AIM GUIDE 2019 – Rainbow Six Apex Legends PUBG Fortnite Overwatch CSGO (BEST AIM GUIDE 2019)

AIM GUIDE 2019 – Rainbow Six Apex Legends PUBG Fortnite Overwatch CSGO  (BEST AIM GUIDE 2019)

hello everybody this is not and welcome
to the 2019 aim guide I hope you guys enjoy I decided should put literally
everything that is known to get better and FPS gaming a lots and lots of people
ask me the daily basis to do another one much more complete and that’s what I’m
doing right now for you guys one of the things that people always ask me I will be
giving it brief right now but what we gonna cover in this name guy so we’re
gonna cover how to find your weakness and how to fix it
flicking exercises grip types arm positions find your sensitivity a Kovak
FPS trainer angle shacking routine crosshair placement is extremely
extremely important you see for example aim tracking another thing that people
ask me all the time metronome training is something that
people don’t really know about that I’ll be showing you guys I’ve been testing
this with myself lately I’m also gonna be talking with you guys and showing how
sleep can improve your aim in your skills and anything that you want
especially related to aim and cognitive performance but before we start I have a
little message for you guys alright so let me start with the mouth make sure my
equipments real good for you guys people ask me this all the time this is a
logitech – 305 has the best sensor in the market and it’s super lightweight
and I really take the top off as you guys can see here there’s a grip tape
and this grip tape is actually this one from hat I used to use this one managed
to play tennis the mousepad this one is the G 603 fastest mousepad I ever use
I’m always searching for the faster for a faster mousepad so this one is really
really good the keyboard it’s pretty much a company called math drop sent to
me and it’s called math drop control and though this keyboard is really small
like it’s super handy he has the functions then every train for play
music etc should be honest this is one of the best keyboards I’ve ever had in
it’s so beautiful it’s so beautiful next up is my headset my headset is a
son Heiser PC 37 X by mass drop as well so thank you very much mines represent
me this in Sennheiser so you know like Sennheiser’s crazy good everyone knows
but this thing is a little bit different like for example
normally when I’m playing is like this right but if you want to mute yourself
there’s an option here that if you do like this back you made it so you need
to go down and discordant mute yourself and so I’m super comfortable like look
at this I stay I play like for about 12 hours day and I stay with this those
things in my mind I like super chill it has the little button inside that you
can increase or decrease the volume so those things are amazing as what the
sound quality man is like out of this word you guys gotta see first so I’m
gonna leave the link in the description for the headsets about two keeper I
don’t even know I will ask master up if I can but those are my equipments I
really liked him and people ask me all the time so let’s start the video now so
the intention of this video is not only help you out on the weakness that you
might have because every one of us we might have a weakness when it comes to
aiming in a game when it comes to skill in life because nobody’s perfect we need
to improve always we never will know every single thing there is to know so
sometimes you just beginning and you know much more than a guide that is
already there for such a long time just because you research much more than him
and you practice much more than that person I’m gonna be strictly talking
about Amy in this video everything that I’m gonna be talking about is my
personal preferences is my personal training methods doesn’t mean that is
right doesn’t mean that you should wait I found the best way to practice your
aim right now to forget you figure that like baby let’s go back to the video do
everything 100% that I say it’s just the way I like to do it and what is work for
me one of the cool things that I start doing I stop limiting myself on only
playing one game and after I started doing this I noticed that my skill
increased a lot and what I’m saying that’s because each different game has a
different aspect like for example fortnight you got a jump build and pump
shotgun and you can use your flicks a lot tracking in fortnight is extremely
important in siege Rainbow six siege for example tracking is extremely important
as well but Martin tracking the angles that you hold is much more important
like for example you’re watching me playing
right now called is more about flick shots in aim that cue for example was a
flick shot so depends on each environment depends on environment
depends on where the player is of course depends on your teammates but you gotta
build a plan to get to the cue in Rainbow six is very similar when you see
