Advanced Badminton Techniques : How to Hit a Backhand Overhead Clear Shot in Badminton

Advanced Badminton Techniques : How to Hit a Backhand Overhead Clear Shot in Badminton

I’m going to talk about the backhand overhead
shot in the game of badminton. The backhand overshot is made typically on your non-racquet
hand in the fore/back corner, so as with other shot one needs to move from the ready position
to your backhand corner of the court. From the ready position I will again shift my feet
in order to go to the back end of the court, press on my racquet leg, shuffle, and at the
last minute turn, look at the shuttle, throw out my elbow, and rotate around the elbow.
And as I make the shot again I press on my leg and open, and with my speed reposition
myself on the ready position. Here it is again. Some of the specifics of the shots are, of
course, to have a backhand grip on the racquet, again, with the thumb on the large flat side
of the racquet handle. Once you’re at the corner, and you have your foot down you won’t,
you again, don’t want to block; you want to spring as much as possible, and you want to
hit the shot as high as possible over your shoulder. In order to do this you will, of
course, lift your elbow and rotate your forearm and make the shot over your shoulder as high
as possible, and finish the shot and reposition yourself.

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  1. This is not a backhand overhead shot!

  2. Sorry typo, i mean not backhand overhead shot, its solely backhand thats all.

  3. this guy is a complete idiot and a beginner. The footwork he uses to even get to the back is incorrect, he may as well just do an around the head with that footwork, you only do a backhand if you in trouble, you lunge to the back not calmly shuffle back. His grip is entirely wrong, you can't generate power with ur thumb. Learn to play.

  4. This guy is absolute shite at badminton and she shouldn't be aloud to make these videos that just teach people, who want to play badminton, how to play it wrongly!

  5. everything about this is wrong !

  6. 1.hold your breath .
    2.copy this message.´╗┐ on another video
    4.go to comments
    5.paste this to it
    6.if u didnt lose air ur a great kisser!

  7. who the hell is this old man?this old man don't know how to play badminton at all. upload so many videos to teach people play badminton, the fact is that he need someone to teach him instead.

  8. i want to see him try to hit the shuttlecock with the way he teaches it. lol

  9. seriously true ! everything about this video is wrong ! please dont follow these advicess…. if he could have done the clear, he'd have shown that in the video… get a coach do teach you these stuffs !

  10. If you follow this video, the best you can do is dropping the birdie just over the net, but never can you hit a clear shot, because there is no power in it.

  11. I thought when you did a backhand you have a pull back, your not susposed to go through the shot and its not a chasey(dont know how to spell it lol) you suposed to do a sidestep then hop off your left foot while turning your back to the shot and putting your foot directly under the shot and with a fast pullback your arm goes arched and then with a fast pullback you hit the shot that should work.

  12. these videos can surely be very beneficial for those aspires to be a good player in badminton,this guy have shown some good techniques 2 play.

  13. i think that is not the correct way to hold the rackets..

  14. okay, theory is strong… now show us your backhand with a birdie [you can't just go 1/2 assed as a coach]. There's lots of backhand masters around here but all they say is that you're wrong because you can't, is bad, you can't get power… blah, blah…. but no one says how's right. Prove them wrong teacher, go live with a shuttle cock!

  15. god this is awful, 1960s technique

  16. For those that claim that we are haters:

    We are posting comments here about the incorrect techniques presented because we're passionate about the sport and knows it well.

    This video is just like teaching people to use chopsticks by holding one stick on each hand. And it will certaining limit the chance of a beginner from becoming a good badminton player.

    for the correct technique, search in youtube for Badminton Techniques Backhand Clear and choose the first video

  17. @LamKoodle AGreeD… they sooo noob. love to play them in bady.=D

  18. also never do it himself lmao sucker

  19. @NengVang2007 you won't learn to play from a video clip and certainly not from this one… there are some better instructional postings on the tube. Even better, if you want to learn something indeed, get a coach. Why the bad comments? because this o.f. has no business in teaching techniques, even noobs like you…

  20. There's no way a shuttle hit this way will have any speed and accuracy =(. Don't watch this, it will mess your game up.

  21. He has no business trying to teach badminon to anybody.
    Doesn't he know it is a fast game? I hope he moves faster than he can talk.
    He also doesn't know a backhand grip from a forhand grip.
    Please do yourself a favour coach, learn how to play before you try to teach someone else. I love this game and you make me mad by insulting others who who loves this game. At least hit a shuttle once to prove me wrong that you are a total fake.

  22. @StarcraftTerran You think? Nop, it won't make it over net.

  23. You are going to hurt your elbow if you hit the suttle like this man.
    You should not open your elbow all the way, you should have it bent little bit if you don't want to hurt your elbow.

  24. wrong grip in the first place
    shouldn't extend the elbow fully
    shifting feet is a waste of steps
    and should show more foot work
    and his chest is facing the wrong way
    If beginners learn to spring they are not going to hit properly
    lastly his left arm is really just there not doing anything ..
    it should be spread out or back to keep a little more balance…

  25. i would like to challenge this guy

  26. He was cute anyway … haha , lol

  27. advanced failing techniques?

  28. This is bull crap. everything is wrong, even the grip's wrong.

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