8 FUNNY PRANKS FOR APRIL FOOLS || Best DIY Pranks on Friends & Family!

8 FUNNY PRANKS FOR APRIL FOOLS || Best DIY Pranks on Friends & Family!

Need an excuse to pull a prank on your friends? Well you’re in luck! It’s April Fool’s Day! The official pranking holiday! And boy do we have some great April Fool’s Pranks for you to try! Aw, look how peaceful Vicky is in her slumber. Too bad it’s not going to last much longer. At your next slumber party, try out this next trick. If your pal keeps slippers next to the bed Find some double-sided tape or sticky material and stick the shoes right on top of it. Ooh! Careful there! Looks like Vicky’s gonna start her morning off on the wrong foot. Literally. Remember, if you’re pranking next to a sleeping friend, you’ve gotta be extra quiet! Don’t forget to stick both slippers there, Helly! Alright, here goes nothing! Well, good morning, Vicky! Did you get enough beauty rest? No time to sleep in, it’s up and at ‘em for you! Geez, I feel parched. Glad I put this glass of water here last night. Mmm, yeah, that’s the stuff. Alrighty, lemme slip on these guys and get goin’. Woah, why aren’t I going? No!! I’m goin’ down! Needless to say, if that glass of water didn’t wake you up, that fall sure did the trick. Helly!!!! For this prank, all you need is a regular old ball point pen. And a mustache, apparently. Now very quietly, find your way to the toilet paper. Start unraveling it a bit, about 8 or so squares down. Now using your best drawing skills, sketch out a dark spider right there on the paper. Wow, Helly! Who knew you had a hidden talent for drawing creepy crawlers! Perfect! Poor Vicky, she has no idea she’s about to have have a heart attack right there on the toilet! Woah!!! Spider!!!! No!!!! This is the perfect prank for your fellow arachnophobic friends. Oh man! Why’d I have to throw it all the way over there?! Worst day ever! No April Fool’s Day would be complete with out a good old fashioned snake prank, am I right? Freak out your family or roommates by dropping one of these rubber bad boys into a sink full of dirty dishes. Epic. Yes! I’d love to watch another episode of The Office! Thanks, Netflix! Oh, it’s Vicky. Dish duty? Way to be a buzz kill, Vicky! Oh, so that’s what a week’s worth of dishes looks like. No better time than the present, I guess. Alright, one plate down! Ohh, what’s that? How’d a snake get into our dirty dishes?! I’m never washing dishes again! Oooh! Whatcha got there, Helly? Nothing says good morning like a box of fresh pastries and a cup of joe! Oh man, my mug’s empty! Before I go fill it up, I’d better make sure no one snags one of my tasty treats while I’m gone. This outta keep Vicky’s sticky fingers off my grub! I’ll just stick that on there and be right back. Uh oh, here comes trouble – I mean, Vicky! Ooh! What’s this? Does Helly seriously think I’d steal her box of food? Oh, I’ll show her what it really means to mess with her food. See this mayonnaise here? This stuff goes great with pastries, right? Let’s do this. For this prank, take the lid off the mayo, mustard, or whatever you want to use, and suck a bunch of it up with a food syringe. Fill ‘er up, girl! Now for the fun part. Very carefully, pick up one of the puffy pastries And gently stab it with the tip of the syringe and push the mayo on through. Oh gosh, this is gonna be so gross. Put it back the same way so no one suspects anything! Do the same thing to all four pieces. Quick! Helly’s coming back! Ooh! Be sure hide that mayo where she won’t see it! Oh, fancy seeing you here, Helly! Okay…? Wait a sec… Okay, they’re still all there Well, may as well have one! Oh ya, take a big bite… Oh gosh, I can hardly watch! Boom! Instead of sugary goodness, Helly just got a mouth full of mayonnaise! Can someone give the poor girl a glass of water?! I gotcha!! My mouth is so full I can’t even yell at her! Ugh! And here ya go, two orders of burgers and fries. Where on earth is Vicky? She should be here by now! Aw, man. Whatever. Well, if she isn’t gonna be here for a few minutes… If you wanna teach your friend not to be late, this little trick is definitely one they won’t forget. Take the straw from their drink and pierce in a packet of ketchup. Then put the whole thing right back in the cup. It’s the easiest April Fool’s prank ever, right? Now all we have to do is wait for the show! Oh boy, here comes Vicky! Act natural, act natural. Hey! So sorry I’m late. Traffic was awful. Thanks for ordering! I’m so hot from running in! Ugh! And out it goes. Ugh, Helly! How could you do that to me! That old man over there did it! What? Oh, I’m gonna get you, Helly! What’s this? New wall art? Not quite. This next prank is a real doozie. Print a big picture of a bug like this, and cut it out. Make sure to cut close to the outline – any white will give it away. Ah, perfect! Yikes! Did you see that? Scare your friends to their very core by hiding one of these paper bugs just behind a lamp shade in their room. And here comes our victim, Vicki, in her jammies and ready to hit the hay. Say, Vicki? It’s a little dark in here. Wahhh!! COCKROACH!!! Die, bug! Die! Oh, is it gone yet? If that thing doesn’t get out of my room, I’m moving out! Hey there’s nothing wrong with enjoying a little cocktail now and then. Hey, it’s gotta be 5 o’clock somewhere, right? Aw man, I’m done already! What’s a girl gotta do to get another drink around here? Today is rough, man. Oh hey there, Helly? Looking for another one of these? Here! We can share it! Okay, great, thanks! Mmm! Yup, that definitely hit the spot, thanks, Vicky! Just one thing – you were drinking whatever was coming out of my mouth! Sure – wait, what? Oh god, I think I’m gonna be sick! Haha! Oh man, that was just too easy. This next prank is super easy – it just requires a little bit of prep. On a piece of glass, like the one in this frame, pour your glue on it in a squiggly, blob kind of shape. And don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be perfect. And don’t forget to fill in any holes – you want a solid piece. Beautiful! Now very slowly, start to peel the glue off the glass surface. When it comes off it should look something like this! Oooh, looks like some alien gel or something. Okay, here’s the fun part. While your friend is in the bathroom, place this dried glue piece right onto their computer keyboard. Close the screen shut so they don’t see it right away. This next part is important! Put an empty glass of milk just beside the computer so that it looks like it spilled onto it. Um, Helly? Did your cat knock over this glass of milk while you were away? Oh no, please tell me it didn’t spill onto my computer! Oh god! I’ve gotta wipe this up! Huh? What’s going on? Wait a sec, this is just a fake milk splash! And why do I feel like Vicky is behind this….? Ready for some epic bloopers! You’ve earned ‘em! The 123Go wants to wish you a Happy April Fool’s Day! We hope these pranks freak out your friends like they did us. 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