5 things you need to know before tonight’s Raw: Dec. 2, 2019

5 things you need to know before tonight’s Raw: Dec. 2, 2019

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  1. Kairi and Asuka ??

  2. Where r truth in 0:36

  3. En esta basura se convirtio la empresa que derroto a WCW, QUE ASCO????

  4. why there a sin cara picture? a sin cara match today?

  5. Great
    TLC AAAND Rick and Morty ?

  6. I swear that Seth Rollins will turn heel tonight!

  7. 0:32 It shows Liv Morgan with pink hair on Raw with Sarah Logan?

  8. Why is Charlotte taking on both Kabuki Warriors at once?!

  9. Putting Charlotte in a handicap match is asinine and it seems that this will be 2 Raws in a row without Becky Lynch

  10. Im Team Seth Rollins

  11. Support me guys I'm fast

  12. Almost forgot Raw was tonight. Got Black Friday done but was shopping Cyber Monday,

  13. Yay the same matches again just like always. Of course you idiots like it. Also that green mist thing is getting ridiculous

  14. Do a John cena be Roman reigns I quit match

  15. KO just went off on Rollins

  16. He shouldn't team up with aop

  17. Who loves Seth hit like

  18. I hope Seth becomes heel

    He never should have been face

  19. It doesn't matter because Raw is going to suck again tonight. Vince would have to change every wrestler before it will be good again

  20. RAW is still the A show.

  21. Man what da hell did they arrest Lashley for? They had no write to arrest him.. The just shoulda' arrested Lana, cuz she slapped 'em. Shut up Lana, U deserved to get arrested, U slapped one…. But Bobby didn't do nothing, but got in thier face. That ain't nothing.. So let Lashley go, and keep Lana, cuz she did the stupid thing, and slapped one, so keep her.. But not Lasley, let him go.

  22. Buenas noches genial Saludos

  23. Roman reigns like ???

    Jon cena comment ??

  24. I hope becky lynch will defend her title soon

  25. Free Bobby and Lana

  26. Was that randy orton

  27. The Glow Naomi is Back Ring Huuuuhhh

  28. that WWE is still trash and Vince is an idiot

  29. Raw already sucks smh

  30. Allister Black can go. That dude can fight.

  31. Andrade is Charlotte Flairs BF. in real life.

  32. I bet you Eric Young wins it.

  33. I going to raw tonight front row seats too yes

  34. Heel Seth is what we need to save RAW not even the OC can do it .

  35. R Truth he'll get the title back. Cuz Kyle Busch ain't no WWE Superstar. R Truth, he'll get it back.

  36. McKenzie Mitchell u r amazing

  37. Owens, U better get Seth back.

  38. Dont care about this just give us liv back thank you

  39. Ronda Rousey got that write, no one truely retires from WWE.. But man, Rousey needs to come back to WWE.

  40. I swear to god if asuka uses the “mist” and they win that’s bs I’m done

  41. Rollins will win easily.

  42. Looks like a Puppies in the cage. So I betcha, a Puppy is in it.

  43. I bet you it's a Puppy, inside the cage.

  44. You left out how they would actually have a good first match going, only to ruin it with more dumb assed interference. I swear, wwe will never get smart enough to leave something good alone.

  45. Charlotte Flair go win.. Now, lets go Charlotte Flair.

  46. C'mon Charlotte Flair. C'mon Charlotte

  47. Oh, good elbow to the face Flair.

  48. C'mon Charlotte, C'mon.

  49. Charlotte you pose to be the queen, so do it, win.

  50. Like ❤️??????? Se

  51. C'mon Charlotte figure 8, C'mon C'mon C'mon.

  52. Damn man, Charlotte lost.

  53. Well I'm expecting to see Dean Ambrose again in TLC, but I think that's not gonna happen anymore.

  54. Y'all need to start bringing partners to the ring, to make the Match even.

  55. No, U shouldn't regret challenging them. U should regret, not bringing a partner to the ring.

  56. F16 the whole way in HC. Is what I decided tonight. I blew mine up because Shinsuke Ann… Duhhhh dum. Yes, I am stronger than a f16
    ????????? With platonics

  57. C'mon Ricochet.. Shut up Somoa Joe.

  58. Damn Ricochet, he popped up

  59. C'mon Rey Mysterio where U at.

  60. Damn, Styles and OC won.

  61. DAMN, Styles is shrimp, compared to Orton.

  62. So where is Matt Hardy!!!!!!!!!

  63. I love you Pink Ranger 2 & Kendall Jenner me Aaron Green Ranger White Ranger Justin Bieber & Pink Ranger & Selena Gomez

  64. Is it too late to say sorry?

  65. Who else is waiting for that classic heel Seth Rollins

  66. RAW Totally Out of storyline

  67. I can't wait for heel Rollins

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