8 Ways To Create Sexual Tension With A Girl – Attract Her And Turn Her On With These Tips!

8 Ways To Create Sexual Tension With A Girl – Attract Her And Turn Her On With These Tips!

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  1. That "you want me mindset" is an absolute game changer, I've done it on different occasions without realising and my confidence increased in the moment, and your overall appearance changes, it's actually crazy

  2. if you are actually learning from this, you are a fucking idiot. this is common knowledge. WTF man, how stupid would you have to be to not know this. I was really looking for a pro.

  3. I'm enjoying your videos, this is a nice way to start off 2019 thank you!

  4. Understanding girls is more difficult than getting a PHD degree .

  5. …..fantastic!!… works….tried it…

  6. 5. You look like magnet

  7. Thanks bro! I just got out from jail

  8. I like to eat 🙂

  9. be there = be present

  10. This is like Gatis Kandis 's sexy twin

  11. All this bloody waste for me, I am just bored studying that is why watching this BS. ?

  12. the D.E.N.N.I.S. system is key

  13. The thumbnail is disturbing

  14. I can't grab/touch a woman in the gym. I go to the gym 4 to 5 times a week. These women are only focused on working out. I've been going for a year now and have seen a few pretty or attractive girls. Some I've looked and smiled others even spoke to. I'm wondering if it because of the difference in nationality and race that's the problem?

  15. That silence combined with eye contact is fucking amazing! It really works

  16. why should i play on her rules, but not vise virsa??

  17. Would this work on a man?? ???

  18. Looking at the girls eyes really makes a great effort

  19. I'm a girl why am I here? Oh yeah because I have a girlfriend and I'm HELLA shy.

  20. #1 should be. Offer money. Works for me everytime

  21. but i dont want u! XD

  22. How to create sexual tension?
    Me: whip out meat scepter!

  23. 0:22.. Its the most dochiest way of saying "undochy way" I've ever heard ??

  24. When you put introductions in your video it's like taking a big shit and showing your audiences ffs

  25. Stephan Erdman = Steph a nerd man


  27. Try 10 different women. And ask each one this. Want to go home and have the best sex ever!

  28. Are you Doctor bro?????

  29. I went on a date last week, we said hi, then because I didnt want to break the silence, we stared at each other for two an a half hours until she got up and left without saying a word.

  30. This guy gotta a fanny

  31. Just be yourself but spare the details…

  32. its all depends on your look..

  33. Being calm is key

  34. I don't want to Create Sexual Tension,
    I want to Release it !

  35. The 8 way did happened with me but i realy wonna now what to do cuz i realy didnent try it before u can say im new in this stuff is there any way to contact with u to tell me how

  36. Please write the topics thanks

  37. Women will kick u r ass if u apporch like this

  38. you cut a loud fart when your around her and act like you enjoy smelling it.. she would be ready to rape you..

  39. 1. have my face
    2. have my face
    3. have my face
    4. have my face
    5. have my face
    6. have my face
    7. have my face
    8. have my face

    sexual tension maximum strength achieved

  40. 8 points of fuckery…..fat wallet hard dick……thats it

  41. Please blend your foundation into your neck!!

  42. Dude is so full of shit..probably never had pussy..sounds like he's reading books called how to get laid while still living at home with mom…..what works? confident,have some game and what I found works for me..make them laugh..and don't be cheap…your gonna pay for it one way or another…

  43. i tried creating sexual tension but all she kept saying was “get out of my room!” and “Im going to call the police!”

    3/10 advice

  44. Stop the mother fucking Scott jack commercial

  45. Fucking Stop with the Scott ads assholes

  46. it’s disgusting to create sexual tension if you don’t know if the other person is okay with it though. if someone touched my shoulder because they want to create sexual tension i’d just flinch and feel disrespected. idk how this ended up in my recommend but ew

  47. i turned so much gayer while watching this

  48. Can anyone plzz tell me the music at the intro???

  49. Show her your 9 inches dick…instant turn on ??

  50. Create sexual tension? Show her your sex organ ???..presto !

  51. Ok wow that “you want me” mind set is so powerful!

  52. I wanna be friends with a girl too gimme head

  53. Guys the push and pull and the eye contact will drive a girl crazy for you and make her want you very badly. (Speaking from experience)

  54. Probably doesn't help to have this video playing while you're talking to the girl does it and repeating what he's saying and looking back n' fourth from the phone to her?

  55. Have a fat wallet..

  56. And #11 Child Support.

  57. Drug spot wae? a sellout

  58. accidentally by accident…
    Ok! Got it!!

  59. I can never create any sexual tension because I am more used to porn than to girls really. Porn is faster, cheaper, and better sex experience.

  60. 1. Establish touch early
    2. Strong eye contact
    3. Really be there
    4. Don't ruin the mystery
    5. You want me mindset
    6. Be the leader
    7. Push and pull
    8. Enjoy the silences



  61. Chennai 28 movie music omg

  62. fuck her friends, better than you fuck her

  63. Make her wonder if you really have a penis or not.

  64. Wow ! You're on top of topic. Very elaborate n clear. Thanks

  65. Actually can attract any girl naturally just you only have to be in reality

  66. That 'you want me' section of the video had me cracking up.

  67. Very interesting

  68. Love it thank you

  69. Search: Aj prank……and learn how he makes every girl fall in love…

  70. He uses his 3 on his fingers like a German……he would have been a better choice in the bar in Inglorious Bastards.

  71. A girl repeated those words to me, but she added a few more…"I want you…TO SHUT UP!!!" 🙁

  72. Say get your clothes off an get on your knees!

  73. Dope knowledge, thanks.

  74. Great! Now I can use this on that girl in math class!

  75. Remember bros from other mothers, Fuck boys cant exist if there are no leg spreaders ! /peace

  76. Rape rape RAPE….

  77. "To be there" all you have to do is think of her as an actual human being who has a life and interests you want to know about.

  78. Don't end up in Prison

  79. If you Gay,Bisexual or a Transsexual,how
    would you attract a girl.

  80. Too much BULLSHIT, CHARLIE…I'm NOT in the mood for a geek seminar. I'm over THE HILL, and l JUST broke up with a 25yr old babe. I wanna sleep for a YEAR….L8TR✌

  81. No nut November boys

  82. its all about the eye-game

    with your eyes you can tell a story…. your eyes speak speak during the silent moments, use your eyes for push and pull…… ITS ALL IN YOUR EYES

  83. Stephan u r d best couch ever.

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