someone in a building or in a room you’re gonna build a plan to kill that
person with your teammates so you gotta learn how to deal with each game but
sometimes pub G can teach you how to play C and vice versa of course I’m
talking in a figurative way because each game has different aspects but I’m
saying because when you see someone in pop G when you think he intention when
you’re paying attention to the environment to try to find the player
you and your teammate we need to have a plan or you’re gonna rush here I’m gonna
rush there you’re gonna smoke this I would need this so it’s very similar to
Rainbow six you have the drone you need to pay attention to the environment just
see if there’s traps inside you mutually give info for a teammate so let’s get
into the training matters that I use I’ve been using new methods to train and
that I found very very effective I’m crazy about aiming I’m crazy about like
improving myself as you guys know people that always watch my channel they know
me just because I’m crazy about Amy and stuff like this in every game that I
play I try to hit just and no one else gonna hit and that’s what the fun of
gaming it is for me so I know lots of you guys have the same
mindset so I wanna help you guys the most that I can because I know you can
overcome yourself you can find your weakness and overcome your weakness so
you can become a better player and achieve your goal if you want to be a
professional player if you want to be entertainer if you want to create
content as streaming whatever it is I know you can do it so let’s get into it
the most important thing to know is is not how much you practice is how you
practice and that’s what we’re gonna go through now all right guys so let’s
start with this I’m hearing covered which is the favorite my favorite way to
practice overall there’s everything here tracking flicking constancy like and
anything like accuracy anything what I like to do here to find your perfect
sensitivity I’m gonna show the easiest way the cheapest way as well like if you
don’t have an account my sensitivity website calm you can do
it that way okay so let’s go through the way I do is I pick everything that is in
my table I’m gonna use this as a as a reference okay
it’s like a I don’t know how to call this but whatever put your mouse pads
you’re gonna find a corner in any game doesn’t matter the game that you play
you’re gonna find a corner but your mouse in the beginning of that corner
that’s just the way to do it doesn’t mean is the way you get it – okay but
the little thing that you have doesn’t matter what it is close to your mouse
and you’re gonna do a perfect 260 try to be straight as possible the most
horizontal possible and that’s that’s my 360 put your hands on and do homework I
can see the marker that’s why you’re not gonna be able to see but I can I’m gonna
do it over here as well here we go oh you guys can see it’s like it’s easy to
see now what we gonna do and this as I told you guys before this is the
cheapest way to write the proper way is to go to a website and convert your
sensitivity which I will show really quick like in just a short time but
let’s go to csgo for example and I will show you guys how to get the same
sensitivity to 60 try to be most recent as possible there go this way this I’m
just showing you guys this method because it’s a matter that you don’t
need to waste any money don’t need to pay nothing for anyone okay but I use
the mouse the mouse sensitivity which I will be showing you
guys right now alright so I tend to use always this website I really like this
website so what we’re gonna do here is pretty simple
come here choose the game that you want m6 is I’m gonna put a random sensitivity
here let’s say 20 there go is calculator already so it dis in this mode it
calculates the 360 distance so the 360 is three point nine to seven inches same
thing here so this is the sensitivity Rainbow six GS
you can also use the advanced head mode here that you can put the inches of your
monitor and Suffolk is also you can choose the ACOG sensitivity for example
2050 like you know there’s a bunch of options I tend to use this one in the
simple mode because super quick super fast and super easy to understand and
for me is the best ok so let’s talk about grip types and how you should be
just position your arm and stuff like this this is something that people ask
all the time as well the grip that that I like to use that I always use my
entire life is the fingertip which is this one that’s that’s how I use that’s
how it is in the back so for me it’s like I mean pretty using my fingers to
go around with the mouse some people tend to use the palm grip which is this
one you put your palm in the entire Mouse and this is like you use more your
arm so when you’re going around using more your arm and your elbow and your
shoulders okay and the other one is the claw grip the claw one is like a hybrid
