoia above all and as such maintained
an unhealthy distance from the other races. This is something that they couldn’t afford
to do in the face of the Romulan Supernova event, when the Hobus System’s star exploded
in a far more catastrophic way than it should have. Out of the cinders of their destroyed
home world, refugees and colonists were scattered to the winds but many too were lost. Alongside
this, growing ideas of reunification with their sibling race, the Vulcans had been sowed
decades before by Ambassador Spock and Captain Picard. By the year of 2409, many of the new
colony worlds scattered all over were questioning why they owed any allegiance to the Romulan
Empire and started banding together to in some cases, actively resist Imperial rule.
Long story short, you can check my series play-through for more, they eventually founded
the Republic on Mol’Rihan or “New Romulus” in opposition to the Empire and petition the
Federation for an alliance offering to work in tandem with them while the rebuild their
civilization. To cap it all off, the appointed leader of the Republic is D’Tan, a Reunificationist
and last seen as the young child who was hanging of Spock’s every word in Star Trek TNG,
Unification who continues to champion the Vulcan’s cause after his departure from
the Prime Timeline. Although you can leave out all the involvement
of Iconians and all that. I do enjoy Star Trek online and appreciate the universe its
built as for the most part it’s a logical continuation of the series, however the galaxy
it has constructed is one at constant war where many alliances fell apart over the years.
While all is explained and detailed quite well, it is a setting for a video game and
not one I think that serves a series like Star Trek.
The USS Excalibur and the New Frontier stories follow the career of Starfleet Captain Mackenzie
Calhoun and his crew including Commander Shelby and other minor characters from the show repurposed
into a new crew. You’ll have to excuse the pronunciation of Calhoun if I slip up, that’s
just how I read it in my head until I listened to the audio books, I heard the “OU” like
in the world “loud” so Cal-hOOn became Cal-hAwn. Unlike the well-oiled until of the
Enterprise D, the crew of the Excalibur are not always on the same page, but professional
as they are, they have learned to trust their captain and follow orders despite Calhoun’s
more direct and seeming heartless approach to things. In reality he’s not that much
of a cold hearted SOB, but he deliberately cultivates that reputation.
The character was just a joy to follow as there really hasn’t been one quite like
him on screen yet in my opinion. He was nicknamed “the savage” as he was recruited to Starfleet
from a relatively hostile world of Xenex where primitive tribal technology brushed shoulders
with contemporary Star Trek tech and he was a rebel leader in his teenage years.
I mean, what other character can you think off that interviewed candidates for first
officer while carving their names into his desk with a knife and staring at them? Most
of the early books take place in 2373-75 setting, setting it concurrently with DS9 and Voyager,
though I must confess, I’ve read the sporadically through the New Frontier series and completely
lost my place. Oh well, I guess I’ll just have to find the whole collection and start
again. Although maybe there’s no need to include the later events, such as the Excalibur
A and beyond as these I think tied into the Destiny series’ climax at some point which
brings with it a whole new entangled mess of the Borg’s origin, the Calier and major
ramifications for the Star Trek universe as a whole. Although again, there are elements
from the Destiny books that I also enjoyed but I’ve limited myself to five on this
list. Saying that, the USS Aventine, or more specifically,
the Slipstream Drive that was incorporated with it. The Federation has been getting increasingly
large with time as it expands into more unexplored space and warp drive has long been the horse
on which they rode. However, with the establishment of Warp 10 as infinite velocity and many new
transwarp technologies being uncovered by ships such as the USS Voyager, Starfleet is
in dire need of a new form of locomotion. You could continue to just add nines to the
end of warp 9, but as they’ll never reach warp 10, it’s only going to get ridiculous.
Slipstream gives Starfleet a way to circumvent their own in-universe limitations without
sounding odd. Just have the drive engage when they need to exceed warp 9.9 and then call
it slipstream 1, or transwarp 1. In the stories post DS9, we see that Starfleet
continued Voyager’s research into slipstream tech and managed to create a new class of
Starship, the Vesta that was designed to include the new technology and test it out alongside
a number of new designs. It’s a pretty cool design too.
And finally, the Luna Class USS Titan, captained by William Riker. We’ll probably never get
to see Captain Riker in live action, so why not canonise his adventures from the expanded
universe? At the end of Star Trek Nemesis it was established that Riker and Troi transferred
from the Enterprise E to his new command, the USS Titan but the ship was never seen,
only named. Books fleshed out the vessel describing it as a Luna Class and the Federation’s
attempt to return to exploratory vessels after the myriad of war focused ships created for
the Dominion War and Borg defence. The Luna vessels are all named after the moons of the
Sol system. It’s crew manifest included former characters
such as Tuvok from Voyager, Melora Pazlar from DS9. Like the Excalibur and the Aventine,
the Titan ended up featuring in the “Destiny” timeline and as before with my other choices
those events are rather heavy to include into the Star Trek universe at large, but I’d
love to see Riker’s time in chair given some legitimacy. Maybe we’ll see references
to the Titan in the upcoming Picard series but I’d love to see it play a role in the
prequel comics as one of the Titan’s first missions was to help settle Romulan affairs
after the Shinzon coup fell so would have had prior experience with the Star Empire.
So yeah, that’s’ my 5; the history and future of Elim Garak as it works well to flesh
out his character. Two, the concept of a Romulan schism forming the Romulan Republic at odds
with the Empire to soften the Romulans and open them up for more exploration. And the
canonisation of Mackenzie Calhoun and the crew of the Excalibur with similar treatment
for the Aventine and the Titan. Although the greater story arcs that those ships are a
part of don’t need to be transferred across ad verbatim, I would like some love to be
shown to these extended universes. Perhaps adopting the characters and ships, at the
very least, into continuity to give them a whole new tenure in the galaxy and open them
up to fans to explore anew. So that’s my list, what is yours? Like I
said I had to limit myself to 5 otherwise I’d be here for ages and let’s face it,
there is a lot of content out there that would complicate the Star Trek universe even more
should it all be unceremoniously dumped into a single timeline.
And if I could remove one thing? Threshold. That episode breaks so much real and in-universe
stuff… and yes I’m taking another video to have a dig at it. Thanks again for watching
and until the next video, I’ve been Ric, thanks again and goodbye!

