5 Worst/Best Spongebob Games

5 Worst/Best Spongebob Games

Howdy! You know, at first I thought a SpongeBob Games top list would be easy. How many could there be? I was wrong! This started as a top 3 list and easily could have become a top THIRTY list! Because there is a whole unknown universe of SpongeBob games I didn’t even know about! SpongeBob: Ah. Sandy Cheeks,
looking at her makes me smile. Strider: So I’ve filed it down to what I think captures the atmosphere of Bikini Bottom best… Or simply has really good gameplay. Or were careless, awkward, second-rate, lazy sellout games trying to capitalize on a young audience. So, with the upcoming release of
“Battle For Bikini Bottom Rehydrated”… Let’s check out the
“Top 5 Best and Worst SpongeBob Games”! Also, I’ve skipped over some of the.. uh… *Really* old SpongeBob games. Because the graphics and sounds are so inferior by comparison to the news ones that… I don’t think I could review them in a balanced way. Anyway, onto the countdown! For the fifth worst…. “Plankton’s Robotic Revenge” [Oct. 11, 2013; Wii U, Wii, 3DS, Nintendo DS, PS3, & XBOX 360 releases] You think the graphics would get *better* in the PS4 era! But even though the introduction
cinematic looks beautiful… Don’t be fooled! Because we’ve gone from the relatively decent graphics of the “Truth or Square” game… To this!
[Loud and screeching voice warning] SpongeBob: You will see sights so heinous, so terrible, so utterly unpleasant… Your eyeballs will *tremble* just wondering what it is! Strider: This somehow looks worse than a game 12 years older than it! “Battle For Bikini Bottom,” which still retains far more of a sense of unique style even today! SpongeBob: Plankton’s Robotic Revenge…. Strider: *Sigh* You know we’re in for a pretty lousy game… When the production company thinks we’re too stupid to know the title of the game! We start the game with.. Shock and behold! Plankton trying to get the Krabby Patty formula! Except this time.. Some batteries fell into the ocean. And Plankton uses them to make a giant robot. So SpongeBob and his friends run into a magical portal and *boom*! Away we go! This story feels so much less imaginitive than previous games! With not a single twist that surprised me, or put me on my toes! This is technically a 4-player co-op… But good luck swindling anyone into playing it with you! Because this is a mind-numbingly repetitive beat-em-up all the way through. And there’s plenty of chances for quips back to the series to liven up the game here. But there was no effort here to liven up this endless droning of button mashing. The main plus to this game is it does have the original entire voice cast. In fact, they interviewed them
for the trailers of the game! And what I find interesting here is even they can’t hide the fact they found making the game tedious. Like they look as exasperated as the critics were that this game exists at all. Tom Kenny: I don’t know what.. Purpose Plankton’s life would have if he ever did achieve that goal. It’s kinda like a dog chasing a car.
Y’know, you look at a dog chasing a car and go… If the dog catches the car what’s he gonna do with it? Strider: The weapons are your typical Bikini Bottom affair. Pickle Blasters work like assault rifles except their… Kind of more kid friendly? I dunno, considering the way it’s tearing up the robots I dunno if I wanna be hit by a pickle at that velocity. You can pretty easily win this just by holding down the shoot button through the whole level. Blasting down the same 6 to 7 bland robot enemies. In fact, we fight the same Robot Plankton-Bot..
Four different times! And just progressing through the levels
to get to them is slow… And tedious. And annoying. Plankton’s Robotic Revenge is just a simple, short, and uninteresting beat-em-up stocking filler. And for the fifth best… “SpongeBob SquigglePants” [Apr. 12 (North Am.), 14 (Aus), and 15 (Euro), 2011; Wii; May 17, 2011 3DS port] Jeebus, there’s a sense of style to this one like I’ve never seen in anything SpongeBob. There is a real appreciation for different art styles and art forms here. All expressed through the Bikini Bottom world! And the gameplay is so smooth, and there’s a beat to it. And it just clicks in these rapid-fire nano-games. I could give this one a pass
just one its visual aesthetic alone. But, let’s look at the gameplay too. I know what you’re thinking. “Wario Ware”!
And you’d be right. Luckily, I loved Wario Ware. The sheer novelty of having all these nano-games shot at me in rapid-fire what always a thrill to play. So this polished version of Wario Ware was a ton of fun for me. And on the side, we have Patchy the Pirate starring in this sort of.. Steve from Blues Clues role. Introducing us to the different games and pictures. In his usual Patchy style. Patchy: This here be my collection of priceless SpongeBob artwork! What’s that? Oh! You’re wanting to know
