Advanced Badminton Techniques : How to Hit a Backhand Serve in Badminton

Advanced Badminton Techniques : How to Hit a Backhand Serve in Badminton

There are numerous ways to serve the shuttle
in the game of double in badminton. I’m going to demonstrate to you the backhand serve.
As with all services in the game of double badminton, you want to hit the shuttle just
about that level, and you want the shuttle to fall very close or on your opponent’s service
line. You want to hold the racquet with the back end grip with the thumb on one of the
large flat side of the badminton hang handle. The the hand, the racquet is hand with the
with the backhand grip, your racquet foot is in front, and you want to be in a position
close as possible to the service line, avoiding to, of course, step on the service line. You
will lean forward on your forward, on your foot, keeping a steady position with your
opposite leg. You want to bring the racquet in front of you. Like all serve shots in badminton
impact has to be done below waist level, and the head of the racquet has to be clearly
below the handle of the racquet. For the backhand serve movement of the arm is accomplished
with a flexion of the forearm in the forward direction with a slight movement of the wrist
to bring the shuttle up. This is a demonstration of the shot at real speed. You can see the
swing movement has to be done in one continuous stroke. You cannot do a half movement. It
has to be one continuous stroke from the back position all the way up to your front. You
can see as with the shot I’m follow the shot a little bit just to give it extension.

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  1. i think this video is good, it provide correct technique, and also very patient to show the details.

  2. omg im so bad at badminton!!!! *cries* i need to figure this out!

  3. you are using old rules in this video. It's now 2010. The service rules are changed whe we changed the counting rules.

  4. @communitychannel1fan SOFT!!

  5. i'm sure it is good idea to….quote from video "hit the shuttle about net level" 0:17

    so i other terms above the net

  6. how could you call this advanced??? I learned it when I was a kid just by watching my friend playing…

  7. @cluxya i learned this on the first time i seen my brother do it against me now its to easy to do.

  8. look at those sexy legs!

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