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  1. Please do a Star Trek Destiny explained video.

  2. Isn’t this class of ship the first one with a slipstream drive

  3. I got one of the picard comics, it was petty good

  4. The first book in the Titan series is Taking Wing. It's the book that outlines the formation of the Titan's crew mentioned in this video and outlays that first mission to Romulus, which is absolutely a fascinating read. Went on a camping trip just to read it. Was worth it, sitting by a lake reading about Riker, Troi, Tuvok and the Titan helping Romulus right after the events of Shinzon. 🙂

  5. What about things that shouldn't be canon? glances at voyager's Tuvix and warp 10 in general

  6. If nothing else I want slipstream research to have succeeded. Give us proper total Milky Way travel please! Star Trek feels so confined to small areas compared to the other big franchises with Star in its name.

  7. The Dark Mirror version of the Mirror Universe. Also Dolphin officers 😀
    The TOS book Dreadnaught.
    The TOS Book Koybaishi Maru
    The FASA ship info esp Maulers

  8. Both "Thresholds" & TNG:"Force of Nature" need to be decanonised. These two, both about warp travel don't really add things to the lore. The TNG episode just complicates the morality of first contact even more, as now the Federation would be obligated to upgrade ("side-grade?") the ships of a newly warp-capable species to prevent damage to space-time, the story was a ham-fisted allegory to fossil fuels polluting the environment and really didn't add anything as the new "limitation" of warp drive was only mentioned in one other episode.

