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– My family thinks they’ve
got this won. (laughs) – [Katie] Igloo! – [David] (mumbles) – L! – Oh no, L! What’s an L? – [Jake] Leopard! – Van! I said van. – [Audrey] Guys there is a triple, I can get all of them at once if Ty does not get me. – Hi guys, welcome back
to That YouTube Family – And we are the Adventurers. – And today we are going to play ABC Tag. So how this works is that
one player is going to be the person who is it, which is David! David’s the lucky winner. – Woooo. Alrighty. – Me? I’m so gonna win. – But David, when he goes to tag someone, we can all call out a
word that starts with the letter of the alphabet, so say he went to tag me
first, I call out Apple! Then he went to get Jake
and Jake would call out – Banana – [Katie] And then he goes after Audrey – Cat! – [Katie] And then Ty! – [Ty] Dog! – Okay so you just have to go down the letters of the alphabet. If we make it to Z we win. If David gets all of us
tagged and we’re frozen and we can’t get unfrozen, then we lose. To unfreeze someone you have
to go under that person’s legs – Oh no – in order to unfreeze them – So wait, Freeze Tag, ABC – [Katie] Yes, ABC Freeze Tag – ABC Freeze Tag – [Katie] That’s what we’re doing – Let’s do it. – Okay I’m gonna get you. We’ve
got some boundaries set up so we don’t run all over the Earth here, because you know I just like to keep the close family, right? Alright! – [Katie] So we have that tree,
to the sidewalk, that tree to the sidewalk so it
keeps our area small. Are you guys ready to play? – We’re ready! – [David] So ready – Before we get started
make sure you subscribe (energetic music) – All right guys, my family
thinks they’ve got this won. (laughs) My strategy is I’m going to get
them all corralled together, and so when one says something, I’ll immediately get the next person. – [Girl Voice] (screaming) And then the other one can’t get it because I’ll get them, and I’ve won it. That’s my strategy. – [Katie] Alrighty guys,
ready? Get set, go! (bell rings) – [Jake] Apple! – [Audrey] Banana! – [Ty] Banana – [Katie] What did he say? – He said bananas. He
can’t do the next letter. – [Katie] Oh, he did? – What? It’s apples and banana. – [Katie] Go under Audrey – (laughing) – [Jake] I’m frozen! – [Katie] He said banana – We’re on E guys – Oh, we’re on E? How? – He said “dog” as I hit him. – [Katie] Right, but I
didn’t think we got “C” – Oh no sorry, okay Jake is
frozen because he said “dog” when I touched him and he
should’ve said something with “C” Okay so right now, Jake is
frozen, Audrey is frozen, I just gotta get team Short Stuff – [Katie] Okay guys, yell out really loud! – And we’re on D! – (excitedly shouting) – [Audrey] Say something! – [Ty] Cat! – [Audrey] No, D! – [Ty] Hat! – [David] No, we’re on D! – [Ty] What? – [Katie] Okay, just go really loud! – [Jake] Dog! – [Katie] E Elephant! I said elephant! – [David] I got you! – [Katie] I said elephant at
the same time you were tagging F! F! G! G! Goat! – [David] What? – [David] (panting) – [Katie] No I said goat
before he could say it. H! H! – [Ty] (mumbles) I! J! – [David] They’re frozen – [Katie] I can’t go under you. – [Jake] I don’t know
what letter we’re on! – [Audrey] What letter are we on? – We are on letter – [Ty] I! – [Katie] Igloo! (laughing) – I got you! I win! – I can’t make it under their
legs in time to unfreeze them. That’s so hard guys! – I demand a replay. I said
“hippo” before he tagged me. – A replay? – What, we have refs on the field now? What’s goin’ on? – You tagged him unfair? He wasn’t out! – I don’t think we have instant
replay on the field here. – What? Ty would’ve made it,
he would’ve unfrozen everyone. – Okay, okay. Let’s do a different round. Do you want to stay it or
should we make Audrey it? How are you feeling? – How about we make
Audrey it? A for Audrey. – You’re tired? Okay. – No names or places. – You’re it. Yes, our rules for this one is no names or places. It makes it a little bit
