7 Common Dream Meanings You Should NEVER Ignore!

7 Common Dream Meanings You Should NEVER Ignore!

At first glance, dreams might be just fictional scenarios our minds make up when we’re sleeping. But what if there’s more to them than just stories we tell others, or write about after? Although there’s no scientific evidence to prove that dreams hold special meaning, for many years they have been studied to promote better self-awareness, and to help us understand what’s bothering us in our everyday lives. According to Suzanne Bergman, a social worker and dream specialist, “Dreams are a universal language, creating often elaborate images out of emotional concepts.” Have you been recognizing certain themes you frequently dream about? Here are 7 common dream meanings. This is a common dream many people have. Being lost or trapped usually means you’re unsure about what step to take next from a particular circumstance in real life. People who dream about getting lost in the woods, a large building, or any maze-like structure in general often feel overwhelmed and can’t seem to find a way out. This reflects the mental, physical, financial, or emotional burdens they’re experiencing in real life. Do you ever dream about missing public transportation, such as a bus, train, plane, or taxi? Often, people who dream about such scenarios tend to miss them only by a fraction of a second. This can also pertain to scenarios where you dream about being late for a job interview, performance, or special event. In real life, these dreams may reflect the regrets you have for not going after what you wanted. Whether that means missing out on seeing your favorite band perform live, Or not applying for your dream job on time. People who dream about these scenarios usually find themselves in or near a car vehicle. They can either be the driver or the passenger when they experience a brake failure, flat tire, or getting hit by another car. In real life, this typically means that you feel like you don’t have control over a certain situation, or you might be headed for trouble in the future. Contrary to what it sounds like, people who dream of this scenario are usually no longer in school. Common dream scenarios involve having trouble finding the test room, being unprepared from lack of studying, or missing equipment to complete it. They indicate that you are feeling tested in real life, which makes you anxious about what your future holds. This is a common dream people with anxiety often have. They usually dream about being chased by an animal, person, or something you cannot readily identify. In real life, it means that they are trying to run away from a certain situation, or it could be an emotion they are not ready to confront yet, whether it’s grief, or a breakup. Have you ever dreamed about reaching into your mouth, only to feel your teeth fall out, or that there is a missing gap? This indicates that you may feel insecure in real life, unattractive, or not good enough, whether it pertains to school, your work life, or romantic relationship. You may also have a fear of being embarrassed or judged by others. People who dream of this scenario often find themselves falling from a high building, or sinking into an ocean. They usually feel helpless and overwhelmed. It’s a common misconception to believe that having those dreams mean a foreshadow to your own death. But in reality, they indicate your fear of falling, or that you’re not content with where you are in life. You may need to carve a new path, or make some new choices to help you find meaning again. If you have a special topic request that you’d like us to explore next, Make sure to let us know in the comment section below! Also, please be sure to subscribe to our channel for more helpful tips, and share this video with others! With your help, we can reach more people to spread awareness on the mind and mental issues. Thanks for watching! Hey everybody! I just wanna give a personal thank you video for you guys, for always supporting Psych2Go and making this all possible for us. Our vision is to make psychology as accessible as possible so that it promotes self-awareness, and helps you guys grow. However, we want to make more content for you guys, and would love your support in buying one of these bracelets from our partner, Introvert Palace. Check out the bracelet, it’s pretty cool, and it even includes Pluto! The link to purchase will all be in the description below, and I hope you guys have an amazing day. Bye!

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  1. What is a dream that you commonly have? :O

  2. What if I have lucid dreams everyday
    Does it count?

  3. A dream for me is a movie that my brain puts on when I’m bored asleep

  4. I usually have romantic dreams

    What does that mean?

  5. I have dreams of jumping but like jumping really high then falling

  6. Me: dreams with my teeth falling
    Me to someone who is judging me: fuck you

  7. I had a dream where I was in a car with my family and it swerved off a bridge, into a river full of leeches. When I got out of the river we were all covered in them

  8. I run in the snowy woods and find a cabin. A killer is chasing me. I slide through a window and now I'm in a corridor.

    Its weird and is really fun and scary.

  9. I had a dream that I met Jefree star and he needed me for a video ;-; but I woke up before the dream ended so, yeah ;w;

  10. Can anyone tell me why I went into a abandoned mall with chickens everywhere with lip stick it’s creeping me out

  11. I have dreams of being at a theme park but getting left there

  12. Every single dream i have, there is a weird but cute creature that ends up killing me. But the weird thing happened when a grown woman, showed up in my dream and said to the creature: "You! You are the monster that has been haunting everybody's dreams!"