why the paintings are hidden! Strider: But what’s interesting here is Tom Kenny gives a sort of off-the-cuff, almost improv performance. It’s a bit more awkward at times, but, you know,
that’s kinda Patchy’s thing. Being awkward and weird. Patchy: Give her a shake! Feels good! Strider: It’s called an art game, and I’d call this the most creative Wario Ware clone I’ve ever seen! I just appreciate the crazy, imaginative set-ups here and how the various, tiny things in Bikini Bottom happen. The big minus and why you may never have heard of this game before? It requires a U-Draw! And is a clunky add-on that should not be required for kids and adults to enjoy this game! As a result, it’s a fantastic game that’s faded into obscurity. And that’s a real shame. Potty: Squak! Oh, alright if it’ll make you happy! Patchy: Now get outta here! And don’t come back until ya have a super-duper paintbrush with starboard attachment! Now. Where were we? And for the 4th worst… “Atlantis Squarepantis” – the game [2007; Wii, PS2 release by Blitz Games; GBA & DS by Altron] Well… It is better than the Special.. sort of… You’d think it’s start-off well, because we’ve dropped into an ice cream filling take when we start the game. How do you botch up an ice cream firing tank anyway!? Well, by getting drab, watered down graphics,
bland level design… And boring goals such as:
Shoot the targets to shoot more tanks! The game’s only a few hours long. Which, in this case, felt like a blessing in disguise. Because even 3 hours drag in this thing. The story pretty much follows the beats of the episode it was named after. Just like the special, SpongeBob and Patrick find the missing piece of the amulet in a cave. Then the crew take the amulet piece to the museum, which opens up the portal to Atlantis! It’s basically the same, except in tedious game form. I feel like they could make this better if they made some of these smaller gameplay parts into… Just short bursts of say, 5 to 30 seconds,
like in Wario Ware. In short bursts, I don’t think the mazes, the tank, or the Quick Time events are that bad. But instead, each one stretches out for *eons*! Stretching into cruel proportions. I should point out though, that I did appreciate some of the extra content of this one. Like, you can unlock a commentary of SpongeBob while you’re playing. And it’s actually pretty fun to play along with. It’s like, even the gameplay creators knew they have to liven up the gameplay from dragging a bit. I didn’t have that much else to say about
“Atlantis Squarepantis”… It’s a collection of minigames that drag, and really annoying button combination games. And for the fourth best… “SpongeBob SquarePants: Lights, Camera, Pants!” [Oct. 2005; PC/GameCube/GBA – 19; PS2/1st Xbox – 21st] Now this I like a lot more. Like, what setting is more perfect for SpongeBob– Than the crew playing some Mario Party style mini-games together? We’re always getting a new level or style. The voices chime in at just the right times,
and it feels very fresh. Obviously, the cutscenes are looking a bit dated, but hey, it’s from the 2000’s, so no surprise there. Sandy: Howdy y’all! Welcome to my hootenanny! A nice bonus is this one came from the THQ branch in my home county, Australia. It’s always nice to see some creative talent come from Down Under! Shame they later went bankrupt. Anyway… As you can probably guess, this is paying homage to the Mario Party games. Except they’ve cut out the, sometimes tedious, boardgame mechanic. Which, I think works well in this case. And the mini-games are *good*!
They’re not just tacky add-ons. The games are engaging, creative, and they really let the SpongeBob character shine through. Probably my favorite was the burger flipping challenge. As it feels incredibly cathartic to be helping the entire SpongeBob team flipping burgers. Particularly after so many years of waching SpongeBob do it alone. Sandy: Ride ’em, cow-squirrel! I think this is actually among the best homages to Mario Party that I’ve ever seen. A quick, but pleasant SpongeBob party experience that feels well within the spirit of the show. And for the third worst SpongeBob game… “Operation: Krabby Patty” [2001, PC exclusive] This one feels.. Fundamentally broken! At first we get a compilation of some of the 3D cutscenes in the game… Then…. Narrato: Ah, here we are at Bikini– Strider: (In pain) I hate loud decibles. Did these game makers never edit a piece of audio in their life? Nothing annoys your audience more than throwing your next scene suddenly fifteen decibles up! And deafening your headphone users! Anyway, the humor in this one is, over-all, pretty weak. Feeling much more like
the writing of a lousy Season 6 episode. Plankton: My college educated plan is going exactly as.. er.. planned. Strider: You know, Mrs. Puff suffering, SpongeBob being as stupid as Patrick… Things I personally haven’t missed from mid-seasons. The story this time is, Plankton is, yep, you guessed it, trying to steal the Krabby Patty formula. And this time he’s deploying a Robot Krabs using a bunch of ants to assist him. Well, props for creativity. So we play as Robot Krabs,