  9. I do not like New Frontier. Let me clarify, I liked the first four novels, after that it went so far off the rails that it made me hate it. It was so far up its own ass I couldn't enjoy it anymore. If they brought the basic idea from the first 3-4 books then fine, but anything after that should be left in the trash.

  10. The problem with the Romulans is Star Trek III stripped away their "honorable soldier" attribute and gave it to the Klingons along with their bizarre space birdy obsession. IMO this ruined both the Klingons and the Romulans, Klingons as despotic conquerors was terrifying and logical where HONOR WARRIOR HONOR is downright goofy once you're past the surface, but it's especially felt with the Romulans who are left with nothing but "sneaky" simply because they developed a cloaking device. Worst thing that ever happened to the canon and its fully Leonard Nimoy's fault.

  11. I would love to see the Federation start to use cloaking devices as the treaty with a now destroyed Romulan empire is null and void.

  12. Thank you for mentioning the Warp 10 thing. That never made much sense to me. If warp 10 is infinite speed then shouldn't it be Warp X or something?
    Then it makes Warp 13 and and other mentioned high warps make sense.

  13. I know this will likely never happen because the ship was very sudden and un poplar but id like it if Seven and Chakotay remained together as a couple. it would make me so happy if they remained hooked up.

  14. I would add the USS Premonition from Star Trek Armada. From the series it seem apparent that the Federation was still working on time travel.

  15. 0:34 I'm a little disappointed that the Odyssey class Picard got was not the Enterprise-F

  16. The music switch for Ryker is both appropriate and hilarious!

  17. If we add canon from the games like the original Starfleet Command pc game I just hope it's not my main career cause I may or may not have started a few wars… With the Klingons… And Romulans… And Gorn… And Lyrans… And Hydrans.

  18. Have you done a video on things that shouldn't be cannon? You know like pretty much all of discovery?

  19. Star Trek Destiny can't be canon now when Picard is a Admiral in 2381, when he is still a Captain in the Destiny books.
    I wish they did pick Destiny storyline for the Picard Series or make a series about it but hey can't get everything.

  20. The "Cal-hoon" pronunciation is a valid way of saying it the way it's spelled. We have a county near where I live that's called "Cal-hoon" and it's spelled Calhoun.

  21. A new animated series. Simply to see more CGI aliens in the series.

  22. favorite thing I would liketo see canonized? Beta ships, particular of the major powers (besides the UFP). Pardon my english

  23. Q needs to be addressed more ?

  24. Glad you included Mackenzie Calhoun!

  25. 1) Rise of the Romulan/Reman Republic
    2) The Iconians still exist. But do not I repeat do not make them like they were in STO like genocidal different coloured power rangers. They arent messing with galactic powers from the shadows either. Keep them as organic beings not as different coloured energy beings.
    3) The Vesta, Luna, Pathfinder, Odyssey class starships of the 25th century become canon.
    4) 23rd century With Pikes term on the Enterprise done and his promotion Cmdr Una is promoted to Captain but she is angered by Kirk getting the Enterprise. She believes shes the better fit for the ship. She served 7 years as first officer knows the crew and ship so it would merely be an easy transition of command. Even Pike fights her corner. But Starfleets decision stands. Shes angered again when shes told she cant have Spock. She gets the Yorktown but takes all of the Enterprise's senior staff bar Spock with her. She commands Yorktown right up to the ships TMP Connie refit. Cpt Una becomes in the 23rd century Starfleets foremost expert on the Romulans as the Yorktown under her command tangles with the Star Empire dozens of times.

  26. So in picard;
    *Garrek love and cardassian rebuilding episode?

    *Romulan rebuilding episode?

    *Riker talking abot titan and book adventures episode?

    Okey with me!

  27. Q's Winter Wonderfland from STO, lol…… next video, 5 Things That Should be emoved Canon

  28. the uss excalibur are canon the excalibur was in redemption part 2

  29. Yes for Slipstream technology! That is something you think SF would explore more of.

    And I enjoyed the U.S.S Titan series. It brought forth new and old characters along with having new adventures in space.

