9 Genius DIY Life Hacks Plus The Best New Art Challenge You Need To Know How To Do

– Let’s see if it turned purple. – [Both] Three, two, one. – You challenged us to
make a purple watermelon. – First step is to cut a hole in the top. – My thing’s like all bendy right now, I can’t get it in right. – Ah-hah. Got it. – All right, next step,
we gotta get the cabbage. Three, two, one, just like that. All right.
– Whoa. Now, don’t do this at home, and if you do, make sure you have someone to help you out who’s more experienced. Just gonna chop ’em up a little bit more, because you gotta chop ’em up very finely, that’s very important for this hack. So like this, here.
– I got some in my eye. – And the crazy thing is
the cabbage actually acts as a natural food coloring. – Wait, is it gonna
taste like cabbage, now? – Oh, I didn’t even think about that. Cabbage-flavored watermelon? – Ugh.
– That doesn’t sound too good. – I hope not. – I’ve been watching a lot of chef shows, I think I got the technique down. It’s all in the wrist, man. – It is?
– Yep. Just wrist. – What chef shows are you watching? – It’s all of ’em. – Yours looks very chopped up. – Yeah, it’s smelling like
a cabbage in here right now. And it’s time to make the food coloring. Next step, we gotta add it all to my pan, so here we go. Just gonna pop it in
here like this, perfect. Next, we’re gonna add water in, and then we’re gonna let
it boil for 15 minutes. Cabbages are all boiled down. Oh, that stinks, bro. Let’s mix it up. Whoa, dude, it turned
blue as it melted down. – [Both] Whoa. – That’s pretty crazy. – That’s pretty pungent. Just gonna dump it in, you ready? Three, you already going? Okay. – Yeah, I’m going.
– Here we go. Oh, my gosh, dude, it’s actually purple. – Oh, yeah.
– I’m losing cabbages. What, did you get some cabbage in there? – I’m losing cabbage.
– Oh, no, I lost some cabbage. – It’s crazy how blue it’s turned. – Now, time to transfer
it to our glass jars. So, Devan, this is really
where it comes down to skill, because you cannot spill it. I’m gonna pop this on top, because, Devan, I don’t trust myself. Three, two, one. Okay, it’s going in. Oh, I spilled it, I spilled it, no. Yo, I spilled it and it got on me, bro. – I spilled a little, too. – All in all, not too bad. Time to add it to the watermelon. Now it’s time to see if
this will actually turn it into a different color. So here we go. Got some turkey basters. Let’s see if this actually turns blue within the turkey baster itself. – [Both] Oh! – I got it, I got it. – It’s so purple.
– What do we do next? – All right, now we
just go here in the top. Stick it in a little bit, there we go. On the count of three,
we’re gonna dispense. Here we go, one, two, three. Is yours going anywhere?
– No. – Maybe we should remove
it a little bit, and then– – [Both] Oh! – It’s overflowing a bit. – And all the way, boom, to the top. The real question is, is it going to work? But more importantly, will it make the watermelon taste funny? We’ll be trying that at
the end of the video. You challenged us to do the
shaving cream art challenge. And right now, I’m gonna
fill up my slate right here. So this is kinda my canvas. Devan, how’s yours going? – It’s going fantastic. It’s like a picture frame. – I can help you out
if you need some help. – Nope, no, no, no, no, I’m good. – All right, here we go. Just gonna use a little bit
of a squeegee thing, here. So it’s where you’re gonna
try to flatten off the top. I have an idea. You’re creating a boring,
flat piece of artwork. I’m gonna create a 3D sculpture artwork. You ain’t never seen that before. – I feel like I’m shaving
the largest square face in the world. Dude, this reminds me of a zen garden. – Mine reminds me of a mosh pit. – Oh, man, this is a
difficult medium, bro. Wow.