collecting the Krabby Patty recipe. Unfortunately, it feels pretty tedious, because the ants meant to help you are.. running away from you. Constantly. SpongeBob then decides he has to specifically get his license in order to catch the Robot Krabs… SpongeBob: That’s it, I’ll go get my license! Strider: Couldn’t you.. just.. chase after him? He’s going out the door. But, anyway… The game feels pretty buggy and broken. But I was glad to be able to participate on my computer. And it’s very easy to get stuck on edged while trying to boat drive. Which is probably a realistic representation of when SpongeBob tries to drive…? But it’s not very fun gameplay. Besides, Stephen Hillenburg asked that SpongeBob never get his license! That was one of his golden rules. But SpongeBob gets his Learner’s Permit before going to hang out with Patrick. Not chasing the robot which is probably (breaks into mild laughter) 10 miles away by now. But then he loses his [Learner’s Permit]
immediately in a clam. Making that entire buggy level a completely pointless waste of time. Why did he not just run after Robot Krabs in the first pla-(groans in defeat) The top-down fetch gameplay is pretty much repeated throughout the entire game. Though on the plus side, most of the levels are only a few minutes long. Which did keep the story moving, and stopped the levels from dragging. The other plus is the music feels very on point. Trapping much of that trademark
tropical vibe in the beats. If many of the gameplay moments didn’t feel so broken, I’d probably give it a pass. Over-all, Operation Krabby Patty had some plusses compared to the other worsts… But I don’t think I’ll be playing it again. And the third best SpongeBob game is… “SpongeBob SquarePants: Employee of the Month”
[Sept. 22, 2002; PC exclusive] Like Operation Krabby Patty… This one’s a PC game. Except this time we get a nice, leisurely paced Point’n’Click adventure. Which feels like such an odd, rare combination for SpongeBob. Yet it felt surprisingly suitable once I was playing. It’s refreshingly different
among these SpongeBob games. It’s like “Broken Sword” or “Space Quest 4″… Except, SpongeBob. But anyway, what matters here most is we’ve *got* to talk about SpongeBob’s locker! Are you seeing what I’m seeing? SpongeBob keeps a pin-up of Sandy, *in a bikini*,
in his locker! Now if that isn’t proof that Spongey has a thing for Sandy, I’ll eat my hat! D’awww! He keeps a picture of Squidward too! And he holds onto that rotten Krabby Patty that caused him to hallucinate… [Note: Actually the Nasty Patty.] Why!? In the dialogue, there’s a good chunk of that early season SpongeBob wit. And the original voice actors return with what I think is 1 of their best performances in the SpongeBob games. Patrick: I know I am, but what are you!? SpongeBob: Hey, Patrick! Patrick: SpongeBob? SpongeBob: Patrick! Patrick: SpongeBob. (Both overlap say the other’s name.) SpongeBob: I’m behind you, Patrick. Strider: It feels very in character. Almost like I’m watching an episode. And it had a few of those quick quips that made me chuckle. I never thought I’d hear SpongeBob use the word “voluptuous”! But I love it! The creators of this game obviously really did their research on this show. It feels like we’re just doing a normal episode of SpongeBob, except, we’re playing as SpongeBob. And that’s the way a SpongeBob game should feel. There’s tons of throwbacks and a ton of minor characters we’d expect in Bikini Bottom. When I went through SpongeBob’s adventure, I legitimately felt like I was in Bikini Bottom. Just.. Interacting with SpongeBob’s friends. “SpongeBob: Employee of the Month” felt like a pleasant, interactive experience at a very leisurely pace. It’s not constantly thrilling and action packed, but it’s not trying to be. To me, it was a very pleasant experience. And the second worst SpongeBob game is…. “Revenge of the Flying Dutchman” [2002/2003 dates; GBA, PS2, GameCube releases] The story here? That devious Flying Dutchman turns every one of SpongeBob’s friends into his ghostly crew. It’s one of those kinda tacky
Scooby-Doo hypnosis plots… And it feels really out of place in SpongeBob’s world. And that’s one of the biggest problems with this game. So much of it fails to catch that charm and essence of SpongeBob that… Even “Operation: Krabby Patty”
managed to capture more. The game itself is basically long, 3D array of simplistic fetch quests to face off against the Dutchman. Spongey’s mini-quests range from delivering food to obscure addresses… To finding icons lazily hidden in the dull environments. And, on the subject of environments… The 7 levels are a selection