  30. There isn’t really much I’d take from the novels/comics, at least not directly. They work best as a sort of testing ground for new ideas where they can be easily ignored should they not pan out. That being said, one thing I would love to include would be some Lost Era references, adventures like those in the excellent point and click Trek games, and some fluff (1)
    But overall, I’d prefer seeing new frontiers being pushed. Trek has lasted so long because it doesn’t let itself get bogged down too much in the past and it can shift and adapt with time without losing its core. The novels, in many ways, would just be going backwards and retreading old ground. It’s fun to visit, but franchises that don’t evolve die.

    Although I have to say, I hate the inclusion of the Odyssey class in the comic as an active ship.
    Leaving aside my dislike for the design in general (2), why in the world is Picard not on the bridge of the Enterprise? I mean come on, the E is still top of the line and the Odyssey is there way too early. I was fine with it being a desktop model since that’s a fun little easter egg but a commissioned starship with an insanely high registry number? No thanks
    (1) Especially related to things like the NCC registry. I have some reasonable explanations, but I’d love to see a few details fleshed out with a well placed sentence or two.
    (2)I mean the thing is just way too large without a good reason to be that large based on the specifications. Judging by the available statistics, you could easily have 2 Galaxy or Sovereign class starships that from the available data can do the same duties as the larger ship. That’s not even touching on the aesthetics from the ventral views…

  31. i only ever read the new frontier graphic novel by idw

  32. the titan also was part of the typhon pact book series that delt with the fall out of the destiny book series and the fall book series that delt with the fall out of the typhon pact book series

  33. I’d like to put “Threshold”, “A Night in Sickbay” and Michael Burnham into a cannon and fire them into the sun.

    As for canon, I’d like the book about what happened to the SS. Valiant and how Picard came to be captain of the Stargazer to be included. Obviously we know the basics from TOS and TNG, but the full fleshed our stories would be good.

  34. I always imagine the interior of the Enterprise (NCC-1701-no-bloody-A-B-C-or-D) to be as depicted in the bloody fantastic TOS novel "Crossroad", a must read. The emergency stairway down to deck 2 from the bridge, the bowling alley and its bunch of holographic arcade games, and computer terminals that will accept text based terminal commands that look like they really could belong to a real operating system. And as a fan of Eldritch horrors, that book's teleporting, tentacled yagghorth monster is incredibly compelling. It gets much cooler than that but I don't want to spoil it for anyone who's interested. I also have to say the way it handled characters with severe learning impairments was sensitive and compassionate, and it's great to see one of the book's protagonists be such a man.

  35. I think doing a animated series not live action it would put the whole star trek universe together , have the prime timeline take over. Not discovery timeline.

  36. Love Calhoun. I am so glad you included him. What about his navigator?

  37. As someone who prefers audiobooks, I would love to see more of the books you mentioned turned into audiobooks

  38. I would like to see the star trek engineering corp series made cannon

  39. We saw Riker and Deanna in one of the Picard trailers so they will be appearing, and it's likely Riker's command of the Titan will be mentioned in one way or another. I'm loving that they're making the new series blend into STO, as I too have considered it the main source of TNG-era canon material following DS9, Voyager, and Nemesis. It makes me feel vindicated for continuing to support the game even when others have said it's past its prime and is declining.

  40. We will see the Romulan Republic in Picard! There is signs

  41. Personally I think the debut of the Odyssey class in ST Picard is a little to early in the timeline(s).

  42. These are all things I would also like to see as well, I also think though there should be more information of civilizations such as the Breen and the Tholians as both are considered to be two of the larger major powers in their respective sections of the Alpha and Beta Quadrants; not a superpower like the Federation but still on par with the Klingons and Cardassians but without the same devastation faced in the Dominion War.

  43. As long as we have those hacks in charge of things I don't think having those events you want touched by them.

    Remember the same jack offs that did STD are still in charge.