– Here’s what’s so funny about mine, bro, look at this. It’s so jiggly. This is the pyramid of shacreama. Oh, snap, dude, I’m
gonna use these straws, just like this, to actually
put the color into the middle, of mount shakira. – Dude, look at this. – And dude, I have such a good idea. – Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. – What?
– Careful. – I’m sorry. These straws are going to allow me– – Dude! What did I just tell you? – They’re gonna allow me to
implant the food coloring– – Dude! You just bumped me again! – Here we go, so we’re just
gonna put these in here, like this. Let’s get some food coloring. I’m gonna add some drops
of yellow down here. And last, but not least,
we’ve got red right here. So we’re just gonna add that in. And now that there’s food
coloring all in the middle of mount shacreama, it’s time
to add some on the outside. So just gonna add a couple little drops. Here we go, one, two. I gotta add one over here. So we’re just gonna go drop– Oh, that was a lot of green. Oops. Yellow, drawing right down
the center, just like this. A whole stream of yellow,
going right down like that. – Wow.
– There we go. (playful music) – All right, time to set
my shaving cream art. – And as you do that, it’s
time to make my art over here. So now is the moment
I’ve been waiting for, time to mix it all up. So here we go. Shockingly, I don’t really
have an eye for this. You know what, I’m gonna
remove the straws first. Oh. Oh! – Ooh, it’s working, it’s working. – You think yours is working,
bro, check out mine, bro. Time to get in here with the hands and really make some great-looking art. – Look at your hands, dude. – Oh, no! Here we go, just gotta weegee,
weegee, weegee, weegee. Now I got a piece of
paper to complete my art, so here we go. (crackly thumping) Now we gotta let it sit, and
you get to comment down below, whose art do you think turned out better? We’ll be doing the reveal of these at the end of the video. You challenged us to make the
weirdest DIY candles ever. So right now, let’s go. First up, we gotta shred
some candles, so just like– – Whoa, hey now.
– Oh, man. I gotta–
– I’m using a cheese grater. – Look at this, bro, it looks so good. – Don’t try this at home, and if you do, make sure you have someone
who’s very experienced helping you out, because this is not easy. Here we go. Yo, wait a minute, bro, this works. Look at this.
– Wow. – Dude, this is innovation at its finest, right here, bro. – How? Dude, I need that. All right, next up, I’m
gonna use this knife here, to kinda take off a bit of the edges. – The thing is, you’ve got a curved blade. Why would you have a curved blade when you have eight these things? All right, I’m just gonna stick
this on top, and then twist. Yo, dude, mine’s kinda
like a windmill in a way. It’s like, whee. – [Both] Oh. – That’s way too– Whoa. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
– What, what? – You almost lost all my progress. – I’m sorry. Three, two, one, scoop– Ah! Man, these are tough candles, bro, dude. – I know, man. I think you’re losing more
than you’re gaining, bro. – Why would you do it on
the edge of the table, when you can do it on a glass jar? – It worked!
– That’s not a smart idea. If you could name your wick,
there, what would you name it? – John.
– Yeah! We’ve got the wax shaved down. – Really, dude?