of what we’d expect in SpongeBob. We’ve got Bikini Bottom, Downtown, Sandy’s Treedome, Jellyfish Fields, and such… But the problem is many of these locations feel like they were made by people that never actually saw the show. Downtown, for example is filled with dark alleys, big thug enemies, and construction sites. And it all creates an atmosphere that feels completely out of place in SpongeBob. And aside from the key characters, no recognizable characters from the show actually appear. One of the biggest complaints is that SpongeBob gets 8 different costumes. Which is the only way to change the actual music
in the game. And since the jellyfishing costume is the only costume worth using… For hours and hours you will be hearing
the Jellyfishing song. Babs Bunny from Tiny Toon Adventures: Make it stop! MAKE IT STOP! Strider: I mean, don’t get me wrong, it was a nice little ditty for the first ten minutes… Then it just kept going! Although Revenge of the Flying Dutchman’s gameplay looks passable enough… In reality, the controls are clunky, and floaty. This makes some of the jump puzzles, and narrow path walking a frustrating chore. Combine this with seemingly endless loading screens every minute or so… And it made for a surprisingly irritating gameplay experience. With underwhelming environments, an out of character cheap feeling story, clunky controls, + endlessly repeating music… I, personally, would not call this
an enjoyable SpongeBob game. And I think the second best SpongeBob game is… The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie game [2004/2005; GameCube, PS2, 1st Xbox, GBA, PC, and Mac releases] Now this is more like it! This follows the movie to a T! And I genuinely wanted to see how they’d remake the movie scenes. But for those who don’t know the movie’s story… Basically, SpongeBob gets depressed when not being promoted to manager. Then proceeds to get drunk on ice cream with Patrick. Then King Neptune holds Krabs hostage until SpongeBob can retrieve Neptune’s crown. Giving us plenty of levels of fun, for SpongeBob and Patrick’s *escapade* into.. Manliness… In fact, we get an expansive 18 3D levels this time! All with a lot of variety and location. And it feels much more substantial than some of the previous games on the list. And there’s plenty of collectables to find. And bonuses, and abilities to upgrade too. And that really helps give a sense of progression. And keeps the gameplay flowing well. And I think the difficulty curve is just right here. Most SpongeBob games kind of have a reputation for being too easy… But none of the platforming or sliding levels feel too easy, but not too difficult either. There’s also some nice twists added into the gameplay by using the, uh… Goofy Goober tokens… Like the Sponge Bolling Arena, the floating block challenges, or the combat arena. There’s even some time trials for the racing and sliding levels. And the collectables really do add to the gameplay. Like the.. Manliness points, and treasure chests. While Krabby Patties are used to recover health. Manliness points upgrade your abilities, like maximum health and attack power. In this case, SpongeBob gives us the Karate Spin attack. But he can also get the Sponge Ball,
and the Sonic Wave guitar. And they get more powerful as you upgrade. Moving around SpongeBob feels smooth,
and the attacks feel satisfying. Plus, unlike Plankton’s Revenge, there is a wide variety of enemies here. It’s a game that feels novel, and because of the constantly changing setting… It feels constantly fresh to me too. There’s also a good amount of well-timed quotes. SpongeBob: Upsy-daisy! Return to sender! Is the room spinning or is it just me? Strider: The voice actors are as on point as ever… They chime in at just the right time. But most importantly, I feel it once again captures the atmosphere of the Bikini Bottom universe. While I personally don’t like the backgrounds and colours quite as much as Battle for Bikini Bottom… The graphical style in the characters never feels too uncanny, and feels just right. There’s a few bugs here and there, but SpongeBob the Movie game is a mostly engrossing 3D platformer. And unlike a lot of SpongeBob games, it actually offers a challenge. I’d actually call this one of the best movie tie-in games I’ve ever played. And before we get to number 1, let’s go through some quick Honourable mentions… “SpongeBob SquarePants: Creature From the Krusty Krab” [2006/2007; PS2, GBA, GameCube, DS, Wii] It’d be a crime not to mention this one. This one has its fans and I can definitely see why. It’s a very imaginative set-up. Where there’s basically exploring the trippy dreams and nightmares of SpongeBob, Patrick, and Plankton. This is probably the..
Weirdest SpongeBob game ever produced. Though at times, it’s also the ugliest. But there was obviously a lot of creative effort here. And I like that they tried to make it so off the wall. For example, at one point,
