7 Times Nilsa From ‘MTV Floribama Shore’ Proved She’s the Best | MTV Ranked

7 Times Nilsa From ‘MTV Floribama Shore’ Proved She’s the Best | MTV Ranked

(string music) – [Nilsa] Amy, please let me out the cab. I gotta pee. – [Amy] Don’t, you’re drunk. – [Nilsa] Oh god, I’m
gonna have to pee in this. – [Amy] Sorry Nilsa. (string music) – [Woman] Oh my god! What the (bleep)? – Oh my god! Yes! Yeah! Woo! (rock music) Yes, yes, yes, yes! – I’m trying to get some
alone time right now, and Nilsa is outside yelling like, “Yo, what’s going on in there?” – Yes, yes! Yeah! – Girl, I’ll pull you in with me if you wanna be a little closer. – No fun, (beep) no. Nope, I am a good Christian girl. – Kayla Jo, there’s a
taxi outside for you. – Alright. – Where’s our umbrella at? Hurry up and cut this pizza, woman. The taxi’s gonna leave her. – Would you like a juice or anything? – You cooked, this is great. Thank you. I’ll eat it in the taxi. – And I got the umbrella. – [Kayla-Jo] You did great. It tastes delicious. – [Nilsa] We’ll see you tomorrow. – Probably not, thanks though! – Next time we’ll see you – [Kayla-Jo] Bye! – Bitch. – [Kayla Jo] I really
don’t want this though. It’s not for me. So like toss it on the way
in so she doesn’t see it. – [Jeremiah] I’ll talk to you later, okay? – Yeah. – I don’t know what Nilsa’s game is. All I know is, there’s a big difference
between Kayla Jo, and Nilsa, and that’s called maturity. (upbeat music) – Well I found my… You’ve got to be (bleep) kidding me. The worse thing someone can do to me is to take a piece of my pizza, and just throw it away
like it means nothing. Jeremiah! – [Jeremiah] Yes ma’am? – Call Kayla, this is her pizza. She left it right there by my shoes. She said she wanted a piece. – Well she took a bite, didn’t she? She can’t take it in the taxi with her. – Jeremiah, he’s kinda like
making excuses for her, tip-toeing around the fact that she didn’t just disrespect me, she disrespected my pizza. Don’t waste it, don’t
waste it, don’t waste it. – I’ll eat it, alright? I’ll eat it, and then when she comes back we’ll make another slice for God’s sake. – Thank you. I just didn’t want her to go home hungry. – In the end it was (bleep) frozen pizza, it’s not like she handmade it. I’m eating it right now. – What are you making? – Eggs. – Can you make me some please, dog? – Yeah. – Amy, make me a grilled cheese, please! – I would if I know if I
knew how to make that, bitch. I might have called pizza. – Everything’s closed. – Somebody (bleep) delivers. – Just put a frozen pizza in there, damn. – I’m about to call my ex and ask for two large pepperoni pizzas. (phone trills) – [Logan] Hello? – Hey, can I please have
two large thin crust pepperoni pizzas? – [Logan] Um… – I need two large mother (bleep) pizzas! Thin crust! – Who the (bleep) she talking to? – I think she said she’s
prank calling people, I don’t (bleep) know. – Hey, when’s your birthday?
cause I got you a present. – [Logan] You got me no present. – I’m gonna (bleep) on your porch, bitch! (laughing) – She is talking to Logan! She is (bleep) talking to him. She is! She is on the phone with him. Get me on there! – [Amy] Nilsa! (mumble) – You ain’t nothing but
a (bleep) ass bitch. – One thing I don’t get is both the girls talk about how they’re trying
to get over their exes, but yet they’re calling to prank him. Like what are you, (bleep) 15? – Attention (foreign language). Bitch. (laughing) – All these girls starting
shit with their exes, but call them every time they get drunk. – [Josh] Shocking, wow. – [Kirk] It’s annoying as (bleep) man. – [Josh] She wondering
why there’s a red flag? – Exactly. – I have something really
important to tell you. You ain’t (bleep), bitch. Oh, he hung up. (laughing) Alright, come downstairs there’s pizza. – [Nilsa] (bleep) that mother (bleep), he ain’t (bleep). Alright, I’m good, I’m good. – [Josh] What happened? – [Nilsa] Amy ended up calling Logan, so I just let him know what was up. – [Amy] I hope he (bleep) dies. (phone ringing) – Hello? – [Logan] Hello? – Hello? – [Logan] Hey, I need to
talk to Kortni, please. – Who is this? – [Logan] You know who this is. Can I please talk to Kortni for a second? – Who is this? – [Logan] It’s Logan. (hangs up phone) – The last person in this whole world, and it’s a big world, that should ever call this house, is Logan. (phone ringing) – Oh, hell no! What does he think that
he can just like call here after he just barges into our house? I’m about to give Logan
a piece of my mind. Do you not get the point
if someone hangs up on you that means no one wants to talk to you, so don’t call here again. – [Logan] Let me talk. – No, no, no. You barged into our house
like a crazy person. No, and you not only scared me, you scared Candace and you
scared the other roommates. So, you need to quit calling here, you’re not welcome until you can get your act together, and stop acting like an immature child. Okay, do you understand? Do you understand? Crazy. (bleep) think calling here? Like the (bleep)? Logan, if you think I’m gonna let Kortni talk to your psychotic ass, you’ve have another thing coming. – You okay? – Yeah, I’m good. – What’s wrong? – Nothing, just hard to explain. – About us kissing? – (laughing) No. – Well, then what’s wrong? Are you upset about
hooking up with that girl? – Little bit. And I was fine until I talked
