A week in the life of a Film and Television student

A week in the life of a Film and Television student

Hello my name is Johnny I’m a first year
film and television production student at the University of York and today I’m going to talk you through what a week in my life looks like. Let’s go. Now Monday was a
very busy day for me first I have a lecture for my story module. The best
thing about lectures are the, I think the lectures themselves because they’re so
like knowledgeable and they have so much experience themselves that you can get
information you literally couldn’t get anywhere else. All our lectures take place in the Holbeck cinema which is inside the
TFTV building on campus East. It is a really nice place to have lectures in however it is up a lots of stairs so it does provide quite a workout. After that I went in to the Mac suite to help edit our first assigned film project. The assignment was to recreate a scene from the film Once Upon a Time in the West and I really enjoyed doing it. I went to my second lecture of the day for cinema history analysis once
I was finished I came home got something to eat and then went to play badminton in
the sports arena. I asked my friends to film me playing badminton however this
is all I got now Tuesday wasn’t quite as busy day for
me but I still had plenty to do I had two seminars both which took place in
the Piazza building on campus east my first seminars for the story module of
the course and we discuss the film your name and how it’s used its structure
affects our narrative we also did some final work compare review on our
formative assessments which had to be handed in for the module the next day
yeah the seminars are pretty great as well because we get to like directly
interact with the topics of the course and
and we get to talk about the films with other interested people in the second
seminar we discussed accident performance which really just made me
realize how bad my acting was in the film recreation we shot the week before
after that I then went along to a York student television our YSTV meeting. So YSTV gives students the opportunity to work on a whole range
productions and to really develop their skills in an informal setting so we got
whole range of professional equipment and you have the opportunity to work with all of that and to learn how to use stuff It’s also an opportunity to work in your own ideas andyour own shows and really to sort of get creative and carve your own path. On
Wednesday morning I submitted my assessment and went to my TV lecture followed by screenings because it means
when we’ve learnt all the things in the lectures we can watch the films and see how things
play out in like a real-life example and also the screenings open me up to
seeing films I might not have otherwise. In comparison to the rest of
the week Thursday was a lot quieter normally I have a seminar in the afternoon
however that moved to next week so instead I caught up on note so I’ve made up a
week. Now Friday is usually quite a quiet day as well as I normally only have a
screening on that day however this week I ended up volunteering at Aesthetica
Short Film Festival that was happening in York. I was notified about this
opportunity by the University through the film television Department weekly
newsletter it’s really useful to read as it provides a ton of extra-curricular opportunities that you can take part in outside of the course.
So there you have it that’s what a week in my life looks like I hope this video
has been informative to you and thanks for watching.

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