– Oh my gosh. All right, now it’s time to melt it. Before we can add the
hot wax into the gloves, we need to cut little
holes in the fingertips. Thread the wick through
those little holes, and then tape them together. Basically you have to spread the glove out across the top opening of this bottle. So here we go. I’m almost there. – Ooh, I got it, I got it, I got it. – Did you get it? Okay, there we go. We’ve got the hot wax, and
do not try this at home. We’re gonna be extremely
careful right now. We’re gonna pour the wax in, ready? Three, two, one. First five-second subscribe challenge. We wanna see if you can
subscribe to this channel, and turn on the channel post
notifications in five seconds. Are you ready? Here we go. – [Both] Five, four, three, two, one. Done. – And if you can do
that, comment down below, Keyper Squad, right now. Here we go, three, two, one. – [Both] Oh. – Okay, right there, boom, that is it. – Whoa, dude, look at mine. I actually added crayons in it. So if you wanna color
it, you can add crayons. Time to add my last bit, here. – [Both] Oh! – Dude, the precision, yes! I feel like a puppet-master right now. Dude, if this works, this will be crazy. We’ll be trying these
at the end of the video. Next up, we’re turning an
orange into a juice bottle. – All right, first step is done. – That’s the wrong first step, though, you’re supposed to
tenderize it first, Devan. – Do what? – I’m actually really surprised, because tenderizing it
brings out a ton of juices, I did not expect that. – Dude, yeah, I mean, look at mine. There’s actually some juice already. – All right, here we go, let’s just. – It’s a spatula? – I don’t know, it’s
like, to flip your orange. All right, here we go, three,
two, one, mid-air catch. – [Both] Oh! – What? – [Both] Oh! Oh! – Three times! Oh. All right, done with these steps, now it’s time to cut off
the top of the bottle. – As you do that, time to
cut off the top of my orange, and see how juicy it is on the inside. Ow!
– Whoa. – Not as bad as lemon juice in the eye, but still, orange juice
in the eye is not fun. Boom, it’s out, we got the little stem. Let’s see how juicy it is, here we go. Let’s squeeze. – Yeah. – Lemme see yours?
– Yeah. – Oh, wow. Time for me to follow in your footsteps, and cut off the top of the bottle. – I gotta sneeze. – Put the orange under your nose, it’ll actually help you not sneeze. – That actually worked. All right, now it’s
time to put this top on, just like this. – We’ve got some hot glue,
we’re gonna be very careful, and do not try this at home. Time to seal the bottle
cap onto the orange. You know what, I think mine
is actually going pretty well. All right, the tops are glued on. – And dude, I think mine
looks way cooler than yours. – Yeah, but mine is gonna
work way better than yours, so right now, it’s time
to go test them out. This one, we’re turning
slime into an eraser. Oh, dude, we’re kinda making oobleck. You gotta be super
careful, because this stuff will just go crazy all of a sudden. All right, next I’m
trying to mix it around. And I’m actually curious if this is gonna create oobleck or not. Oh, boy. A pinch of baking soda, just like this. – All right.
– Maybe the baking soda is what actually turns
this into the eraser? Ironically, I’m gonna use
a pencil to mix it up. – Yours is a lot more
finely mixed than mine is. – And now, for the final step,
we gotta add the activator. So, we’re gonna take this off, oh, man. – You’re on the final step, already? – I’m already on the final step. This is actually very unusual,
that I’m beating you on this. Yours looks all chunky and funky. Time to go in with the hands, here we go. Just gonna scoop it around. Oh, man. – I should’ve rolled up my sleeves. This might not be an eraser,
but it turns into slime. – And it feels like oobleck, like, it has that same kind of,
like, sandy feeling, almost. I don’t know how to describe it. Ah, see, here’s the issue. I don’t have enough
activator in it right now, because it’s just all
sticking to my hands. – It’s like dough, bro. – What if I dip it into the activator? Just gonna dip it in,
and we’ll pull it out. Here we go, dip it in, pull it out. Okay, there we go.