Patrick dreams he’s a superhero. And the town becomes this paper thin, ink dotted world. While SpongeBob gets a major graphical overhaul
in racing. Looking kind of hard boiled. Like, where else would we see hard-boiled SpongeBob? It all sounds good in theory, but when you look at it,
it’s pretty harsh on the eyes. Over-all, this one’s okay. “SpongeBob vs. The Big One: Beach Party Cook-Off” [2009; DS exclusive] Well, it’s basically helping SpongeBob
in the kitchen on DS. But more interesting than my comments on this would be the comments of the younger generation. And here they are… According to Common Sense Media, children stated… “We love it!” “I laughed, I very happy!” “They love me very much” and… Yes, indeed! I can say these reviews were very insightful! “SpongeBob’s Truth or Square” [2009 US/2010 EU; Wii, Xbox 360, DS, PSP; PS2 cancelled] Well, despite its unfortunate title, I like this one! I feel it captures the SpongeBob world very succinctly in its music, sound effects, and the characters voice clips. And fortunately, it has nothing to do with the SpongeBob clip show of the special with the same name. So basically the story is
SpongeBob forgot where he put the formula. Somehow. So to remember, he apparently has to get as happy as possible. Sure! Why not!? So we travel through SpongeBob’s memories trying to get him happier. In order for him to remember where he put the Krabby Patty formula… I know, it makes even less sense than usual, but, it’s a good game! This basically gives the game an excuse to send us through different episodes of the show in game form. So I guess it kind of is a SpongeBob clip show..?
In game form… But that’s actually kinda cool. There’s very clear ties between the show’s episode and the levels. And it’s nice to be able to recognize them. The minus is, I found the levels can be a lot more linear than, say… The SpongeBob movie game, or Battle for Bikini Bottom. But it was still a pleasant enough SpongeBob experience. Anyway, onto the number ones. And I think the Number One..
WORST SpongeBob game is… “SpongeBob HeroPants”
[Feb. 3, 2015; 3DS, Xbox 360, and PS Vita releases] Now I know what you’re thinking. “But Josh, that CGI looks pretty good for a SpongeBob game!” Yes, you’re right, but this is just the introduction CGI that’s meant to mislead the audience. If you look at the actual gameplay, it’s not so crash-hot. But that’s not even the problem here.
It gets so much worse. For the story?
The game can barely figure out the story for itself. As long as it lets SpongeBob get in the superhero suit for the trailer footage… But basically, SpongeBob and his friends fund the Krusty Krab filled with robots. That, and walking spatulas, and they’re all causing havoc. Followed immediately by…. All characters: Bubbles, the talking Dolphin! Strider: He says someone’s using a magic book to make even weirder things happen… He magically turns them into their superhero forms & tells them to find the lost pages of the magic book in order to… Stop weird things from happening? I don’t know, it was clear the writing team didn’t give two crapcicles writing for this one… So let’s just move onto the gameplay It’s a game that’s basically built on Clickbait principles. Its opening cinematic makes it look glorious on the surface. But all that is within is an effotless, weak, disappointment. The gameplay is basically an even more broken repeat of “Plankton’s Robotic Revenge”! That’s it! At least many the graphics are.. slightly better? No, wait, they don’t even bother to animate their faces moving in game. SpongeBob just constantly giving me that dead-eyed stare. And prepare for constant choppiness and lagging graphics. Even when there’s nothing on screen! Why are you lagging!? There is 3 coins on screen! You didn’t even bother to animate the faces, so where’s the effort going!? Is the game just struggling to live with its own existence!? For those who aren’t in the know… “Shovelware” is a term used for games that serve no other purpose than to make a quick buck. That is all this is. This game is so not worth the $30 out of your wallet. In fact, it’s not even worth playing if someone PAID you $30 to play it! I offered the homeless guy down the street
to play it with me! But Barlog says he’d rather have another night without showering or sheltering than play this game! So I bought him a Subway, which added about welfair and equality. But anyway… As for the soundtrack, it’s inoffensive enough. But that’s because they took it directly from Legend of Bikini Bottom. A FAR superior game! And all hearing it in HeroPants does is make me wish I was playing that game instead. There’s no Bikini Bottom atmosphere here! They’re just trying to pander to the younger generation with a bunch of SpongeBob posts. Like Plankton’s Robotic Revenge, the gameplay is dull, recycled, and just repeats itself for 3 hours. And we get not for, but one boss fight in the game. And to top it off, that one boss fight is a recycling of the robot in “Plankton’s Robotic Revenge”! Once again, it’s a 4 player co-op, but, once again, who would play this with you? And why would you put 3 or 4 friends through that suffering? I guess misery loves company, but I don’t know, go take a walk together? It doesn’t make a kid think, it doesn’t make them smile… And I’d suggest it’d even hold their attention for the briefest moment. In fact, I’m once again going to quote a younger person’s comments on this game. You heard them, go buy that game! And speaking of which… And I think, the number 1, BEST SpongeBob game is… “SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom” [2003; PS2, GameCube, GBA, 1st Xbox, and PC] I know, it’s an obvious choice,
