After Being Hardstuck for Days, TYLER1 MADE IT OUT!!! – LoL Daily Moments

After Being Hardstuck for Days, TYLER1 MADE IT OUT!!! – LoL Daily Moments

we streamed for 15 hours yesterday and I
lost six LP but we have not been one ranked for longer than three days ever
during this whole thing and today is the third day so technically I’m not hard
stuck yet technically six and a half hours later let’s go we’ve done it we’ve done it
finally God hey Ornn I’ll honor you bud yes finally
Jesus man it took us three days somebody count the
hours 12 hours the first day 15 hours yesterday 10 hours today it’s gone we’re
done we’ll be challenger in no time now thank God lots of jets but I still make a lot of
mistakes biggest one is diving and thinking him strong enough for one day
one or one – and IV also double stun I’m walking up trying to get vision on Ekko what okay
here we go donate to what surely I got time oh my lord bye-bye okay are they done doing that maybe but it is still enough is it above zero
yes it is therefore Morello doing something
dissever trying to get work done on to Teddy but he just bloops it yeah broken ankles GG he’s Boxbox GG jungle diff, jungle diff, jungle diff,
jungle diff, jungle diff, jungle diff where’d it go
okay maybe are you autistic who the F goes backing on Anil Olli will be on you
what are you doing Wow when they posted this like that’s
how people play against me by the way I want that won versus Tyler1 tag and as
soon as possible wait there’s Discord tags if you beat
me dude like I said fans I’ve got fans and they’re
everywhere Discords have a won versus Tyler1 tag I’m not delusional right
I’m not delusional man you guys get now you are T1, I’m not it’s a game yeah well they’re all dead we’ve me run
to the Baron we run to the Baron we run to the Baron and we’re gonna do it dude
why how will this ever work why would he stand in here Oh Lee Sin is a smurf, nevermind it’s not going to be enough
to help him just uses his stopwatch but he’s going to be out of keep it alive no
messes up karoz battlestar the flash forward gets a smite they’re on Cuzz
I don’t know why that happened and he throws his life away
boom what happened I can only hear back in with some more League of Legends
action we’re gonna do a little interesting trade hopefully we don’t get
punished by their jungler for it to be super unlikely that eve level 2 ganks us okay so
we’re trying to eat dash trade early game here with PTA a one two three e dash oh, we still lost that yeah I’m gonna dive with good what what did you just realize your room smelled
no I was just you know it was just a bit stuffy Vennela hence maybe overstep the queue
is going to miss the flash all carrier made up a lost time right there and
picks up the kill delivers the money over the reset is oh so easy five kids but that being said I’ll see you
pushbacks tomorrow we’ll just make-believe

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  1. actually cant watch tylers vid now, you are spoiling all his content x)


  3. whats the song at the end

  4. Love my Daily dose of Tyler1, thank you

  5. What is the song in the outro called?

  6. 5:00 minion is warding my dude, the man doesn't wanna get ganked out of no where

  7. This title isnt true

  8. Hes litterally never gonna make it out of diamond tho thats the thing 😭😭

  9. I just want yoonah and poki to sit on my face

  10. 6:09 when you know you lost, but you don't want to accept defeat.

  11. I like ur shitty tilte. It contridicts itself.
    Hardstuck doesnt go with ,,for days".
    He, at best could climb as good as before for few days.
    Hardstuck is
    HARD-stuck so for weeks, months or years.

  12. Alpha can save you from taking damage ?

  13. 4:11 thats my clip PogU

  14. Meanwhile it took me almost 1 week, 10 to 13 hrs a day, getting low prio 20 min wait time because ragequitting because of feeding and griefing team mates to escape gold 1. Feels bad man.

  15. The outro edit keeps on getting better🔥

  16. title doesnt make sense. if he got out he was never hardstuck to begin with.

  17. It annoys me how Tyler1 Gets carried everygame and keeps saying ""JG DIFF"" etc when in reality Hes complete dogshit

  18. Outro is so fucking good

  19. That's not even what hard stuck means

  20. That outro give me years of life

  21. Hardstuck for days seems rather oxymoronic

  22. 2:05 =))))))))))))

  23. Someone tell me what is so fcking good about an overfed rengar getting a free penta……in that situation….looks like they are giving it to him

  24. ez rank up fu

  25. What is the song at 9:50?

  26. i love get this beta shit off me

  27. 2:04 When you walk the by the autistic classroom

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