    So unless you want Riker replaced by a woman and all of his feats given to her I think it best not to want such things.

  44. I would like to see in canon, what became of the post Unimatrix 0 liberated Drone rebellion. I still think it's odd that the liberated Borg couldn't spare a few transwarp coils and some technical data considering everything Voyager did for them.

  45. Trip lives! He didn't die in the ENT finale. That was a cover up.

  46. I think I would include some manner of the Vaadwar reestablishing their place in the delta quadrant. Perhaps not to the extent they do in STO, but reclaiming their home world, perhaps some surrounding systems. I could see them being a kind of Romulan allegory, using espionage, arms and information brokering or theft, trying to claw their way to parody with the other powers in the area.

  47. I would like to see Star Trek books as part of ST cannon and those same books as part of ST Online game.

  48. I see Destiny cover, I like.

  49. I would really like to see a whole new series centered on the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-B) and her crew and set in the early 2300s made canon.

  50. I'd love to see a return to the Enterprise era, with an adaptation of the Romulan War and Rise of the Federation book series.

  51. I don’t see Picard as being canon – it is still made under the alternate license.

  52. Oh, A Stitch in Time… It's indescribable how much I adore this book. Garak was the best character hand down in all of Trek and Andrew Robinson didn't just do him justice – he surpassed it by miles.
    The Aventine and of course the delve into the Ezri Dax character that goes with it – oh yes please! Garak may be the best character, but Ezri is the one I adore the most.
    I second all of your five except Excalibur. The first few books didn't catch me for some reason. I'd instead include the one thing that is sorely missing in all of Trek: How the Federation comes about. Basically ENT's fifth season, shown in detail in a number of books revolving around ENT's characters. Including the Refit-NX class… I have a model on my desk, my favourite ship of Trek. Never seen on screen, but an absolute beauty.

  53. the Vesta class, specifically the USS Aventine with Captain Ezri Dax, and star fleet beginning the use of slip stream tech being deployed to vessels, once the tech had been better researched by a full team, instead of a desperate crew, some years after Voyager got home. and hopefully a new warp scale that goes up to warp 15, instead of warp 9.9, 9.975, 9.985, 9.99 and so forth, that have so much more cochrans of dispalcement, despite jumping 0.005 warp farctors. we saw "warp 13" at the end of TNG. id like to think this is part of that rescaling.

  54. The Borg have an interesting story start. An entire life race of cyborgs who operate on a hive mind for the better of the collective. But by the time of Voyager and the TNG movies they had gone off the rail as if someone looked at their species bible and said, "Meh, I can do better".
    I've almost typed up a wall of text to show my argument for why they don't work beyond the TNG seasons and deleted it twice. Because I believe that youtube is not the place to be posting that type of stuff. Better to leave that for Reddit.

  55. Yes! The Excalibur. Peter David's series is amazing and should be added to Canon. I want to see M'Kenzy Calhoun on screen, but I doubt it'll be placed there anytime soon.

  56. I'd rather have Threshold stay canon if it meant getting rid of Discovery and all of Kurtzman's shit.

    As for what I'd like to see Canonized, I want the First Romulan/Earth war from the ST Enterprise Novels.

  57. I'd like to see Manga Roma/892-IV (from TOS' Bread & Circuses) as a new Federation Member world since it was depicted as such in a bit of the TNG novels/books specifically 'The Worlds of the Federation' & 'The Captain's Honor'. Some novels retconed them as Romans being placed on the planet by the Preservers but the whole new Federation world thing is the bit that has merit. In the Captain's Honor they are trying to square their old Roman Attitudes with the new having been through a democratic transition and accepted into the Federation before they were perhaps ready. They're still very 20th Century with a good bit of Roman political intrigue and were basically rushed up in tech through knowledge from R.M. Merik and re-engineering bits from the crashed Beagle.