but they just haven’t topped this one yet. Now this! This is a SpongeBob game! I don’t think the SpongeBob games have ever had more detail, time, and effort put into them than this! Which is possibly why, as of making this video,
the remake is on its way! It’s been a Cult Classic for over a Decade. And for good reason! What I like is there’s a very simple, personal, core objective here to start with. Just find the Golden Spatulas, that’s it! Plankton: Shing! Sparkle sparkle. SpongeBob: Wow! A golden spatula! Strider: And it’s a great excuse to explore the now artistic, detailed, and imaginative world of Bikini Bottom! This is just an interactive Bikini Bottom world! It’s what we’ve been looking for here! From the moment you start the game, it just drips SpongeBob atmosphere! From the sound effects, to the colours, to the simply graphic, but detailed houses. To the towns, and the beaches! And the dialogue! I could barely go 2-3 lines without smirking in these exchanges! Making a tutorial sequence this vibrant and colourful really is amazing! And this time, it actually looks like the voice actors are having some fun with it! SpongeBob: I’d make myself a snack…
BUT THERE’S NO TIME! Strider: The 10 levels take you to make of Bikini Bottom’s hotspots. And the tongue-in-cheek charm and references to the show are constantly there in spades! And from the very beginning, it gives me something I really enjoy doing in the SpongeBob world. Simply exploring the Jellyfish fields. Or running around Bikini Bottom talking to its residents. And this time, it feels much more like an open world. You go your own way, there’s plenty of routes, and knooks, and crannies to explore! This is Bikini Bottom as I imagine it. With all its odd beaches and weird sky shapes. And the atmosphere’s further extenuated by mostly pleasant, poppy sound effects. And it gives that nice, cartoony edge to the gameplay. And it’s very polished gameplay to begin with! The platforming and puzzles are smooth as glass, but still not too easy to play through. SpongeBob acts exactly like you’d expect. He spins, he tongueboards, and he bungee jumps down Skyscrapers in his underwear. (SpongeBob voice clips overlapping) Strider: Patrick throws crates, and Sandy lasso-copters everywhere with her usual karate agility. I mean, obviously, the graphics are a bit dated at this point, as it’s from 2003. But frankly, they still look very clear and sharp to me. This is the sort of colour style I would expect
from SpongeBob. These graphics immerse me more than enough in the Bikini Bottom world. It’s not about a HD sheen, it’s about getting the style
of SpongeBob right! The stage music is fantastic too! It’s iconic, upbeat, and it doesn’t feel too intrusive either. In fact, the team liked it so much, that they’ve been reusing this SpongeBob music in games… *Fifteen years later*! My only big nitpick? It’s painfully obvious they couldn’t get Mr. Krabs’ or Mermaid Man’s original voices in this. And it’s jarring to hear someone else imitating them. Mermaid Man: Are they here to fix the TV Krabs: Oh, I’ll let you, squirt! On a flying saucer! Strider: And that occasionally broke the immersion for me. But all the other key characters seem to be in their original roles… And I’m hoping they’ll fix those voices up in the remake. But aside from that nitpick,
this is essentially the Mario 64 of SpongeBob. It’s vibrant to explore, it’s thrilling to play, it’s revolutionary for SpongeBob games… And until the remake, I can’t see them topping this amount of effort in every level and scene. When the remake comes, there might be a new contender, but until then, I personally consider this the absolute *best* SpongeBob game! But you know, probably the biggest novelty I got from the SpongeBob games… Is instead of watching SpongeBob from afar… In the good games, I really felt like I was joining in on SpongeBob’s daily activities, And that was a very novel experience for me. And if you think I missed a particular SpongeBob game… Feel free to leave your own thoughts in the comments below. And as always, thanks for watching!
And I’ll see you next time! [Subtitled by (@Mighty_Mongrel on Twitter) Jadrek Myers.
Commissioned by Phantom Strider.]