– I need some of that, I need some of that. Oh, I wanted to add food coloring, bro. – Oh, you haven’t added food coloring? – I gotta do it. – You gotta do that real quick, bro. It’s like dough, you
can just stretch it out. But you do not wanna break it. – The blue isn’t mixing in. – Since yours is blue,
I’m gonna make mine red. So we’re gonna put some red
food coloring in it, here. Gonna kind of let it drip down. Oh, no. I’m losing control. – This really does feel like an eraser. – Mine looks kinda like a rose, right now. Like a weird white rose
that’s somewhat red. All right, here we go. At long last, time to fold
in the last little piece, right here, boom. All right, and now we can
actually mix in freedom. It’s much cooler than
making the whole thing red, because it’s gonna be all marbled and red. I wonder if it bounces. Dude, see if it bounces. – Oh, oh, are you ready? Three, two, one. – [Both] Oh! – This is like, three things at once. It’s an eraser, allegedly,
it’s also a bouncy, and it’s like a squishy,
because you can just squish it, and it’s so satisfying. – It’s also a discus. – All right, now it’s
time to write on the paper and see if it will really erase it. I’m gonna choose a colored pencil, this might throw it all off. – And I’m gonna try a non-colored pencil. – I shouldn’t choose the color red, because that’s the exact
same color as my slime. We’ll go green, here we go. Gonna do a little happy face. – Oh, I’m also gonna do a happy face. – You can clearly tell
where my pancake art skills come from. There we go, my dude, look at him. He’s very, very, very. We got the erasers, and
the real question is, is it actually going to work. And we’ll be testing this
at the end of the video. You challenged us to turn a hair dryer into a vacuum cleaner. So right now, let’s go. – [Both] Hey! – All right.
– High five. – Oh, oh, oh. Now it’s time to create
the back of my vacuum. – And now it’s time to secure
my vacuum bag in place. I don’t know really what it’s called, but basically this is the
thing that’s gonna catch all the little particles over here. You’re only using one scissors,
I’ve got two scissors. Do not try this at home,
especially not with a hair dryer. – That seems to be doing
a lot more destruction than actual cutting. – All right, I’m just gonna hot glue this. Again, do not do this at home. And the issue is, mine’s kinda all jagged from the way that I cut it. Now we’re just gonna
have to line the inside. – All right, now it’s time
to add it to the back, here. – Here we go, just gonna
put it on, like that. – Nice.
– Oh, I smeared the glue. It feels pretty air-tight
to me, how about yours? – Yep, mine’s air-tight. – These actually look– Let’s just turn ’em on really
quick to see what happens. Ah, it’s like a little sock
puppet dude, hey, what’s up? The vacuums are made,
and the real question is, is this thing really gonna work? We’ll be testing it at
the end of the video. And right now, we’re on to the next one. Now that is a lot of
gum stuck on your jeans. – Oh, no. It is not coming off. – Take some ice cubes. Just put ice cubes on top of
this, it’ll freeze the gum, and allow you to peel it off effortlessly. All right, I think it’s frozen enough, so here it is, the moment of truth. Let’s see if this works, you ready? Gonna give it a little
peel, right over here. – [Both] Oh! – This side is started, let’s try to get up this side over here. The back side is coming up. Dude.
– How is this possible? – It’s coming up. Okay, so we got off this
little bit over here. – Nice.
– Okay, like, it’s not all the way frozen. So maybe we just haven’t
waited long enough yet. But, we waited a long time. This took, like, ten minutes. – We need more ice. – I got a little mini spatula, let’s see if this helps at all. So I wanna see if we can
just push off some of it, like this. – I don’t know if this is
necessarily a win, yet. – Oh, look at that. That’s a big chunk at once. I’m actually happy this is working, because now we can get
this off your pants. – My pants?
– Yeah, these are your pants. You didn’t recognize ’em? – Why would you grab my pants? – Well, because they’re new,
and you haven’t worn ’em yet, and I thought you probably
don’t know if you like ’em. Let’s try to do an alternative
solution, right now. Excuse me, here we go. – Whoa, whoa, whoa, dude,
those are my new pants. – I know, but I can’t have you going out with gum on your pants. Well, you know what, dude? I think this hack actually works. So, you get to comment down below, do you think this is
actually a win or a fail? You challenged us to
use an iron for cooking. I’m gonna be making a
whole bunch of egg dishes. – And I’m making a
grilled cheese sandwich. Dude, I wonder if I can toast my bread. – I got some steam on it. – Whoa, whoa, I didn’t want
some steamed bread, dude. – Why not?
