Adam Laird Inspires Kids Through His Junior Golf Academy

As simple as it seems, a simple game,
golf has been much more than that for me. I struggled with depression through my childhood,
but golf brought me a lot of joy and transformed my life
in so many positive ways. That’s why I’m so passionate about teaching kids
to learn to love the game. My name is Adam Laird and I’m founder and owner
of the Adam Laird Junior Golf Academy. Alright where is that ball going? It’s about golf,
but also the life lessons that golf instills. It’s a sport that involves
building confidence, building character, and perseverance.
– There you go. – Finally! In college, I had
an amazing opportunity to travel to the country of Nepal,
teaching underprivileged kids. Anything that gives kids
an outlet like it did for me, should be available to anybody. – Just a little softer this time. I’m trying to make it
more accessible to more people. As my business continues to grow,
trying to get my personal life and my business balance
just right is the challenge. When I first spoke to the Sezgin,
my Financial Solutions Advisor, I could tell instantly
that he was absolutely genuine. – Adam does an amazing job working with kids. For me, being a dad, that really brought me
closer to Adam’s business. I’m really the quarterback
for Adam’s relationship here. I work with a team of specialists in order to meet
my client’s specific needs. – The Bank of America team helped me organize my business
in a more efficient way and understand how the personal
and the business intertwine. It allows me to focus on growing
my business and just
trying to enjoy my life. – I love to see my clients
reach their goals. I’m very happy for Adam. I would like to power
to through my own success, be able to impact kids
in a really positive way. – Nice.

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