  58. I like star trek online, i play on the ps4 though, im the captain of the u.s.s Damocles. See you out there ?

  59. Has the Federation made a true military fleet yet? An actual mobilised fleet with discipline ready for combat? Also has section 13 expanded with more control?

    Humanity needs to wake up and prepare more for outside threats.

  60. No more British people on youtube. I'd rather have a computer voice.

  61. 1 Thing needs to be made canon. The animated series.

  62. I would die happy to see Nicole deBoer return as Captain Ezri Dax in ST:Picard.

  63. I assume 6:04 is an editing mistake.

  64. I’d love to see the typhon pact appear on Picard

  65. Someone who actually used the word decimation correctly! Love yer vids man, keep em coming.

  66. Joe Flannigan would be awesome as Mackenzie Calhoun

  67. 1. The Romulan Republic
    it's a concept I really do love too. It also does have the potential to explore Cultural Assimilation a bit more vs. the multiculturalism of the Feds and the usual "WE CAME TO CONQUER!" of the other galactic powers. The former slave races who were assimilated into Romulan culture joining the republic leading to them having a singular culture but diverse population.

    2. The Romulan Republic……aka Mirror universe Romulans 😉
    Honestly I dislike most stories of them as they aren't mirrors of the Romulans, instead just eviler romulans or dead, and often just used to support whatever Terran story being told instead. Just exploring what the Romulans could had been is a interesting concept, also shattered Universe called them the Romulan Republic so i had to make this joke.

    3. many parts STO in general
    Yeah the game aspect of it really hurts the storytelling potential and things tend to start and end with PEW PEW a lot, but they do have a lot of good ideas and use of plot hooks in it and i would love to see those make their way into the prime universe. Also the ships, they have made some really cools ships.

  68. I would like to see the canonization of the Starfleet Corp of Engineers at some point.

  69. Since I just saw the news of René Auberjonois' passing I'd like the Gamma Quadrant/DS9/Hur'q Arc in STO made canon since it was the last big reunion adventure of the DS9 cast before we lost Aron Eisenberg & René Auberjonois.

  70. I am not sure how I feel about it. As the new comic goes against the other count down comic they wrote before.

  71. I wish Star Trek worked like Star Wars pre-reboot… With Star Wars pre-2014, EVERYTHING with the star wars logo was canon.

  72. To add a bit of an caveat here:

    Thrawn was already canon. Before Disney bought the franchise, the Expanded Universe was considered canon as long as it did not contradict the films. However, Disney decided to remove the Expanded Universe and throw it all in the trash because they wanted to “free up” ideas to make new films… and then they began to take stuff from the Expanded Universe and throw it into their canon.

  73. 100% Stitch in Time deserves to be canon

  74. Headcanon always includes "the good that men do." It gives proper closure to Enterprise, shows what it could have been, and ties it into TOS continuity.

  75. 0:15 That illustrator should get punishment for his work! Holy crap that´s bad!

  76. You know that Tom Paris broke warp 10 right?

  77. TNG ended like in the end of All Good Things.
    The films never happened.

  78. As I watched this I just found out that René Auberjonois has passed away. Odo has returned to the great link.

  79. Axanar MUST be considered canonical content! Beats that abomination known as STD…!

  80. I would like to see Captain Shon of the USS Enterprise NCC-1701-F.

    He's a captain who's unafraid to do what's necessary, and has the will to move on when all seems lost. Apart from anything else, it'd be nice to see someone not from human stock captain an Enterprise, four original member races and so far only one has any significant length in the chair.

  81. Star Trek Destiny trilogy. The aftermath sets up a good series. And I loved the origin story of the Borg I'm that series. It's makes a twisted type of sense that I love.

    Also, Star Trek Vendetta or a modern take on it.

