Advanced Badminton Techniques : How to Hit an Overhead Forehand in Badminton

Advanced Badminton Techniques : How to Hit an Overhead Forehand in Badminton

I’m going to describe the basics of an overhead
forehand shot. Over head forehand shots involve all of your body. Overhead shots are mostly
done from the back of the court although up to the front of the court if you are dealing
with a smash. Every shot on the court starts from the ready position. One moves to the
position you want to hit the shot on the court and at that point one executes the shot. Every
overhand shot starts with your racket leg and an impulse with your racket leg. When
you reach the back of the court you reach the back of the court on your racket leg and
the shot starts with an impulse from your leg which goes all the way up your body all
the way up to your racket and into your arm. The movement of the overhand shot happens
when one passes the leg that you have pushed on from the back to the front. The shot therefore
is executed by pushing on the leg, raising the elbow, rotating around your forearm and
as yo hit the shot passing the leg and finishing the shot. Here it is again. Remember the shot
has to be taken as high as possible to give as little time to your opponent. Typically
it is made over your shoulder by rotation of the forearm. Here it is again. For all overhand shots it is the universal
racket hit which is taken again with both index and thumb on the thicker side bars of
the handle. After the shot is made you need to regain position at the center of the court
or at the ready position to be ready for your next shot.

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  1. I hope this dude is not the coach at this club. Look at all those players behind him…running like noobies all over the court with no proper footwork

  2. This is probably the worst badminton coach I have come across on YouTube. Worst because he only describes. No demonstration whatsoever. Thumbs down

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