– You don’t want soggy bread. – Dude, I don’t know if
I’m doing this right. – It just made it flat. – Three, two, one, there we go, oh. – Oh, it’s actually working. All right, doing the other side. – Nice. All right, gonna make a sunny side up egg. Now, it’s time to add the iron. Oh, I wonder if I could cook it like this? Dude, it’s low-key cooking
the egg up a little bit. – Whoa. I wonder what this button does? – Whoa. – I’m not gonna press that
button again, all right. Three, two, one. Three second like challenge. We wanna see if you can like
this video in three seconds. Are you ready? Here we go. – [Both] Three, two, one, done. – Here we go, three, two, one. Oh.
– Dude. – I can hear it sizzling. It smells like, it smells burnt. Yo.
– Oh, look at that. Dude, it worked. Dude, that did not work. – Oh, it’s like all caked on, too. – All right, it has passed the toast test. The toast test works, with the irons. – I’m gonna get my eggs off of here. And if you ever use an
iron, be very careful, and never use it for the purposes that we’re using it for. – I got it.
– Balance is on point, okay. – I got it. No, no, no, no, no. This is not a sandwich,
this is sunny side up. When have you steamed your sunny side up? All right, as you do that, I’m gonna make some scrambled eggs, so I’m just gonna put that over there. But first, I’m gonna
try to make an omelet. So here we go, oh. – Gonna be a very shelly omelet. This is taking way longer than I expected. – Well, yeah, it’s just cooking, bro. Set this off to the side, and let’s just add in
a whole bunch of eggs. – Well, we have a problem. I didn’t use any Pam, so
this is thoroughly stuck. – Come on, Devan, what’s
the first thing you learn when cooking with an iron? You use Pam. – I’ve never done this before, man. Oh, oh. – Dude.
– Sunny side up. – Dude, you’re so close,
dude, the suspense. – Yes!
– Oh! No way.
– Expertly made sunny side up. Piece of bread, down. Gonna grab a bunch of cheese. Now, I put this piece of
bread on top like this. Nicely done. Now I’m gonna wrap this up
in the tin foil, like this. – Oh no!
– Dude, did you get it on you? – I got it on my merch. No! All right, I’m gonna clear
out the shells right now. – Use some steam. – Life hack, if you don’t have a spatula, you can use your hands
to make scrambled eggs. – There is no way I’m eating that. Uh-uh. – So here we go, gonna
grab some cheese in here. Just sprinkle this in, I fee
like an artist, right now. – Very pretty – All right, I’m making the
perfect batch of scrambled eggs. – How does it feel? – It feels kind of like
slimy from the eggs, but then there’s this weird,
kind of rubbery texture from the cheese. – All right, I’m gonna flip mine over and see how this works. – All right, so here we go, let’s just steam this thing up. Whoa, look at that, man. Here we go, three.
– Two, one. – Oh. – Can you hear it sizzling? Oh, it’s working, for
sure, dude, you hear that? – Yep. Steam it. – You gotta give me some sort of warning. I even did it myself, and it scared me. Dude, look at it, it’s
bubbling, it’s bubbling. – Ugh. – Dude, this is like,
low-key actually working, and I did not think it would, bro. This is so cool. And the real question, is
how is this gonna taste? That face says it all.
– Not great. – It’s actually turning
into scrambled eggs. Like, if you look at the consistency, like, it’s turning into
scrambled eggs, man. This is so cool. Oh, snap. All right, well I’m gonna
be finishing this up, and at the end of the video, I will be eating my scrambled eggs. – And we’ll find out if
this thing actually worked. – And if it tastes good,
so stick around for that. And right now, we are on to the next one. You challenged us to turn a
lemon into a spray bottle, so right now, let’s go. Before we can stick the
sprayer into the lemon, we need to tenderize the
lemon to get the juices out. So, here we go. – Really massage it, you know. – I can almost hear the
juices, hold on, hold on. Sounds like the ocean in there, man. – It is smelling super zesty in here, bro. – Oh, most definitely, man. It’s kinda what I expected, though. My lemon is tenderized
enough, and now it’s time to cut off the top, and
the DIY is almost done. This one is super easy. But the real question
is, is it going to work? All right, here we go,
time to stick it in. Ow! Oh, man, that hurt. – Dude.
