Advanced Badminton Techniques : How to Hit an Underhand Drop Shot in Badminton

Advanced Badminton Techniques : How to Hit an Underhand Drop Shot in Badminton

I am going to describe to you the underhand
drop shot. Like every shot you start from the ready position. I will move from the ready
position, to my forehand towards the forehand corner of the court here. Shifting my feet
again and sliding all the way the corner. Upon arrival again I do not block, I do a
gentle spring, and ahead of the shuttle which allows me to reposition myself after execution.
The shot here is some specific, the idea of the shot is just to intercept the shuttle
again as high as possible around shoulder level in order to to hit the shuttle in order
for the shuttle to just fall on the other side of the net. Again very little wrist,
as much arm as possible, you can execute the shot overhand or in some cases underhand depending
on how the shuttle arrives at you. Like every other shot after execution I will reposition
myself to the ready position and I am ready for my next shot.

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  1. Is that an SOTX racquet? Woven 16?

  2. how is this advanced badminton??…..such a bad vid

  3. if u were to teach the advanced techiques .. then show how to make the shuttle roll over the net instead.. this is pretty much basic stuff

  4. maybe u misunderstood me.. u can make the shuttle roll over the net without touching the net cord.. that's the advanced technique . n that is usually not apologized for.. since it rolls it'l be harder for the opponent to return the net drop.. n can be forced to lift the shuffte.. for fx setting up a smash

  5. 4 steps to get to a corner? Lol….
    As much arm as possible?…lol

  6. 0:05 bad background swing xD

  7. Ok. I think this must be pointed out seeing as this video has 20,000 views. This is not the correct technique. This is what an old man thinks playing badminton is like. And its not.

    To ALL people seeking advice, this guy is not the place to get it.
    Everyone thumbs up this so it stays at the top.

  8. is really bullshit..kinda retarded.

  9. It's called a net shot not an underhand drop shot

  10. i dont want to offend anybody but please people dont listen to the man in this video because he is not telling you so many other things…….
    this video is just for 80 yr old people

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