9 Things to Know Before Launching a Game on Steam (in 5 MIN)

9 Things to Know Before Launching a Game on Steam (in 5 MIN)

Now you want to publish the steam page for
your game. But do you know how to set up the steam page
efficiently? How to get approval quickly? Or when is the best time to publish your page? In this video, I will cover all these topics
in a couple of minutes. I will also share some FREE tools that I used
to set up the steam page. Make sure you stay to the end. Let’s get started. Hi everyone, this is Lee. Welcome back to the channel. If this is your first time here, I make weekly
videos about game development and programming. Please consider subscribing and turn on the
bell. Then you won’t miss my next episode. If you follow the channel, you know I published
my steam page last week after one year of learning game development in Unity. You can check the video on the right corner
for more details. It took me some time to set up the steam page
and finally release it on steam. If you know the following facts, you may be
able to set up the steam page quickly and efficiently. Before you can publish the steam page, you
need to get the Steamworks account ready. Simply go to this website and follow the instructions
to fill in your personal or company information. We need to pay the product submission fee,
which is $100 US dollars for each game. Then we can see these two checklists. One is for Store presence, which is about
how your steam page looks like. The other one is the Build checklist, which
is about your game installation. I think it is straightforward. Just keep in mind, you don’t need to finish
the game to publish the steam page. One of the benefits is that we can start marketing
our steam page during development. E.g., I can put the link on my social media. Then people who are interested in my game
can add it to the wishlist directly. If you are interested in a turn-based strategy
game, please support me by adding Dungeon Slayer into the wishlist. You can find the link in the description. Now you see what I am doing. One of the time-consuming tasks is that we
need to upload some graphical assets. One tip is that we need to make sure the size
of the image meets the requirement. E.g., if we need to upload the screenshot
for the game, we can see the size shall be like this: 1280 x 720 or 1920 x 1080. You can also check the text in red color for
more information. It takes some time to set up the steam page. So if you plan to release the game or page
on a specific date, you need to plan it well. If this is your first time to publish a game
or page, steam will review firstly. I got feedback from steam to fix the description
and size of the image. All I need to do is to follow the instruction
and make some changes accordingly. The review process takes around 1 or 2 days. I think steam response very quickly. Another thing I would like to share is that
the tools I used to set up the steam page. They are all free, or you can get the free
version. Instant high-res screenshot plugin. It is a FREE tool. The reason I like this tool is that I can
set the size for the screenshot and choose the camera in the scene. e.g., I have two cameras for my game. One is for the gameplay; the other one is
for the UI. When to capture the screenshot, I don’t want
to include the UI elements. Then I pass on the main camera. I found it is quite handy to get some good
screenshot. Another useful tool, or I have to say it is
a website, which is It provides a lot of functions to convert
a video clip into the gif file. Usually, the clip is around 3 – 5 seconds. You can also crop the image and reduce the
size. Just keep in mind, it will take longer to
load the steam page if the image file is too big. Once it is done, we can upload it and set
it to the description in this way. Now you can see an animated image on the steam
page like this: One more tip is that we can also set up a
community section, like the link for the discord server or youtube channel. We can set up an image and include the link
in this way: Once people click on it, it goes to our social
media or Discord server directly. I found it is quite helpful as well. If the page meets the guideline and requirement
from the review team, you will get approval from steam, which means it is ready to publish. If you have a demo or build available, you
may choose it as early access. Otherwise, you can uncheck it, publish it
as a steam page only. One tip is that you need to choose the right
time to publish the page. Then we can get more exposure. This is the link you can use to check how
many players on steam. We want to publish our game or page when it
is on peak hours. Another excellent resource I found on youtube
is the videos from the game development channel, named code monkeys. You can get the checklist before and after
releasing a game. You may not follow the same steps because
you may choose to publish the game yourself or through a publisher. But it is always good to know some other good
practices from an experienced game developer. I highly recommend that you watch those videos
before and after releasing your page or game. If you don’t know how to set up the steam
page for your game, don’t worry about it too much. One tip is that you can check the other games
which are similar to yours, then you can check their steam page and get some ideas. The easy way is that you can see the recommended
game on the bottom of your page. After we publish the game or page, we can
always update it based on feedback from the community. Do you have any good practices to publish
a game or steam page? Please leave a comment and let me know. Furthermore, you are welcome to join my discord
server to share your work as well. Currently, we have over 150 members there
who are interested in game development. I hope to see you there. As a developer, you know I always prefer to
spend time on game development rather than making videos. But if you like this video, I hope you can
support me by subscribing to the channel and turn on the notification. It will motivate me to make more videos. Thanks for watching, this is Lee. I will see you next time. 🙂

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