  13. I feel attacked @ #6 ?

  14. Ehat about dreaming of a hot guy?

  15. I’ve gotten chased in a dream a couple times and I never gotten a teeth decay but I do feel like I’m gonna get embarrassed or judged on what I wear and I feel like no one thinks I’m not attractive plus I have a bad generation of kid that are mostly Bad -.-

  16. *has dream about falling*

    *Wakes up flailing arms and shook*

    I hope I'm not the only person like THIS XD

  17. What does it mean if you dream about something sad? Like your friends leaving you or a family member passing away? Because I mostly have the leaving friends dream.

  18. i just had a dream that woke me up. in my dream there was a young man. God told him that there was a girl in a certain house and pointed it out to him. he told him he wanted him to be with her and gave him her name. so the guy goes to the house but there's two girls there. he goes back and forth between the two girls wondering which one it is. one of the girls is extremely talkative. she's doing her make-up and talking to all the boys very flirtatiously. she's very pretty and he can't help but stare at her. i suppose in hopes it would be her, because he's thinking about what he does and doesn't like about her. the other girl is just sitting there with a young boy in front of her not really saying much of anything. then the girl finally asks him what he wants. he tells them that God had told him to be with the girl named (i forgot). then the girl not talking said to the pretty girl, "you told me it was this boy!" everything seemed messed up so he went home. at home there was a written message from God that said, "there's a tablecloth i want you to eat every day". the guy thinks how weird that is and throws it away without a second thought. then i hear God telling me, "it's not the message that counts, it's what you do with it." then i woke up. i've thought about it since i woke up. possibly it means the voice of reason comes into play. possibly the pull of the heart. or maybe the message was misinterpreted altogether. as in there should have been a comma after tablecloth possibly? so i'm up at 4 am contemplating deeper things lol.

  19. I was a one question,what if ( or something) dream about a shadow like figure with a skeleton face as well a familiar weapon that the grim reaper had ( I don't know anyone it happened when I was a kid that I don't remember of) any chances what that means?

  20. I remember I dreamed this dream where Mario pushed me off the cliff…… I dreamed that dream when I was 5


  21. I very often dream that I go back to school, and I'm always late too.

  22. Guys i just woke up and i have a dream that i was floating all around my bed what does that dream mean can someone please tell me

  23. I often dream of playing games, what does that mean? XD

  24. I have lots of dreams where I’m about to die but I wake up right before I die in the dream

  25. Usually I would dream about an apocalypse or something bad, but this time my teeth fell out and grew back MY BABY TEETH and they were ROTTEN!

  26. 1 5 and 7 I have the most

  27. The other night I had a dream that I was several characters, one being a little girl who in the dream before had murdered my family. She was adopted by this couple who already had a little girl and had a little boy on the way. The brothers sister and the ‘aunt’ wanted to make the little girl feel welcome, and bought her lots of toys. The little girl felt sad that she wasn’t accepted and was guilty about what happened in the previous dream.

    WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? (why are my dreams so complex lol?)

  28. i had a dream that i had a fist fight with the mom from coraline

    i had another dream where i made jacob sartorius cry

  29. Literally last night I had a dream about being chased by a character of a tv show and I seen to dream of falling and it makes me wake up because I actually feel like I was falling

  30. I had a dream last week where I was trapped in a gym by a snowstorm and raced a dragon and somehow won.

    If that’s saying something than I’m very concerned for my health.

  31. One of my friends at school said that he had a dream and once he realized it was a dream, he made it rain spaghetti and yell at the sky

  32. Those falling dreams are coming from our ancestors. A big amount of early tree humans died by falling off of trees. And that gets passed via genetic memory from generation to generation.

  33. I have dreams almost everynight, love it but hate it also.
    There was this girl who went to school with me and I had a feelings for her, during my dream I was driving in my car and she was holding my hand from passenger side and I was having the time of my life, felt insanely real then my alarm clock went off. Ahhhhhh damn…..
    Anyways I have a lot of nightmares as well, some of the dreams I met random people who gave me life lessons, can’t remember how they look like but thankful for them.

  34. My dream was. There is a whole bunch of lions on lion was a cub but it already had a mane apes were hunting the Lions every night. But he silver back was nice to the Lions so his group left him. That gorilla had a house around where the Lions. The gorilla became friends with the cub who had a mane's sister. And then one day the apes came back and killed the silverback gorilla

  35. I was dreaming about my sister drowning suddenly. And I tried to do cpr but it didn’t work and she died

  36. Yeah the whole falling is forshadowing for your death thing wouldn't make sense for me. I dreamt for a while just jumping over things like low, small fences and still waking up before touching the ground. No one could die from a fall that low sooo nope!

