6 Ways To Make Money Playing Skillz Games | Make Money Online 2020

6 Ways To Make Money Playing Skillz Games | Make Money Online 2020

(coffee brewing) – What’s going on, eLeets? Are you sick of losing
your hard-earned money on Skillz deposits just
to eventually lose it? Whether you’re a new Skillz
player or a seasoned vet, you’re gonna wanna stay
for this entire video because today, I’m gonna
show you six different ways that you can make money
playing Skillz games. How neat is that? That’s pretty neat. I’m Mikey from Detroit,
Michigan and on this channel, I show you how to enhance your
skills and boost your income. I wanna let you in on a little secret. This video is extremely lucky. That’s right, if you like
this video right now, you’re gonna get seven years of good luck. However, if you don’t like this video, you’re gonna experience
14 years of bad luck. So get yourself some good luck right now by smashing that like button. Did you do it yet? Good! As you already know,
it’s extremely difficult to profit from a Skillz game because they take at least 20% out of each and every cash
match that you compete in. That means that after you make a deposit, you need to win at least 70%
of the games that you play in order to make a small,
teeny, weenie profit. There’s ultimately two different ways that you can make money
playing Skillz games. The first way is to invest
all of your time and money into playing these games and eventually, you’ll become a profitable player. However, it’s extremely unlikely for you to become profitable unless you’re already a really,
really, really good video gamer. Or you can invest your time
and money into finding out how to play these games for
free without making a deposit. I chose the latter. I didn’t win 70% of my
games that I played, yet, I was profitable last
year, very profitable. I made a huge profit, a $15,000 profit. Best of all, I didn’t make
a single deposit, not one. Now I did cancel a couple withdraws but never once did I make a deposit. Altogether, Mikey Slice Headquarters made $31,000 in revenue in 2019. Before I go any further,
I want to let you know that I did incur $14,000
in expenses last year. However, those expenses
were paid from the income that I made for this business. If you decide to go this
route, you will have to invest back into your personal brand. If you don’t, you’ll end up at the bottom of the search results, and I can speak from experience, it’s not easy to climb back. Never stop reinvesting into your brand. I’ll go more in-depth as
to what those expenses are in a future video from this series. That’s right, this is an
official YouTube series. And this is the first episode. Make sure you don’t miss future episodes by subscribing and ticking the bell. You don’t want to miss
an episode, trust me. From now on, there will be a new video every single Wednesday forever. As I said earlier,
there’s six different ways that I made money last year. I’m gonna show you each income
source and how much money I made from that income
source in this video. Then, in a future video,
I’ll go more in-depth on what those income sources are and how you can make money from them too. But for now, I’m just gonna show you the income source and
how much money I made from that income source. As I said earlier, I made
$15,000 from Skillz games alone and that’s without making a deposit so that’s pure profit. I made $7,000 from the
Skillz affiliate program. I made $5,000 from brands
promoting on my YouTube channel. I made $2,000 from Google Ads showing on my YouTube videos and my website. I made $500 from donations and PDF file sales on my website. No. Not pedophile sales. PDF file sales. Who sells pedophiles? Better yet, who would
even buy a pedophile? What is wrong with you? (laughs) All jokes aside, I also made $300 from giving lessons on Skillz Bubble Shooter. As you can see, they’re not
all directly related to Skillz. If you start out by promoting
your promo code on YouTube, like I did, you too can make these exact same streams of income. All you have to do is start
by promoting your promo code. Start promoting your
Skillz promo code right now by leaving it as a comment below. You can find this link by going to the menu on any Skillz game and clicking on the
free bonus cash button. Then copy that link and
paste it as a comment below on this video and if somebody uses it on their first deposit, you’re gonna get $10 in bonus cash added
to your Skillz account. You have nothing to lose,
yet everything to gain. So comment your Skillz
promo code below right now. If you don’t, you’re leaving
free money on the table. After you’ve left your comment below, it’s time for you to start
making a YouTube video promoting your Skillz
refer-a-friend promo code. That’s right, I’m gonna say it again. After you’ve left your comment
of your Skillz promo code it’s time for you to make a YouTube video, with your phone, I’m talking to you, use your phone, you can
make a YouTube video with your phone, crazy idea, I know right? It’s got a camera and
it’s got a microphone. All you gotta do is use this thing that’s in your pocket
and make a YouTube video showing people how to use your promo code so they can get $10 in bonus cash on their first deposit and you will also get $10 in bonus cash. So start making that
YouTube video right after you leave that comment. The very first video
on this YouTube channel was a video on how to
use a Skillz promo code. Now look at where’s it at. You want to be able to
give out match codes to people like I do? Start by doing this promo code thing. I’m telling ya, it works. It’s a great way to get bonus cash on a Skillz game so
that you can convert it into real cash which you eventually can use Skillz to pay your bills. To see an example of
what a promo code video would look like, check
out this video right here. Or if you want to get better
at playing Bubble Shooter, download this free PDF file right here. See you next Wednesday.

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