to my mom and just like — – Did you tell her or what? – She was talking to me and she was like, “You’re staying true to
your character right?” And I had to take a step back, and I’m not. I’m just not. My mom and dad, they just beat it in our head so much that you’re not supposed to sleep around, it’s all I heard growing up. I don’t want to just be
looking for one girl. I want to go out and have fun, like Jeremiah and Kirk and just enjoy it, but I can’t even do that
without feeling bad for it, and I don’t even know why I feel bad. I don’t even know if I’m
doing anything wrong. It’s all like biblical (bleep), like I’m always getting lectures because yeah, sex is a sin
and you shouldn’t do it, but I’m a guy man, I’m 22 years old. I wanna go out and have fun, but I can’t because my
heart don’t even let me. – He’s genuinely upset that
he hooked up with that girl. That just shows me that he’s a good guy because he has a conscience, and he shouldn’t feel bad
for having a conscience because more guys should be like that. Do what you want to do. If you’re feeling it in the moment, do it. Cause who knows, That might
lead to something else. It’s okay to be upset, it’s okay to have feelings, it’s okay to be you. – But it’s guys like that
that get ran over as well, and you know that. – Yeah, you’re right but you know what? You’re gonna find a girl who is just going to make you so happy, and you’re gonna be able to have real conversations with her, and you’re going to treat her really good because you have a conscience. That’s a good thing. – Yeah. Thank you, love ya. – Love you. Gus and I’s relationship
has done a complete 180 because who woulda thought
I would be out there consoling Gus? ♪ Cause I once had a love upon tonight ♪ ♪ I don’t have a friend ♪ – The roles have reversed like we’re there for each other, and it kinda feels good. You okay? – Yeah I’m good. – Do you want some time? – Thank you though. ♪ Cause it’s only you and I after all ♪ ♪ And I’m just a man ♪ – [Amy] We has to go.
I’m gonna push you in. – [Nilsa] I need to pee. – No, no, no it’s time to go. – [Nilsa] Amy, please let me out the cab. I gotta pee. – [Amy] Don’t, you’re drunk. – [Nilsa] Oh god, I’m
gonna have to pee in this. – [Amy] Sorry, Nilsa. Oh my god, what the (bleep)? – Nilsa is so drunk she’s pissing in the middle console of the taxi. What the (bleep)? – [Amy] You’re (bleep) nasty. – Oh because — – Oops. (laughing) – [Nilsa] Oh, do not tell my mother. (phone ringing) – Um, yes. Can I get delivery? – [Pizza Place]
Unfortunately we’re closed. – But you answered the phone so let me go ahead and give you my order. – [Pizza Man] have to answer in case an alarm company is calling — – Give me a stuffed crust pepperoni pizza delivered to my house. – [Pizza Place] I cannot. – [Codi] Two of ’em. – Two stuffed crust
pepperoni cheese pizzas. – [Pizza Place] I can’t. – Big, like the largest. (hangs up) Hello? (ringing) – I’m beyond hammered I can barely walk, and Nilsa can barely walk or talk. I don’t know how we’re
gonna call a pizza place and order a pizza. – I just need pizza delivery – [Pizza Place] Sorry, I didn’t get that. What’s the name or type or business? – It’s right next to the strip club. [Pizza Place] Sorry, I didn’t get that– – Who do I have to (bleep)
to get a pizza around here? (ringing) – [Pizza Place] (mumble) may I help you? – I don’t know my address. Can you like ping my phone? – [Pizza Place] No, we
can’t do anything like that. – What’s your name? – [Pizza Place] Fred. – So Fred, I’ll make sure
your owner knows this. (hangs up) (music) – Who’s taking a shower? – I’m hangry. – I need to shower. – I just saw Jeremiah’s wing-a-ding, and I’m not disappointed in what I seen. I have to shower. – [Jeremiah] Jesus, you’re
not taking a (bleep) shower. – I should be able to. – I see Nilsa’s head
sticking right there at me staring at me. I’m like, ocupado. (laughing) Damn girl, you really trying right now. Talk about throwing messages. – [Nilsa] Knock, knock. – [Jeremiah] Who’s there? – My vagina. – Is that like a clever pun? – You should see my vagina too. – What the (bleep) she talking about? – Hey, let’s go swimming in our tops and our bottoms, come on. You almost hook that thing on me. I’m trying to look cute for Jeremiah. I’m gonna hunch him really hard. – Jeez louise, man. – [Codi] I have no idea what’s going on with Nilsa right now. She’s just hoe-ing herself at Jeremiah, and he’s just cleaning the kitchen up. – I’m really lonely. I just want to be swam with. – Also, the kitchen’s very dirty. – Is that really what you’re
worried about right now? – Yeah because I’m not trying
to wake up to this (bleep). – Me either. – I’m pretty sure that
Nilsa is interested in me, but I know Gus likes Nilsa, and Gus is my boy so, I should just stay away from her. – I’ve got pizza coming if
you wanna eat some pizza. – Nah, I’m good. I’m just gonna unwind over here. – You can unwind over here if you’d like. – Nah, I need to unclog the sink. Disgusting. – My sink don’t clog up. Jeremiah, I know you’re
oblivious to the real world because you were home schooled, but everyone knows I’m coming for you. I’m jealous of the damn plunger. – It’s time for me to go night night. (doorbell rings) Enjoy your pizza. – Who needs a man when you have a whole pizza to yourself?

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