    Also I used to have nightmares every night-

  37. Last night I had a dream where I was in a war only using swords and bows. I was training in a camp then when we were done (the camp was on a hill) we saw a squad of the enemy on the bottom I slid down the hill and killed an Asian kid with the sword I stabbed him twice then everyone came Down and took out the squad lmao Dw there was no blood it was legit like a virtua reality game then I saw ghost rider and i Reyes to kill him but my bows do no damage to him cause I guess you get team kill in dreams

  38. One a had a dream I was lost in a forest (holy crap) and then I was chased by a tiger (Holy guac)

    Another dream I had was I was swimming in a lake with some girl, my mom and another girl then I jumped up and hugged my mom BUT THEN…. My started to sink down deep into the water and I felt stuck onto her… drowning

    One last dream xD: It was dark in my apartment and I woke up one the couch I heard a voice sorta like a narrator but it was a voice I had reconized, I got up and suddenly I saw myself from a different perspective, then I was back through my eyes i heard footsteps though I couldnt see, for some teason I knew they were walking into my brothers room. Then I was back in there perspective there was a girl with black hair (how cliché) and then she turned around and stared at me. At first she was smiling but then her smile turned into an angry expression then I heard the voice say again "dude! Why did you look at her?!" All I heard was foot steps and then

    I woke up

  39. What does it mean if frequently you dream you are searching for a toilet but can't find one?

  40. Well my most common DrEaM is

    Being rejected by my crush

  41. I dreamt i was in the game “Granny” but real life, with my friend, and both of us were just running and hiding away from the Monster. At one point it got too real and i jumped up in sweat.

  42. -the first part
    I had this dream that my two best friends and I were on a plane to god knows where. My friend (let’s call her Fiona) was looking out the window, she turned back and said with the straightest face ever (like with no fear or just emotion in general) and says “emergency landing” and then she shrugged it off. My other friend (let’s call her Kim) finished drinking her orange juice and turned towards me and said with a smile “February 22”.

    -the second part

    I don’t really know what happened but now all the lights on the plane were off and we were nose diving at full speed towards the earth. At this point the plane is going down at almost a 90° angle, I was practically falling off my seat with only the seatbelt stopping me. Kim and Fiona acted as if nothing was happening.
    -the third part
    now here’s something crazy, the plane is on the ground and we’re fine but the plane was on fire. It seemed like we were the only people on board. Fiona and Kim seemed to realize our fate if we didn’t get the hell out of the plane. They still didn’t talk though.

    -the third part again cuz I don’t remember how we got out of the plane but my dream cut to the part you’re about to read

    y’all wtf is up with my dreams lately, i mean like seriously wtf.
    So, now we’re running at full speed through this field of pink tulips, the plane still very much on fire and waiting to explode at any second. We ran for about what seemed like forever until we reached this random narrow road in the middle of the field. I looked up and read that the street was called Humble St. (lol now that I read the story over again I realize how bad I am at describing the scene and just telling stories)

    hope u enjoyed my dream/nightmare thing.
    If your confused after reading this don’t worry I am too.

  43. I had a dream where I was with my mom and my sister and I went to go leave while they my mom was folding cloths and my sister playing with her toys and then my mom calls me and I go back and there's nobody there and the lights are off so I go in and a strange man or thing comes out of nowhere behind the door and says do you remember me and I woke up

  44. who else has the falling dream and then has a weird panic attack when they wake up

  45. I had in insanely weird dream so I apparently was walking out of my house in the backyard. And in my hand was book. Not going to say what type. Hahaha just because of nightmares. So I just threw it in the trash bin. And I looked over and my pooling see it was split in 2 yet very close together. And having a wall in between them. But in side the pool we what looked like 20 people in one pool. So I went over and hopped in. Then only 2 people came over to my side. And out of their mouth they pulled out a Nintendo switch which was water proof. And then I saw the other 18 walking on water. The the person on my side grabbed the switch from me and threw it in the other sides face

  46. I keep having a dream that my friends are challenging me to a poetry competition…

  47. I’ve dreamed about loosing teeth but only when I was younger and I was really sad when I woke up and it was just a dream because I wanted money from the tooth fairy

  48. None a ghost pushing and my mom not waking up?

  49. I had a dream and then the next day at school my dream happened in real life.?
    Another one was wherever I went I got splashed by water and turned into Pepa pig?.
    And once o got chased by vampires in a dream?