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  15. Fun fact the movie game has battle of bikini bottoms controls thats why its awesomer

  16. high end graphics dont matter in a game minecraft and battle for bikini bottom prove it you just need to make it beautiful.

  17. You can't get the original mermaid man voice actor in battle for bikini bottom rehydrated rip.

  18. Oh and the pc port of the movie game is shit point and click

  19. Mr. Krabs in bfbb sounds like an Irish police officer.

  20. I agree with the number 1 best I mean it was awesome

  21. The Rehydrated edition of Spongebob Battle for Bikini Bottom is probably going to be the biggest in the series of Spongebob games since I heard we might be able to actually fight Robot Squidward.

    Keeping my fingers crossed for that! And hopefully three extra levels.

  22. Haven’t watch the video yet, but I know that #2 and #1 are both battle of bikini bottom and Spongebob squarepants the movie video game. I’ll watch this video tomorrow

  23. SpongeBob Heropants is easily among the worst video games ever made. This is coming from someone who completed the star trek 2013 game.

  24. Oh my god, I completely forgot about the Cook Off game in the honorable mentions, I actually loved that game

  25. spongebob heropants was trash and required either you just slowly moving along extra characters or bringing a few friends but it could have been good even great since its a coop beatem up platformer a type of game i love im disappointed it was the most shovely of shovelware

  26. I'm greatly dissapointed creature of the krusty krab wasn't here despite it being the music in the background

  27. SpongeBob Battle For Bikini Bottom always has been and always will be my favorite game.

  28. why does no one remember Sponge Bob Boting Bash? it is like Mario kart mixed with bumper carts and a pricy interesting and smart shield mechanic (2 front 2 back 2 sides) and has a grate twist at the end and still sponge bob don't gat his liens.

  29. 25:58 shut up and take my money

  30. The Yellow Avenger is my favourite tbh

  31. How dare you talk crap about plankton's robotic revenge.

  32. Plankton’s Robotic Revenge was the first 3DS game I ever played.
    Not surprising that I lost it very quickly after getting better games

  33. The 5th worst is actually the 5th best I tell you

  34. I don't Know why, but I used to be REALLY AFRAID of creature from the Krusty Krab's box art, my heart still roars when I see it today,that's really strange

  35. Ahh yes I remember playing on the Nintendo gameplay


  37. 12:34 …Oops!!! maybe it's never really smart to fall into traditional tropes.

  38. I don't know that Battle of bikini was the favorite one, but I always wanted him after my I got broken and I like him so much, good days I remembered like if was yesterday…

  39. If I recall, Atlantis Squarepantis on the DS was a platformer. And it was actually really fun.

  40. Truck question, there are no bad SpongeBob games

  41. I enjoyed Creature From The Krystal Krab

  42. I'll buy you a new hat

  43. I was actually introduced to BfBB through watching SHiFT Speedrun the game. It’s not often that a Speedrun makes a game look fun but he really sold me on it.

  44. Where is the GBA Spongebob the movie game ?

  45. This guy is cringy as hell and needs to fix his hair. The video would have been a lot better

  46. Ah I see we are of a like mind for the top 3 games

  47. Man, I really remember Battle of Bikini bottom so fondly, I would be playing this game on my cousin's Playstation 2 all the time. Good times

  48. 17:53 You don’t realize how much nostalgia I have when you go over this game.

  49. 24:56 One of the best lines you’ve ever said.

  50. Heropants>>>>>>movie game

  51. Spongebob Squarepants: Plankton's Robotic Revenge is better than you think, me and my brother got it for Christmas and we played it for the entirety of Christmas Day and we beat it at the end of the day and we enjoyed it the whole time and I would still play it again so it shouldn't be on the worst list even if it's only number 5

  52. Fawful's Minion would like to know your location.

  53. Operation Krabby Patty wasn’t that bad imo

  54. Did he actually try to get a hobo to play THAT game

  55. I grew up with Yellow avenger on psp and revenge of the flying dutchman on the Nintendo dsi uh yes

  56. Can you do a top 10 best and worst power rangers series

  57. Truth or Square although a strange plot, was so much fun. The robots and revisiting past episodes was actually nostalgic, just with cool robots.

