Adopt Dottie and Support Make-A-Wish® and WE!

Adopt Dottie and Support Make-A-Wish® and WE!

Dolly and Dot are my best friends But they’re not the only ones! This is Dottie, and she’s my newest, bestest friend. This one time, Dottie got lost. A couple of wrong turns and, sure enough, she was out there on her own. I can’t imagine the places she saw… …or the people she met… …or the trouble she got into. But she’s tough, and has a few tricks up her… fleece. One day, she just came strolling back, like nothing had ever happened. But that’s Dottie for you. She always comes home.

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  1. A cute little trailer.

  2. the blood trolls are no match for dotties cuteness

  3. It makes me wonder if these charities are shady as well now, since birds of a feather flock together

  4. Remove the cap on money and time, all proceeds for this pet should go the charity for it's whole life.

  5. Me: blizzard cant get worse
    Blizzard: hold my chinese flag

    Putting a cap on donations is a greedy and despicable move… its even missing in EAs playbook thats how scummy it is

  6. Dont spend money on this. Most of the money goes to blizz. They only give 3million to charity, everything else they keep for themselfes.

  7. Why? We all know you're just going to pocket all the money.

  8. i had to punch a baby in order to feel manly again even tho im not a man.

  9. Okay, so listen up. If you want the pet, I suggest you buy it now while the proceeds will go to charity. If you're only buying the pet to donate to charity, I advice you donate directly and forget about the pet. It's that simple. That way it'll take longer to hit 3 million, ensuring that all the proceeds will go to charity. I highly doubt Blizzard will hit the 3 million cap based on the other charity pets, but if you don't want to buy the pet because you don't think your money will go to the charity, then you should donate to them directly. "Blizzard is greedy", but aren't you greedy yourself if you'll only donate to charity if you get something for it, in this case a pet? Double standards everywhere ?

  10. smart way to manipulate your taxes blizzard. well played


  12. The only wish that comes true by buying this pet are bigger monthly pay checks, when im hearing that you have a donation cap on this item

  13. Alpaca mounts. Now! Take my money!!

  14. China game. F off pls.

  15. Ok, I get people are mad at the cap but come on, it's a promo for a charity. There is far too much negativity here.

  16. World of Micro-transactions

  17. Profiting off dying children seems fair and morally correct. I don’t see the problem at all here ladies and gentlemen ? Do care to point it out ? I mean it’s been argued 3 million is enough to dying children is it not ? Why give more ? They are terminal after all.

  18. i bet this charity goes to CEO activision. remember how much CEO got bonus? then layoff the staff? LOL what a joke

  19. Don’t support this behavior in purchasing Dottie, even if its while they’re under their cap. Despicable.

  20. Is Blizzard advertising that if I buy this pet it will eventually leave my inventory and return to that Vulpera lady? This seems like a poor choice of words…

  21. "Man… that's just that deer- but alpaca pet!"

  22. So uhh, apparently it's WoW prize pool thing all over again. If they make less than 3 million in sales, they donate it all. If they make any more than that, they will pocket all the money and will be able to avoid taxes as a little cherry on the top

  23. Nice, another fundraising campaign for charity where blizzard keeps 90%

  24. She's adorable, it's for a good cause and I bought her!

  25. yeah i wonder how many idiots gonna buy this after they pocketed the last one

  26. Is this like the Support ProGameing thing
    Were the Money over x ammount goes into the pocketts of CEOs at Blizz?

  27. adding a cap on your donations, scummy company

  28. how much of the sales actually go to the charities?

  29. put a cap on this "ooloo" blizzard/activision! i hope who ever decided to implement that cap idea gets what they deserve! to get ill

  30. So I bet the cap over 3 million dollars will go to your chinese overlords right blizzy?

  31. Really blizzard
    Using dying children as a front to make money is scummy even by your chinese overlords standards.
    Oh wait, they still proudly endorse sweatshops

  32. There's a cap on how much money they will donate and anything above that goes into Blizzard and Activision's pockets and I'm not surprised

  33. Such a lovely pet… but the fine print stinks quite a bit :-/
    **Donation amount for in-game pet excludes chargebacks, refunds, and value added taxes (VAT) or other similar taxes paid with a maximum donation amount of USD $3 million from all sales of the Dottie in-game pet and plushie for charity.