– Oh, my gosh. We’ll be doing this in just a little bit, and right now, we’re on to the next one. We’ve got all the hacks, and now it’s time to test them out to see if they actually work. Do not try this at home. – [Both] Ready? Set, go! Turn it on, let’s see if it works. – [Both] Oh! – Dude. No way
– This is crazy. Bro, okay, I wish I had
a much smaller quantity, but you can see it in here. Dude, it totally worked. All right, here is the art
work, it is time to reveal it. I think mine’s gonna look amazing. What we have to do now is
just peel all of this off. – [Both] Three, two, one. – Super-satisfying, go for it. And we have a huge announcement. You’ve been asking for it,
and we’re doing a live stream. – How do they watch the live stream? – It’s super easy, all you have to do is become a member of our
brand new Keyper Club. And when you become a member, you’ll get exclusive access
to merch discount codes, custom emojis, loyalty
badges that show how long you’ve been a member for,
and exclusive content you can’t see anywhere else. And you might be thinking,
this is gonna cost more than $20 a month. But no! – $19.99! – No, man, it’s only $4.99. – Wait, what? Only $4.99? Dude, are you sure? – Absolutely, so click the
top link in the description to claim your membership, and join the Keyper Club right now. – [Both] Oh! – No, don’t get it on mine. – Whoa, whoa, whoa. I’m sorry, I’m sorry. – Bro, this is so satisfying. That looks so good. Nicely done, oh, the Lego
guy, from the Lego Movie. You get to comment down below, who made better shaving cream art. We’ve got the hand
candles, and first of all, we’ve got to remove the gloves. Whoa, first of all,
look on the inside, bro. It’s like, super fragile. – Tada! They look like little sausage fingers. Look at that. – The thumb is the most difficult part, because if I can get it off the thumb, ah. – Did you break it? – Not yet, we’re good. Just take it like this, perfect. Okay. – Yours looks really cool. – Gonna set this down, and
we’re gonna cut off the wicks, because they’re too far away, so the candle would never
get close to the fingers. – [Both] Three, two, one. – I’m gonna start with the
thumb, first, here we go. – I’m gonna start with this finger. Oh, no, we cut ’em too short. – No, no, no, there we
go, my thumb’s on, okay. – Come on, come on, come on, come on. – There we go.
– You can do it. Yes.
– There we, eh. Yeah, but, no, yours, yours, right now. Lemme help you out, lemme help you out. – Oh, this thumb is stubborn. – Yes!
– Yes! – Dude, so this actually works. This is a complete win. Oh, oh, no, I blew out one of the fingers. All right, we’ve got the lemon sprayers, and we’re gonna test them out. Yo, dude, I just thought about it, this is gonna spray out like this. So if you miss your aim, you
could hit your eye very easily. All right, here we go. Ready, set, go. Ah! – What? What, what, what? – It worked. – Dude, mine didn’t work. Dude, what did you do differently? – I don’t know, I really
didn’t do anything different, I don’t think. Well, maybe I did it a
little bit different. – Oh, wait, wait, wait. – [Both] Oh! – I saw it,
– I got it. – there was a little bit that came out. – Now it doesn’t work. Yes. – So, this actually worked, and right now, we’re on to the next one. So, my scrambled eggs are cooked. We got a sunny side up egg. Here we go, time to take
our first little bit. So I’m gonna use my knife here,
in a very civilized manner. Yo, mine’s like, weirdly
stringy and gooey. Well, maybe it’s actually the iron itself, like maybe the iron did
something goofy to it. – This really worked.
