We would like to introduce the Actofit badminton tracker What is in the box when you receive the tracker? in the box, you have the sensor that’s recording all the data we have the silicon case and We have the cable to connect to the computer Actofit give access to tons of data based on your recent performance Such as total amount of strokes and what kind of strokes you did the most the app easily helps you connect the sensor and also how to install the sensor unto your racket The app also gives you various of lessons to improve your game After a session, you can have even more detailed analyzes of your performance We tried this sensor on for one session and found out that we have burned 203 calories and Have an offensive playing style That is based on that we did a lot of over head strokes in that session the App also gives you the opportunity to compare yourself with other players in terms of smash speed So now we have tried the actofit, and we find this is a very great tool in a Very rough manner to analyze your game your speed your Style of preference so it’s not too bad to play with it It doesn’t feel bad or anything But it’s gonna change the balance point of the record because there’s gonna be a bit more weight on your grip so there’s gonna be a bit of a flaw on the data because Maybe you would hit differently without it and maybe you’ll play differently without it because of the weight. Wait, oh, yeah great – cool app I I can say that much if you want to buy this actofit, and I really think you should You can get a lot of help like what should I practice? I’m so good, but no you’re not Yeah, you are! But if you want to buy this actofit in the description in the top, there’s a link to actofit Because we’re such sweet coaches we have given you a code So you can get some percentage off (10%) the product. You only have to use this code BadexActo

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  1. Endurance video make a workout or a fitness plan to improve endurance or something else

  2. Have you tested how perceive it is? Like doing 10 high serve does it give similar speeds to each? Could it be used to try different variations of a stroke and verify with measurement that the speed is improved?

  3. Nice video.? Seems a good product, but the extra weight on the racket changing the balance might affect me. I always play with a light racket and find even a slightly weightier racket affects my shots, not as quick around the net. But I suppose it would be worth trying.

  4. Disapointing video – basicly an advert.

  5. I am here from 2 k subs

  6. Is the price in Rupees?
    If so, Rs 31,000.00 = £33.70
    I am guessing that the tracker will obviously affect the racket balance and weight.

  7. you are doing well guys
    like the video ??????
    pls keep making

  8. I think such sensors have great future potential. First i'm sure they'll get much lighter and maybe have an option to install into inside of the handle vs end, to minimize balance change. Future sensors will also have more information to work with – like indoor positioning, so for example they can take account where you and your opponent were on the court.
    Right now their usefullness is a somewhat questionable – a HR strap is more accurate and less intrusive for calories, and i don't think we'd want + 20g at the end of our less than 100g racket just to have some stats on the strokes used.
    Maybe current generation has some potential giving feedback on technique, but details are not highlighted in this video or on their website. Interesting – and affordable – gadgets for sure.

  9. Anybody else see Poison Cobra's version of this?

  10. What is the difference between this and Coollang, do you know?

  11. Make a giveaway of this

  12. Whoa.. so many little steps..

  13. Where is it available??

  14. Isn't that changing the balance of the racket please? And also, not too annoying the plastic part won't touch your hand?

  15. it's very sexy women .. hahahahahaaha

  16. the music on every one of these videos are getting kinda old..

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