  50. can you do the video in freench too !! thaks a lot !! i love it

  51. what about falling from a log into the river that turns into spiral whirlpool?

  52. Anyone have the dream when ur falling while in ur bed

  53. I never remember my dreams

  54. When don’t let your mind attack you dream of nothing

  55. As a kid I had a nightmare of a hippo eating a train station…dreams sound weird and less scary when you type or say it out loud :/

  56. Ever tried to cut a crocodiles head off with a shovel… only to find out it was actually live red setter dog… and realise as your blade cuts through the bone in its neck and isn’t quite dead so you have to be humane and finish it off?… and that’s the tame part

  57. I dreamed about the teeth one and the falling one

  58. what about the dream i had where i crashed a plane into my grandmas house when i was four

  59. There was a time in my life where I had dreamed of me getting kidnapped. And if it wasn’t me getting kidnapped it was one of my sisters

  60. Does anyone else dream of jumping off the top step of your stairs?

    Ok just me…

  61. I had a dream, it sounded like this: aaaH uuuGh yeah hArdErrr

  62. I have dreams about being chased. When I am getting chased I keep slowing down then I get caught, and I wake up scared.

  63. I had a dream that i still remember…
    I was strawberry and my dream friends are dog,onion and blue ball xD
    And me and dream friends we're bombarding spoiled brats XDDD
    Then it was like it was a game…
    And that dog looks like new pokemon…..
    I wonder if i get continuation
    Also does that means something???

  64. I had a dream my dad forgot about us in a house and i was there with my brothers and a girl killed my brothers and then she Floated at me and Grabbed me by my neck and i woke up i have no dreams just nightmares…

  65. I had a dream where kylerlovesjesus (tiktok) kissed my cheek…ouf

  66. Being in a vehicle with the head or a female Cartel capo and can't stop the vehicle and she keeps saying to lay down but the vehicle is rolling and I'm awake and asleep but my room doesn't look like my room it's a big rock wheel and I see the ceiling fan and my box fan but it molds in my dream until I finally wake up by turning on my flashlight why does it blend and the feeling I get is danger and I'm thinking how to escape or make her guys take her out. This is why I don't sleep with a weapon by the bed anymore I woke up one morning with a pistol in my hand and finger on the trigger always loaded no safety. I rarely dream once every year or two. I told my wife next time just tell me where the brakes are ?

  67. I have dreams of being slit by Someone in a black hoodie. Yo like I can feel the pain of the knife in my dream. Idk why it’s kinda scary

  68. None in this helped too much but I keep seeing a cute well dressed girl when I sleep.

  69. I keep getting dreams of the same person ;_;

  70. I literally dreamed about number 6 last night… The fact that i just broke up might have caused it 🙁

  71. My dreams continue each night

  72. I had a dream that I offered Beetlejuice some cinnamon bears… what does that say about me?

  73. In my dream first someone died then the others needed to go further (fortnite storm is coming) then we were on something and we lost the others and i died to a snake then i became a soul and my dad drove the boat and it sunk and i woke up

  74. I had some dreams that actually looked real but they weren't, Like one was like this: I had an opportunity to live or die and I had a gun then I shot myself. That was it. It seemed so real but them a woke up after a few seconds of just black

  75. I dreamed about my coach telling me I made my high school basketball team what does that mean lol

  76. I dream about some crazy stuff and I mean crazy like every night

  77. I had a dream where I was trying to escape a psych ward with some girl and she was about to jump out of the window with a rope and she told my to drab the rope, I did and I couldn't hold onto it because I wasn't strong enough, I dropped the rope and she hit the payment below, she died, and I felt horrible and I jumped too and died, but the dream didn't end right away when I died, instead it waited a few minutes before I woke up

  78. I had a dream a dude trapped me and my friends. We looked in the basement and found a old creepy lady sitting with a box open. We grabbed the key and escaped. It started to rain so bad that the water went up. Then out of no where a giant shark ate this dude and then a bigger animal ate the shark.