– Yeah, it did. I just wanna say, this iron was brand new, and only used for the cooking of this. And do not use an iron for cooking, it is not the way it’s meant to be used. So, right now, three. – [Both] Two, one. I don’t wanna do this. – You know, it actually tastes the same. – I don’t know how to describe it. It’s like, gooey, gushy, and disgusting. – Next up, we got these orange bottles. – And to very carefully unscrew the top. Here we go, three. – [Both] Two, one. That’s it? Wait, wait, wait. – Oh.
– Oh. – Squeeze it, more comes out. That’s kinda interesting. – Mine’s kinda leaking.
– Oh, no. No, the cap fell off of mine. But your cap is staying in? – Yeah. – Lemme see if I can just
kind of juice it, like this. Oh.
– Mine’s leaking, though, but yeah. – All right, this one
was definitely a fail. I guess we’re on to the next one. We’ve got the slime erasers, and now, let’s actually see if these work. What is the ideal shape,
you think, for this? – I don’t know, it’s
like a kneaded eraser. – A what? Like, you need an eraser? – What? No. – If you’re gonna go for a thinner one, I’m just gonna go for a giant chunk of it. All right, here we go, ready? – [Both] Set, go. – Oh!
– No way! – It actually works. – Dude, it works on the
colored pencil, too, bro. – No way. – It’s not fully gone,
but it is totally working. Oh, my gosh. I cannot believe this worked. Comment down below, what color
eraser do you wanna make? And right now, we’re on to the next one. Let’s see if it turned purple. – [Both] Three, two, one. – Oh, my gosh.
– What? – Why is it not purple? – Wait, did you grab the wrong one? – I grabbed the wrong watermelon. Let’s go grab the right one, but. – How did you do that? – It still tastes good. I’ve got the right melon, and dude, you can already tell it’s
getting colored on the inside. – Dude, I know, I can’t wait
to see the inside of this, bro. – The real question though, is has it made its way all
the way through the melon, to color the whole thing? Best way to find out is
to cut a little slice out of the side of it. All right, we’re gonna cut out the slice, and if you do this at home, be very careful when using knives. Just gonna put it right here. Oh, man, it’s a little bit stuck. – I think I got it, I think I got it. – I’m gonna have more
of a watermelon square than I am actually a little slice of it. I gotta be honest. All right, time to stick
the craft sticks in it, and see if these actually
change colors, man. – Do you got it?
– No! All right, here we go with the big reveal. Time to see if it actually changed colors. Here we go. Three. – [Both] Two.
– Oh, wait. – Oh, yeah, if you wanna
win a 15 minute video call, with Devan and I, text the
word LIFE to 81800, right now. So pause the video, text
the word LIFE to 81800. You’ll automatically be entered in to win. And right now, let’s see
if this works, ready? Here we go. – [Both] Ready, set, go. Oh! – Dude, it worked. I can’t believe it. Dude, even on the inside,
and everything, dude. – All right, then.
– All right, here’s the real question, Devan. – Yeah?
– How does it taste? – Oh, no. – These are gonna taste
gross, like, just smell it. See how it smells.
– Ugh. Smells cabbage. – Does it smell good?
– No. – It smells like cabbage? Three. – [Both] Two, one. – That’s it? – Ugh. – Doesn’t taste good?
– Not really. – Does it kinda taste good? Maybe the flavors combining together? No? – Nope. – You get to comment down below. What is your favorite food we should use in a life hack video? Click over here if you
wanna see another video, you have five seconds. Here we go, five. – [Both] Four, three, two, one, done. – Love you.
– Bye. – This is not a carnival,
this is mount shaquana. I forgot the name again. Time to get in here with the hands and really make some great-looking art. So this is pure shaving cream. It feels like a cloud. – I would just do one of
the squeegees over the top, and be done. – Why use a squeegee when
you can use a hand-weegee? – Because it’s- ha. Look at that. – Does that look smea-yeah,
that looks smeared. – That looks really smeared. Look at your hand, dude. – Oh, no! Here we go, just gotta weegee,
weegee, weegee, weegee.

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