  34. `Blizz donate a cap` Mercenary Company

  35. Blizzard have placed a DONATION CAP of $3 Million on the pet, after that the rest of the money goes into blizzards pockets
    – pasting this here. it needs to be seen. disgusting, blizzard!

  36. *Donation amount for in-game pet excludes chargebacks, refunds, and value added taxes (VAT) or other similar taxes paid with a maximum donation amount of USD ($3 million) from all sales of the Dottie in-game pet and plushie for charity.*

    Meaning essentially, if they get over $3 million, they'll pocket it as profit.

    …On a charity event.



  37. more blizz scams hey kotic how about you match the donations or allow all the funds to go to charity youve already scammed enough already to do that without even dipping into your bank account.

  38. Supporting WE!….? Their website is filled with white people and those "less fortunate"… give me a break. Support WW! is more like it.

  39. I was excited for this pet untily i recently heard a bout the donation cap, if they never leadered from the pvp cround funding and now gonna try to profit from charity, nope, i`ll skip this pet.
    Blizzard what are you doing?
    Arean Toys
    and now trying to profit from charity?. oof
    You make me sad and ashamed ive been a blizzard fan puppet since i was a teen :c

  40. Actually a nice little video, and a great cause!

  41. Disgusting that you put a cap on the amount that will be donated to the charities.

  42. the donations are capped… so blibli will make much money even though they say '100%'

  43. Details:100% profit goes to Make-a-wish and WE charities until months end.
    (Small Details)OR until donation cap hits 3million. Then the rest goes to Activision-Blizzard. Whichever is first.

  44. Last I checked this is not how 100% works ?
    Through December 31, 2019, Blizzard will donate USD $10.00 from the purchase price of each Dottie plush to be shared equally between Make-A-Wish Foundation and, less any chargebacks, refunds or applicable taxes paid.

  45. Dottie would want all the money for her adoption to go to charity not just 3 million! But in all honesty I doubt theyll reach $3 million by just selling this pet.

  46. Blizzard have placed a DONATION CAP of $3 Million on the pet, after that the rest of the money goes into blizzards pockets! seriously blizzard this is low.. and the fact that you hid it in the fine print…

  47. fucken lies son yall ain't giving money to charity u guys just tryna profit off people's stupidity

  48. People whining over the cap are sub human mongrels that have no clue and just whine for the sake of whining
    They never made it past 3 millions you imbeciles stop crying on everything

  49. Poor Dottie I hope she doesnt stumble upon a COMMUNIST chinese flag while lost. Then she would be sent to a re-education camp.

  50. Cap on charity and profits off of sick children. Good job Blizz

  51. Remove the cap. This is a charity pet and Blizzard should not profit from it.

  52. god it's face is so ugly it looks like the poor thing isn't even to term

  53. Lucky Blood Trolls… they will never know how close they were to become Dottie's dinner…


  55. Blizzard just as greedy as China

  56. There are business out there right now who did well this year that simply took from their profits to make a donation to a charity. They probably did not even tell anyone they were doing it. They could have funded their philanthropy off of the backs of customers while also making a profit and getting a tax write off. I bet they feel stupid now.

  57. As a cancer survivor I rather not take your greasy money. For a fact I rather die.

  58. Dottie looks like an ugly pootle. Lol.

  59. look at all those perfect humans out there critizing blizzard hahahaha hypocrites

  60. Fetch quest: Get me 10 Dottie pelts!

  61. If you put a limit on the amount of donations why not just donate that amount?

  62. IM so torn….Make a Wish is great…but I hate Blizzard now roflolmfao…OH well. * gone *

  63. Is it true that you've capped the donations to a maximum limit, and are keeping any funds received over that amount for yourselves?

