$7 Playstation Charging Dock! – Buying $208 in Wish Tech Items

$7 Playstation Charging Dock! – Buying $208 in Wish Tech Items

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  1. Those fake thumbs…legit… ?

  2. who’s mans is this


  4. Who's mans is this?

  5. The 80.00 drone can be bought off eBay for 30.00

  6. we hit 15000 likes

  7. i got that watch it was good n bad lol

  8. Keaton is looking like freddy from scooby doo.

  9. There is a wish ad in your video

  10. Lol your teeth are the same color as your hair

  11. U just don’t know how to fly a drone

  12. I also have that charger and its great

  13. Im playing pubg

  14. Whose Man is this

  15. Wanted to know if the bullet flash drive was actually a tb or even worked that was disappointed

  16. It’s a fake camera on the drone just a little reflective red light flys okay tho don’t buy it

  17. your golden hair triggered my OCD

  18. Doesnt he realize the “free stuff” is just asking more for shipping? I see the two exact items one of them costing 1 dollar with 1 dollar shipping and the other one being “free”, but with 2 dollar shipping. Keaton cmon

  19. Comment if you were watching this and had a wish notification I did

  20. Anyone had an Wish ad on the Phone Screen Magnifier review?

  21. ayam goreng amat sedap di dunia

  22. I use the smart watches as wireless mp3 players combined with bluetooth, for when i want to be out but dont want the cables or to lose my mp3 player and they have a camera as well..

  23. What's the link to the wireless charger pencil holder



  25. all i need is keton

  26. What do u do with all the stuff u buy

  27. All i want is Keaton

  28. Whos mans is this

  29. I am the only one that when seeing this video I got a wish ad ??

  30. When this guy had light up gloves, he prolly did molly too

  31. Can I have the smart watch

  32. Who’s mans is this

  33. WHO's mans is this

  34. when you get a wish ad in the middle of the wishbusters vid

  35. Vhgsbgm 50% off first purchase

  36. Did any one else see the email address

  37. Donald trump i love your vedios

  38. "lots of vibrating wands"

  39. There’s no link for the fitness tracker

  40. What kind of drug this guy take???

  41. MW2 forever on steam 🙂

  42. I used to have one of those fitness trackers but the curved usb thing snaps of so easily

  43. Is wish real or face

  44. Buy stuff from fordeal

  45. Who’s mans is this

  46. I play Pubg app me my name is killerclown247

  47. 2:51 KIDS LOOK AWAY!!!

  48. pleaseeeee do a video on airpods casesssssss !!!!

  49. Logic in the background

  50. Ha jokes on you i got a 5 dollar ps remote dock that is even better

  51. 3:52 3:52 3:52 3:52

  52. Next vid do one were u buy a Nintendo switch

  53. " YCSXNPJ " or " YFVKKQT "

    Code that can give you up to 60% off, amazingly it works.

  54. What’s with the hair

  55. Who ya gonna call… WISHBUSTERS

  56. Loving the new hair color

  57. sorry if I late but… I was on Wish and there were condoms for sale which was 10$ and I brought it and it came and I tried it on… and had sex… with my girlfriend I mean it wasn’t bad but it broke easily when I took it off no! she’s not pregnant… thank god and yes my mom and dad weren’t mad at me my girlfriend wanted to have sex anyways so yeah…


  59. Use promo code ksmcmln for 50% off

  60. thats not the twist
    the twist is everything on wish is fake
    please like

  61. You know what’s crap, your yellow hair. Change it back to the old color!!


  63. The hair bruh cut it out and off looking like a cartoon Network character

  64. All I want is keaton

  65. I got a shpock ad showing PS4 controllers while he bought that PS4 thing

  66. Who ya gunna call, WISHBUSTERS

  67. Use this code⬇️for 50% off your first purchase 🙂


  68. whats that hair?!?!

  69. Anyone watching this in 2019 and thinking how hair is way better black

  70. Roblox fortnut mine craft

  71. Who’s man is this

  72. I’m playing destiny 2

  73. The watch is crap try putting a sim in it and it wont work. You said it takes one but you don't try it or show it WHY???

  74. I swear I got a wish ad on this

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