Adventure Escape Haunted Hunt Chapter 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8.

Adventure Escape Haunted Hunt  Chapter 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8.

If the video helped You, please put Like… Good luck! Pictures – Winter Spring Summer Autumn – 5317 We follow the trail – mark the number of the marked item Triangles Earth – Green Sky – Blue If the video helped You, please put Like… Good luck! SEANSE ROOM – Red way – Numeral 7843 LIBRARY – Blue way – Animals legs 48620 BOUDOIR – White way – Flower petals 12368 CELLAR – Yellow way – Corners of shapes 13568

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  1. verderossiblufugi ara

  2. Gracias esto me ayudó mucho??

  3. Thanks for the help

  4. Thanks for helpme

  5. 1h23, tendi foi porra nenhuma desses trem aí

  6. ALV como te hiciste el juego completo likelike

  7. 58:30 I didn’t understand anything with the swords, helmets etc.

  8. 1:11:34 where do you get the blue blocks


  10. The conversation is really not going according to your guide. It's really frustrating. I have uninstalled your game. A complete waste of my time.

  11. I did the golden ring puzzle exactly how it is in the video yet it doesn’t work. I have checked, double checked even checked more than 10 times if anything is out of place and yet it looks exactly the same but still will not open.

  12. Pvta madre no sabia como pasar el 18:03 y ni con el video entendi bien jaja solo eso queria ayuda

  13. pasais la pantalla muy rapido al terminar no da tiempo a ver tu fallo

  14. Cvghzh?jgj j:(;"*"&??☺??fkx jzkgk xvb bjjf co? fggghf,h ;vcutu bux h

  15. Gracias porque estoy bloquiada en el chapter 2 no comprendo la Historia de los libros il el globo

  16. Thanks for your help

  17. Can someone explain me The logic behind the panels in 35:40?

  18. alguém me ajuda com o mosquete da fase 3


  20. 1h:05min entendi foi nada! Qual a ordem dessa bagaça????

  21. you don't need to move your mouse around so much geez

  22. Please explain the patterns for the boxes on map 8. I just don't get what they're supposed to mean

  23. Where can I get its soundtrack?

  24. i wish this was in slow motion

  25. how do i put the musket pictures in order

  26. Thank You So Much!?

  27. Thank you for helping me finish my game I am forever with great gratitude??????

  28. Why the is the order of the colours yellow, grey, yellow, blue, purple? 57:42

  29. Ilove you are game

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