  64. Blizzard: 10 for me… 1 for them…….. 3 for me……none for them.

  65. Blizzard just turned dying children into profit. GG EZ read the fine print cap

  66. Why not just sell out to Disney, shove Ewoks into the game, and make it so damned saccharine you lose all your customers? Dumb vanity pet is dumb. Also, Liberate Hong Kong–Revolution of Our Age.

  67. It's a really cute little video (even if the Northrend scene shows Blizzards devotion to China – zero bones) and the pet is adorable. Shame that Blizzard are showing how greedy they are with the donation cap.


  69. Cant you just come up straight that you're taking the money after the cap? First the PvP toy scam and now this.

  70. Have you unbanned Blizzchung yet blizzard ?

  71. Ok guys I understand and agree that WoW is not what it used to be, but hating on every single thing Blizzard does is really unnecessary. Everyone talks about the donation cap, but no one talks about the fact that Blizzard does these donations. They could have just released a pet as said "gimme your money". They at least put some effort to help other people. These forced meme-driven hating campaigns are really getting out of hand.

  72. Что за говно

  73. At 22 seconds you can see an abomination without all the belly gore

  74. A donation cap, huh? Do you have the same cap on the old ones as well because.. as far as I understand here in the EU it's called fraud to advertise something as a "donation" just to hide a different phrasing in the small text..

  75. Donation cap? No bueno.

  76. I used to love Blizzard. Blizzard used to be amazing.

  77. This is a scam. Blizzard is profiting from this charity.

  78. a couple wrong turns? you don't take "a couple wrong turns"
    either you arent allowed to take any turns on your own at all or you meet people who take advantage of you

    there is no such thing as taking a couple or even a single wrong turn

  79. keep it up blizzard,still the best mmorpg in the world.

  80. Really Blizz? Stealing from dying children? Absolutely Disgusting. Putting a cap on the amount that is donated, in the fine print, while telling people 100% of their donation goes to the charity. Honestly, there really aren't good enough words to describe how nauseating you've become.

  81. This is the ugliest thing i have ever seen. I can't believe people actually buy it.

  82. Might as well put "2% of sales will go to the charity just enough to tax evade."

  83. How do i obtain one?

  84. now that… that is ugly lol

  85. Do not donate to this. Blizzard(in all their infinite wisdom) put a cap on the donations. If you wish to pledge money, give it straight to the charity.

  86. I am really enjoying this pet!

  87. November 2009: Pandaren Monk – ~$1.1 million (USD) for the Make-A-Wish Foundation.
    December 2010: Moonkin Hatchling – ~$800 thousand (USD) for the Make-A-Wish Foundation.
    May 2011: Cenarion Hatchling – ~$1.7 million (USD) for the American Red Cross's Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami relief efforts.
    October 2011: Server blade[9] – ~$330 thousand (USD) for the St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.
    November 2012: Cinder Kitten – ~$2.3 million (USD) for the American Red Cross's Hurricane Sandy relief efforts.
    November 2013: Alterac Brandy – ~$1 million (USD) for the Make-A-Wish Foundation.
    December 2014: Argi – ~$1.9 million (USD) for the Make-A-Wish Foundation.
    December 2015: Brightpaw – ~$1.7 million (USD) for the Make-A-Wish Foundation.
    December 2016: Mischief – ~$2.5 million (USD) for the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

    September 2017: Shadow – ~$1.8 million (USD) for the American Red Cross Disaster Relief.Due to recent disasters

    They wont make over 3M in a month you idiots they just decided to donate all sales they make for this month, they could easily just put a pet in the blizzstore without any donations stop crying over the 3M cap. On top of that there's legal reasons in the US for making that disclaimer.

  88. It says 100% of the purchase price is shared equally. That's misleading. That means it's split 50/50. Shame on you for misleading people.

  89. Blizzard says "account wide" but refuses to transfer my purchases across continents. Shitting on customers.

  90. You dont try to profit from a charity action. shame on you Blozzard. get your greedy act together

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