  58. Did anyone play attack of toy bots? That was the shit

  59. I actually LOVE Revenge Of The Flying Dutchman!
    And where's Drawn To Life?
    That game was my childhood!

  60. I think you should have at least mentioned Spongebob the Yellow Avenger. Its a good spongebob game that does have a challenge in learning the mechanics of the game and its a good story

  61. i love the music from creater from the krustry krab

  62. 5:44 Actually in my opinion the DS port wasn't bad, to be fair I didn't get that far into it.

  63. Drawn for life spongebob edition

  64. Me sees first worst spongbob game

  65. *Sniff*, *Sniff*. Do I smell something coming from Spongebob? I do! *Sniff*. Do I smell a boner?

  66. Anyone who judges a game because of graphics is a dumbass

  67. I had spongebob squiglepants on the wii and i loved it

    I broke the udraw pad so i cant play anymore tho so that sucks

  68. I would honestly love to play battle for bikini bottom and the movie game over anything on Xbox one.

  69. A Warioware-type game with Spongebob characters and aesthetics genuinely interests me. I might have to give that one a try if someone finds a way to play it without the U-Draw. Thanks for making me realize it exists Strider

  70. Truth or square is my favorite, i grew up with it and i loved it

    I also decided to never get past the first level. Gonna do that soon when i get a new wii nunchuck

  71. My favorite spongebob game is legend of bikini

  72. the pc version of the spongbob movie game is a LOT different (and the version i grew up playing) it's a point and click adventure game that's really easy but still fun! my only REAL issues come from a bug that would never let you play past chapter 7 on a continuous run without it crashing (though that EASILY could have just been my copy and then in that chapter you have to pick up a sea urchin spine that blends WAAAAAY too easliy on the background. and maybe i was just a dumb kid but the first chapter stumped me at first becasue i didn't know you could blend items together. so yeah it isn't perfect but it was still fun.

  73. What about spongebob Dutchman dash that game made rage like mug

  74. When I played spongebob plankton robotic revenge I raged at the whole game

  75. you forgot drawn to life spongebob editon for nintendo ds

  76. Creature from the krusty krab is GOATED

  77. Lights Camera Pants was my shit. Me and my friends played it all the time

  78. When I was a kid, I used to play this one Spongebob game on PC called Spongebob Atlantis Squarepantis: Square Off, and it was this really cool turn/card based RPG. I thad really fun gameplay and great collectibles. It was through that one online games thing, I think it was called Wild Games, or Wild Tangent or something like that. I wish I could still play it, lot's of great memories. Too bad I've never heard anyone talk about it.

  79. Wait he forgot nightmare at the krustycrab

  80. Movie could have been much better if they had more time, almost everything in the game is copy and pasted then reskinned. Its still a great game but it doesnt shine as much as BFBB. In fact both could have been better as they were both made in a year I believe.

  81. Atlantis squarepantis was a masterpiece

  82. where does that music come from starting at the beginning of the video

  83. The scroll side to side Atlantis Squarepantis on the DS was alright

  84. Employee of the month was so fun

  85. Why am I seeing this today!? I’ve clicked on the bell and YouTube didn’t even notify me!

  86. Who agrees that Spongebob Squarepants Battle for Bikini Bottom looks like Super Mario 64?

  87. Top 6 best "A Mickey Mouse Cartoon" shorts!

  88. Lmao King Jellyfish Jelly, Reference to KY Jelly. I didn't know as a kid.

  89. 15:55 that does not obey the laws of physics

  90. Spongebob Squiggle pants was on 3ds too

  91. How about a Top 5 Best Videogame Anime OVAS/Movies?

    My choices:
    5. Bayonetta Bloody Fate
    4. Persona 5 the Daybreakers
    3. Kirby 3D
    2. Persona 3 the Movie
    Honorable Mentions:
    Street Fighter OVA
    Darkstalkers OVA
    Mega Man: Upon a Star
    1. Sonic the Hedgehog: The Movie (The one with the Studio Pierrot Animation)

  92. Suggestion: Top 5 Best/Worst Christmas Movies. Think about it.

  93. I know I’m an adult, but I’m still excited for the remake of BFBB

  94. the best was the king neptunes crown one, hands down

  95. Battle for Bikini Bottom was my whole childhood. I am not lying, I always played this game since I could learn. I give this review a 10/10. It has variety.

  96. Don't get me wrong, I like BFBB and the movie game, but are we just not going to talk about how the movie game, which came out a year later, has almost the exact same recycled animations, sprites, and overall gameplay? The game is borderline a carbon copy, it doesn't mean it's any lower in quality, but I feel like that's something that should've been discussed.

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