A Robot’s Guide to Sports | @Blawko22

A Robot’s Guide to Sports | @Blawko22

what’s up guys your favorite robot again…bbbllllllaaaawwkkooo
I know a lot of you guys have been wanting to know what I do when I’m not
flexing for the graaaaam well… I FUCK. I HAVE sex and I play sports. that’s right I’m a
robot but I’m a hundred and one million percent man passing the ball kicking the
hoop dribblin between the sticks running until I throw up this is block-o’s best sports basketball is my favorite sport I love
the way they dribble up and down the court they’re so fine dribble dribble
swoosh two points for our team or three if you’re far away from the basket teehee
I like basketball but like I wish sometimes it was just quiet so I can
hear what’s going on I wish it was quiet like golf you know us all you hear is
just EEE EE EEEEEE EEEE squeaks of the shoes and the swoosh and the basketball goes in and the *muah muh muhhh*
kissing when when the home team wins and the llllkppssjjjjjlllll yeah
golf golf was invented by the Tyler the Creator in the year 2017. Golf is the
only sport where you can smoke cigarettes drink alcohol do all kind of
drugs and still be great at it. you get to dress like a cross between like a
blind clown and a date rapist. golfers dress like Takashi six nines mouth. Tiger
Woods is a personal hero of mine he got his own brand of herpes called
jungle cat. golf dudes just like a butt plug Donald Trump would give his sons
for Hitler’s birthday golf is just the manliest sport by far you got your
friends you put some bright colors on you go out into God’s green nature
that’s been pre cleaned… people think of golf as like a white people sport but that’s
just not true it’s a RICH white people sport. if you shop at Walmart, you do
not play golf. they don’t let hobos hit the balls. t’would not be propah. let me
teach you all golf expressions so you know you’re not confused when you get
out there. a birdie is when you see a sexy-ass bird so you get too hard to golf.
dick too hard, gotta go home. handicap. in golf people would ask what’s your handicap that’s them asking what kind of drugs you took before you came
through. hole-in-one means you’re good to go. anally speaking your hole is in one piece and you’re ready for a day of golf. baseball guys baseball is America’s favorite sport so you know it’s racist I love baseball getting the first base second base touching on the bootie third
base you guys are lickin and suckin on each
other’s robot vaginas and lil cyber dicks. I GOT BOTH. you guys are making
sweet sweet love at home playing in front of the whole stadium. my favorite
team? that big fuckin tight ass. baseball is a great game to play you know if you’re tired. baseball was way better when they was using steroids. a lot of
you guys are probably too young to remember this but baseball used to not
be all whack as fuck like stuff used to actually happen. baseball is the original
meme. football. if you’re trying to ruin your life
real quick this is a sport for you you can get brain damage
day one playing football. that’s what we call getting faded. in Europe they call
soccer football which doesn’t even make sense.
football should be played with your hands. it’s all about expecting the
unexpected. if you’re trying to ruin your life real quick this is sport for you.
you can get brain damage just day fucking one. and that’s what we call getting faded. wait. FUCK chess. chess is the true measure of
mental fortitude. I don’t really have a lot of friends so sometimes I play
myself in chess I’ll selectively erase my consciousness
and its totality gradually learning all of the events of my life except for my
last move on the board allowing me to play myself with no idea what I just
fucking did sometimes these games can take thousands
of years but you know I got time which is why in order to play I usually have
to travel to the future wow man guys I can’t wait to get out
there and play. there’s so many fun games you know what guys I think this is my
favorite video I’ve ever made if you loved this video as much as I love
making it be sure to like it subscribe to my channel my body is piloted by a
little dog that lives in my chest named Maurice. BLAWKO OUT. yo I’m uh, I’m gay
dead-ass. it means i’m gay but kind of can we cut

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