Adele PARODY ft. Angry Birds! Key of Awesome #38

There’s a fight I am having with this chair can’t seem to move my bum from here to over there water glasses all strewn about the room got to make a plan to do the dishes soon this cocaine ninja is smashing dishes my drummer was naughty so I made him face the wall I need to get up, I need a shower I can’t right now cause I’m playing angry birds can’t even stop to pee I have to get 3 stars and I’m playing in my sleep red birds, yellow birds, and black ones that explodes Green pig a-holes gonna pay for what they stole I’ve reset this level a hundred thousand times, this 99 cent app purchase is destroying my life I see you laughing and bird harrasing. This used to be a game but now it’s personal My back is itching, my neck is twitching I can’t stop wishing I was an angry bird, with feathers and the beak I’ve just laid a golden egg Am I crazy, or just free? now I’m an angry bird, a bird that has no wings or feet I’ll crash your party with my head and I am aiming, aiming, aiming saying weee The Key Of Awesome

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