  79. Actually i fell asleep on the bus and dreamt i was falling but i wasn't worried or screaming i was actually relaxed then when i almost hit the ground woke up jumping from the shock turns out the bus just stopped at my stop i don't know whether it was coincidence or just my body waking itself but i was glad it happened

  80. i had multiple dreams of my crush and i was asking them out. they would slmost answer then i wake up

  81. I always these dreams
    No.1 most of the time when I sleep whatever I do that day is the same way I die for example if I went to a water park there would be a dark figure that I can't identify but they would always grab my neck and smash it against something while my parents watched and did nothing then the dark figure would keep my head under water as I slowly die, I can feel the pain for every type of those nightmares then the same figure would hang itself then it would forcefully make me wake up

    No.2 When I go to sleep I would see dead people that I loved for example one day I would have a convo with xxx tentacion about his murder and every time when a dream like that happens they'll get close to telling me about the people who commit the crime but then they'll say something about enjoying my time on the other side until it's time for me to go and they'll say rest up beauty

    No.3 I have nightmares as being a cop and checking out crime scenes but every single crime scene is me dead from murder or suicide and it's mostly suicide and my suicide letter always says
    The fact that all the hate in this cruel world is overflowing out the jar and spilling on me makes me wanna hide on the other side and never come back to the bottom thank you mom and dad but I was the mistake that made you're family fall apart see you tommorow.

    IDK what these nightmares are but I always ask am I suppose to act on these things but I've been extremely sad latley and I'm wondering what the hell is going on with me plz see this and help Im only 11

  82. I’ve been dreaming about bts jimin the past 3 days bitch has the audacity to bias wreck me in my dreams

  83. i’ve been having a reoccurring nightmare since i was 9 (15 now) about my mom putting gas in our car (me still in it) and it rolls backwards into the road and i wake up before getting hit by another car

  84. I’ve had dreams about pulling out my teeth or tearing myself apart in some way and it doesn’t really hurt me I think it has something to do with bad habits

  85. I have a dream of tooth decay
    Which is true but strange for a Gemini

  86. i had a dream about kissing a girl… but im a girl…


  87. Am I the only one who doesn’t remember their dream unless it’s a bad/scary one ??

  88. I've dreamed about someone I used to like and no matter how hard I try I can't stop thinking about them or get them out if my head and I don't know what to do or what it means so I just ignore it

  89. Me: plays 'bang'
    Also me: dreams about being in the apocalypse
    Me: watches an episode of a series
    Also me: dreams about being in the series and the episode with the characters
    I have many questions.

  90. i have an extremely weird dream where its a nightmare, and i realize its a dream and so i close my eyes to spawn something random, for instance, i had a dream that pennywises balloon was chasing me outside in my garden and i close my eyes to spawn an invisible plane and i fly it and stRt shooting at the balloon.

  91. I dreamed about this guy for a month and I really liked him so I confessed but he told me that he was my boy self and hes there to tell me to be strong and in a blink of an eye hes gone. I woke up crying. I never dreamed of him again. I think because I wanted to be a boy so badly that time because I felt like I wasent born to be a girl and now I feel so confident as a girl and I really thank my dream to make me a girl that I was meant to be.

  92. I had a dream of a doctor cutting out my heart with a sword

  93. I often have nightmares of being chased… or when I enter a room and there is a dark creature standing in the Corning with its back facing me. Honestly, i find these dreams much more exciting than not having them because they feel so vivid and alive. So, what’s the meaning then?

  94. I dreamed I got on a rollercoaster and when they locked the safety bar in place, two men were there and started shooting everyone. I dreamed I was shot then I died. Then I immediately woke up. Is this dream of my impending death?

  95. I dreamed about driving a car with my cousin and my aunt i was the one driving and i'm still 11 does that mean something?

  96. I had a dream I cheated on my bf. Why!

  97. PunkJudaism Svadisthana Chakra, Maryland: 16YO Yahweh texting Girls "Inanna" w/ US Constitution שׂ

    intelligence and love have been intertwined here perfectly

    Intellectual prayer

    Shinto: Feeding a Spirit of Cuteness – Yahweh+Angel of Peace Appears in Maryland – Bnai Israel

    Jungian Psychology: Aura Healing – Angels Keeping Away Bad Habits

    Svadisthana Chakra – Maryland: 16 Year Old Yahweh texting Friends w/ US Constitution

    Angelology – Easter Egg: Yahweh+Angel of Peace Appears in Maryland (Japanese Girls Feet [not a guys]) Bnai Israel







    LOVE YOU!!!!

    – insane generic religious rhetoric seeming to favor teen freedom and having the aura of the temple without it's more annoying attachments.

    Teens, as well as adults and kids are flooded with sensations of a Divine that is not annoying and not setting any clear rules aside for karma and saying sellgood books

  98. I used to have falling dreams at 7 years old..

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