Advanced Badminton Techniques : How to Hit a Drive Shot in Badminton

Advanced Badminton Techniques : How to Hit a Drive Shot in Badminton

Forehand and backhand drives are the basics
of the game of double of badminton. Drives are flat shots that go from the racket at
high speed just over the net that are aimed at moving your opponent very rapidly. It is
a fast shot. The basics of the drive is just again, starting of a shot with raising of
the elbow and hitting the racket at shoulder level in order for the trajectory to go right
over the net. Most drives can be done without moving the feet at all. One just takes a position
not lean back on the ankles but on the front of the feet to have a very stable steady position.
And then one just whips the shuttle either on the forehand or on the backhand. If the
shuttle is out of reach without moving, one can incorporate a quick shift of the feet,
a quick slide, to reach the point of impact and repositioning on the court. Again, the same thing is true for the backhand. In
this case, with the racket foot in order to rotate and make the shot and reposition.

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  1. i agree too… his movements seem a bit excessive. and a drive is a basic shot…

  2. he's pretty good, but silver trainers….

  3. expert village…..

    is he doing tennis swings? LOL

    drives are meant for fast flicks often used in doubles, pushing your opponent towards corners at which you want them to go, unless you hold and add in some deception

    forehand: "pan grip"
    backhand: "thumb grip"

    make sure you change them to maximize power, they can be deadly if done near net, so…avoid bending position, thus whenever possible, thrust forward and step into it with racquet leg

    intermediate atmost

    expert? ….. ermm….

  4. this is too funny. weird badminton techniques.

  5. No shot in badminton has no footwork. Not a single one. If you look at professional players, they will be constantly moving. So yeah. Ignore this.

  6. Adavanced Badminton Technique……to ruin your basics! 😀

  7. Watch coach lee, this is wrong

  8. Whatever coming out of his mouth, don't listen.

  9. Hahaha this man is a joker. He should b jailed for life for making this video and wasting precious time of viewers.

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