easier for the rest of us so we’re just doing anything else but no names or places. Okay, Are you guys ready? Let’s go! (bell rings) – [Katie] Start with A! (upbeat music) [Katie] Alligator! Do B! – [David] Baseball bat – [Katie] Do C! – [Audrey] (laughing) – [Katie] Cookie! – I got you before you said cookie. – [Katie] Ahhhhh – [Jake] So are we on D? – [Ty] Please don’t! Are we on D? – [Katie] Yeah D. – [Jake] Cat! Or dog! – [Audrey] No! – [Ty] What letter are we on? – [Katie] Egg! Egg. – [Ty] What letter next? – [Katie] F! Do F! – [Ty] Fish – [Katie] G! – Gold. – [Katie] Do H guys! – [Ty] Hippo – [Katie] I! – [Jake] Hey, Audrey. Igloo. – [Katie] J! – [David] Jump. Oh! – [Katie] K! – [David] (laughing) – [Ty] Kangaroo. Hah! – [Katie] L! – [David] L? What’s an L? – [Jake] Leopard! – [David] (laughing) – [Katie] Oh you’re frozen! – [David] Am I frozen again? – [Katie] An L, an L! Oh M! – [Ty] Mummy – [Katie] N! – [Audrey] N? – [Katie] N! Number? Would that be one? – [Ty] Yeah it would. – [Katie] Audrey’s tired. – [Jake] (taunting) – [David] What are we on? – [Katie] N! – Nail – [Jake] (screaming) – [Katie] O! – [Jake] Octopus – [Katie] P! – [Audrey] Got you! – [David] Oh, You’re frozen. – [Katie] P! – [Jake] Pineapple! I said it. – [Katie] Q! – [Audrey] Yeah, what’s Q guys? – [Katie] Quail – [Ty] Quirk! – [Audrey & David] quirk? – [David] I don’t think so. – [Katie] Do quail! – [Ty] Quiver – [Katie] What for what? Queefer is not a word. – [Ty] Quiver I said – [Audrey] What? – [Ty] Quiver – [Audrey] Quiver? – [Ty] Yeah! – [David] Quiver. – [Katie] Okay, R! – [David] R. – [Jake] Ribbit – [Katie] S! – [David] Sssss (laughs loudly) – [Katie] T! – I got a T. It’s raining … tacos. – [Katie] We’re still on T! – [Ty] Team – [Katie] U! We’re on U! – [Audrey] No! – [Katie] U! – [Audrey] (panting) – [Ty] You-call-i-pics! – [Audrey] What? – [David] Oh she got you first. – [Audrey] What’d you say? – [David] Got you first. – [Ty] You-call-i-pics! – [Audrey] you-call-i-pics? – [Katie] Okay, V! V people. We’re gonna win. We’re almost to Z. V! – [Jake] Van! I said van. [Audrey & David Laughing] – [Katie] X! – [David] Ah! Oh no. – [Katie] What starts with an X people? – [Ty] X-ray! I said X-ray! – [Katie] Y! – [David] Yo-yo! – [Katie] Z! – Mom you’re out. – [Katie] Do Z guys and you win! – [Jake] Zebra! – [Katie] We won! (applause) Guys we just won Alphabet tag, freeze tag. Woo-hoo! – [David] ♪We are the
champions my friends. ♪ – Yeah. – [Katie] Audrey’s so tired right now. Good job guys! – You got frozen at the end. – That was awesome! Alright guys do you like that version of freeze tag because we’ve got lots more that we used to play when we were kids. – Let’s do one bonus one. Team Short Stuff. – Oh my goodness he’ll get us all. – If we can get to the
letter L before he can do it. – We won’t. – Let’s do a bonus L
because he’s super fast. – He’s way fast. – Okay but we get an extra large field. – V – [Katie] V? – Yeah – Alright he say V. Same
field so it’s not too far. And ready – [Katie] Set, go! – [David] Ready go! (bell rings) – [Audrey] We have to do it again? – [Katie] Apparently! A. (laughing) – You can’t use words that
have already been used. – [Katie] Oh no. – [David] Okay? You can’t use words that have already been used. Are you frozen? – [Jake] (screaming) – [Ty] (panting) – [Ty] (laughing) – [Katie] Armadillo! (laughing) Baboon! C! – [Audrey] Cat! – [David] You can’t use it. Cat’s already been used. – [Katie] Do a C. We’re on a C! – [Jake] Caterpillar – [Katie] D! – [Audrey] Dolphin! – [Katie] E! E! E! – [Ty] Got Jake! – [Jake] Uh-uh – [Katie] Yeah. E, we’re on E! Ahhhh! – [David] We’re still on E? – [Katie] Yeah E – [Audrey] Eucalyptus – [David] Here we go! – [Katie] Ah you’re frozen. – [David] Oh no! – [Katie] You’re frozen,
you’re frozen, stand up! This is a double one, this is a double one where someone could go under both of ours. – [Jake] Wait what is it? – [Katie] F! – [Audrey] Ferris Wheel – [Katie] G! – [Ty] Got ya Jake. – [David] Yep Jake right here. – [Katie] Jake it’s a triple! Right here stand. – [Audrey] Guys there is a
triple. I can get all of them at once if Ty does not get me. H! – [Jake] (whispers) H? Jalapeno. – [Audrey] That’s J! – [Jake] Hollow. Oh, say hollow! – [Audrey] Hollow. Hollow! I said hollow. Ice cream! – She just got out. Ty got us all. What did we make it to, H? (applause) – [David] Aww man. – [Katie] That’s not quite enough. – Good stuff dude. – Good job Ty. Ty won! Alrighty guys that is for reals, it today. Thanks so much for watching. Make sure to like,
subscribe, and share and … – Hit the bell. – And make today an adventure,
we’ll see you guys next time! Go play! – [Everyone] Bye! (upbeat music)

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