  82. You know the worst part? The Spore Drive IS a really good idea! Too bad they just wanted to milk TOS instead of picking up after DS9 and Voyager… would be the perfect place for a starship like Discovery, no continuity errors, a whole universe to explore! If they would not commit to the study of all the lore, they should have followed that…

  83. Got to love the Hermat and T'pol as a couple. And the Brilkar security officer.

  84. Think wesley crusher was on the USS titan

  85. My top 5:
    1, Axanar
    2, the USS Titan
    3, Captain Calhoon
    4, the first two once more.

  86. What about the story where diring it's timejump into the future the Discovery gets swallowed up by a space anomaly, never to re-emerge again?

  87. I believe there was a short prequel series of comics for the ST 2009 movie and if memory serves, it WAS official cannon for a short time before being demoted to non-cannon. Can anyone confirm? I expect the Picard series comics to end up the same because CBS has said time and again that "on screen = cannon" and nothing else.

  88. TOS:Enterprise The First Adventure, which depicts Kirks 1st mission as Enterprise Captain.

  89. I'd like to see Diane Duane's Rihannsu novels incorporated into the canon, unlikely as it may be.

  90. 1. Klingon Academy. The game tells the story of the events leading up to Star Trek VI. Plus I want to see the Akula class destroyer in STO.
    2. Star Trek: Bridge Commander (NOT Bridge Crew). In my head canon this game sets up the formation of the True Way.
    3. Star Trek: Federation. This book concerns the fate of Zefram Cochrane and does a better job of pairing up the TOS and TNG crews than Generations did.
    4. Star Trek: The Probe. You can't have a probe come visit Earth broadcasting with enough power to shutdown ESD and begin vaporizing Earth's oceans without Starfleet wanting to know more about its origins or why it specifically wanted to talk to cetaceans, did you?
    5. The Furies. These baddies come courtesy of the Star Trek: Furies saga and are the basis for our tales of demons. They use interphasic waves to cause fear in subject races and seek to rule the Alpha Quadrant again. Plus their version of wormhole drive has the ability to destroy any system they set as a destination.

  91. Bring back the correct uniforms. Engineering had their RAD suits. Still one of best uniforms in Star Trek bar none. Also put the core back behind several layers of protection. I have frankly had enough of every other Voyager episode having the [alien of the week[ getting on board and holding the ship hostage threatening to shot the core. Make it utterly impossible to get to without permission and problem solved.

    Back to uniforms. Security actually wore BODY ARMOR. Put crewmen and ensigns back in jumpsuits. And stop sending away team to planets with questionable environments wearing only standard uniforms. Something like the proposed "Mars Suit" would not be a bad idea if actual spacesuits are not possible. Otherwise start sending probes and robots.

    Basically stop being stupid, Star Trek.

  92. I also want a Romulan Republic. Perhaps keeping some of the 'traditional' romulan skullduggery but at the same time being a people wanting to carve a path seperate from the Tal Shiar. However as for Reunifaction it all depends. Would Reunification be 'have a more honest and open dialogue with Vulcan? I wholeheartedly agree with, support, and wish for this. Does it mean bend knee and effectivly allow volcaun to absorbe everything the Romulans had grown into while being inflexible, prone to their own arrogence, and blind to their own faults? I wholeheartedly do NOT want that.

  93. How dare you do Star Trek lore without having read every single piece of fanfiction, book, producer notes, comics, and not knowing the exact day of Picard day! Keep up the good work.

  94. Add NOTHING until STD.. is REMOVED.

  95. Like you i haven't read every book and played all the games so I can't really argue with much of your list. However, IMHO Garak's character is strongest with the mysterious backstory created for him, but that is my opinion and you can have yours. ?Even if it is wrong.?

  96. Kristen Beyer relaunch Voyager novels made canon

  97. Peter David’s New Frontiers series used not only background TNG characters like Robin Leffler and Cmdr. Shelby but others like McHenry from David’s Starfleet Acadamy teen book series. My favorite character though would have to be Calhoun, who David did kind of admit was an expy of Mel Gibson’s role in Braveheart.

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