Advanced Badminton Techniques : How to Play Doubles in Badminton

Advanced Badminton Techniques : How to Play Doubles in Badminton

Whether in doubles or mixed doubles, there
are some classical tactical schemes that one uses in the game. There are two basic positions
for the players to be on the court. When the players are side by side, they are in a defensive
mode, meaning they are in a position where they expect an attack from their opponent.
They are in a line across the court, in order to cover the whole court from any attack that
will typically come down at them, whether it’s on the forehand, or on the backhand,
both players can cover a maximum of surface on the court. There are some weakness in this
position. These are basically the center front of the court, or at the center back of the
court. These are called conflict zones. These are positions where both players could go,
and there may be some mismatch between the players. And experienced team will know which
player needs to go where, and they adapt. When the team is in a position to attack the
shuttle, the players will move from a side to side position to a front and back position.
Typically, the player at the back will generate the attack, whether it is a drop or a smash.
It is a shot where you want the shuttles to go down. You want to keep the offensive on
the shuttle. The player at the front will intercept any shuttle that comes up from the
net short. The player at the back will keep the attack going on as long as possible. If
the player at the back or the player at the front clears the shuttle, the team repositions
itself in a defensive mode again, expecting an attack from their opponents, since they
have cleared the shuttle. These are the basic schemes in the game of badminton. Let me again
point out where the conflict zones are, where the weak points are in both in the positioning
of the players on the court. Again, when we are in a defensive line position, the conflict
zones are at the middle of the net, expecting a drop at the middle of the net. It is a shot
that both players can go towards, or, a shot coming…a clear shot at the back of the net,
centered back of the net. It is, again, a shot where both players can go. Typically,
it is the player which is on his forehand, right hand, which will hit this shot. When
the team is in a attack position, again, the conflict zones are at this time in the side
corridors of the court. Typically, at this position or symmetrically at this position.
It is again areas of the court where both players can go, and they may enter into conflict.
These are the weak spots in this case in the attack position.

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  2. Advanced Badminton Techniques :How to play old man style in game of badminton. lol……….
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  3. You all make me laugh, if you're all soo wise and knowledable of badminton, just make a video… criticising without even a exemple why.. is even weaker than the video. So quit whinning and do something or shut up.

  4. finally… some good reminders of 'basic schemes' that many players don't know or forget in the heat of the game, especially the young ones with more energy than brains.
    Also, 'forehand takes the mid court shots'!!! i.e. don't get your frikin' backhand on my forehand ''smatch'' ๐Ÿ™‚ [unless you have plenty of spare racquets…]

  5. is this a technique to avoid injury for ages above 60 lol, as you can see.

  6. I don't understand the negativity around here. Of course, advanced is a relative concept. However, mostbeginners are too immersed in their grips and service techniques to be bothered to think about the consequences of their position.

  7. this video is 100% true, me ans my mate have been doubles partners for neatly a year now, and we start side by side and end up attacking front and back! im a greta net player and hes a great back court player, its the bets mix for this sport, everything said here is true, but its not easy to do when ur playing perfessionals not school kids so well done good work!!!

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