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What’s going on? Little dap. It’s Jared Montz
former pro and founder of Today we are learning how and why to draw
in a defender. Youth Soccer Description: Football Tips
Drawing in a defender means getting a defender or two or three defenders to step to you and
apply pressure when you are dribbling a ball. Typically you do this in your attacking third. When you draw defenders in what does that
mean? It means other teammates of yours will be open. Regular soccer midfielder make passes
to their teammates. The best soccer mid know how to draw defenders in and then pass it
to an open teammate. This gives their teammate more time on the ball because they got the
defender to leave their teammate and come to them. Just an FYI did you know you can track your
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tracking your improvement! First I will set up the soccer drills and
then I will go over the key points. Equipment Needed: Kids Soccer Drills
You will need a few soccer balls, a partner and 6 cones. Exercise Player Can Do: Soccer Training
Set up a start cone where your balls will go. Then set up a 2nd cone about 10 yards
in front of the start cone. At 45 degree angles, almost in a Y shap, from the 2nd cone set
up two small cone goals about 15 yards from the second cone. These cone goals will be
your imaginary teammates. The defender will stand behind the second
cone about 7 yards away. When ready, you the attacker will dribble
to the second cone glancing up as you go so you can see the field and the defenders. The
defender will start to light jog towards you. This is you drawing in the defender. Soccer
skills. Prior to meeting at the cone and the defender being on right on top of you soccer
pass the ball to one of your imaginary teammates. The defender is not trying to win it. They
are applying light pressure to make it feel game like. Leave the ball and repeat the exercise until
you run out of balls. Then gather the balls rest a few seconds, switch with the defender
and repeat. Do a few sets or until you feel comfortable. [Silence] [Silence] Key Points: Soccer Passing Drills
1. Make sure to recognize when the defender is stepping to you and you are drawing them
in. This means soccer dribbling with your head up. For tips on how to do dribble soccer
watch our Online Soccer Academy video titled “Soccer Drills – How to Dribble with your
head up” 2. Be patient. Don’t make the soccer passing
to early, but don’t make it to late. Soccer passing drill. As the defender commits wait
until they get about 5 steps away from you before you pass the ball. Wait to late and
the defender will be right on top of you giving them a better chance of winning it. Pass to early and it will increase the chance
they intercept the pass or are able to get back in time and mark your teammate. This
doesn’t give your teammate the amount of time you want to give them. 3. Use the inside or outside of your foot
for your pass. 4. Be confident. It takes guts to hold onto
the ball long enough to draw in players before passing it off. Now lets go make this exercise happen. Dribbling
drills. If you don’t have a partner then just imagine you are drawing a defender in. [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] What Player Could Be Doing Wrong: Soccer Drill
If the defender is constantly winning the ball from you then you are waiting to long
to pass it off. Or you could be trying to dribble too much. Don’t get me wrong; sometimes take on a player
1v1 when you are confident and the situation calls for it. But also recognize when to pass
it off. Bonus Tip! How to Play Soccer
The best players make the players around them better. Soccer skill. If you can give your
teammates more time on the ball in the attacking third because you can draw in a defender before
passing it to them; you will be a better player. Hope you enjoyed this Online Soccer Academy
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