between the the fingertip and the palm so gotta be something like this this is
pretty much the claw I guess I’m not I never used claw so if you’re a claw
gripper and I’m wrong I’m sorry about it but those are the grip types each one of
them have good stuff about like for example the fingertip is better for
tracking and flicking the claw grip is better for holding angles and
controlling recoil for example the palm grip is good for flicking as well so
like each creep is like it’s like it’s pretty much preference man it like it is
not it’s not that each group has the strength or anything like you know its
preference it’s all about preference like you need to see what if you have
like long fingers it’s good the finger tip if you have like small hands it’s
good the palm grip and stuff like this so you know depends on depends on each
person depends on each Mouse depends depends a lot of stuff it’s really hard
to talk about this because each person have a preference and each person like
you just choose yours okay that’s between all of them and choose
yours that’s that’s what it is right about to arm position so arm position I
know fur from sk-gaming I actually had a 1v1 against him like a long time ago and
csgo in a tournament so it was really fun I think I have in my channel
actually um and fur used to play like this so he puts his mouths like this and
he just used this part of his mouth and is like only in the wrist with wrists
and like this so fur was the craziest guy that ever saw playing and he used to
play like this so this this is the option as well screen for example screen
likes to play with his entire elbow in the in the mouse bed and he only uses
the right the top part of the mouse so this is another pretty interesting thing
what else I think that’s it so you know its preference so it’s all about
preference falling for example he’s more like a palm gripper and he’s the AWP and
he eats nerdy shots so you know like again all about preference choose your
tasks for yourself don’t take my word for granted and let’s go for the
exercise now alright so for Kovak we’re gonna be you can use Kovak you can use
em hero you can use em lab I tend to use Markovic in Cisco but also using lab and
in your just because they like this type of stuff but the main ones are this ones
so what are you gonna do you’re gonna open this and search for micro like this
and then I’m gonna go jumbo micro shot piyo speed so you can adjust you got a
you you’re going exactly your weakness so when you micro correcting shots this
is your weakness you you’re gonna come here and this exercise is pretty
interesting because you see how micro should like how little I gotta move my
mouse that’s it you’re gonna stay here for about 5 minutes 10 minutes whatever
he wants but that don’t overtrain like if you wanna if you wanna train too much
in a day try to practice different exercises because if you practice the
same exercise you’re not gonna evolve okay I will give you an example right
now let’s say beat my record here this one is the most competitive
one the entire thing so you gotta you have six styles and you gotta keep
clicking it right and my reckon is this I’m just gonna go slow now because I’m
talking with you guys but I reckon and this one I take on top seven top eight I
don’t even know but you gotta chew in the beginning like just know your
sensitivity you know click around see the edges try to go like try to do super
hard back just like from here to here from here to here instead doing the
right way which is will be this one you know try to try to like do super hard
practice I can get top one 100% I probably in next week because I always
say next week because I will explain why so if I wanna practice for this exercise
if we’re gonna get good at this the first 25 minutes of our day our brain is
learning right so everything that we went through last night in the last 25
minutes before we go to bed is going through our brain while we were sleeping
so it’s pretty interesting because this leap makes you learn and output now a
clip of a doctor saying this a professor saying this just so guys can have a
better understanding we’ll talk about visualization and visualization is it’s
a huge factor in improving technical skills specifically martial arts which
is a big fan of obviously martial arts when you you visualize people who
visualize who sit down and like go over their body going through the motions and
doing things those people perform better they are form better
they they they learn quicker what do you attribute that to do you think it’s the
same thing as what’s happening when you’re sleeping just maybe to a lesser
extent I think it’s to a lesser extent but people have done those studies where
they’ve looked at sort of whether you actually physically practice let’s say
on a keyboard just because it’s easier to sort of manage in a laboratory versus
just imagining sort of typing out that sequence and
just the act of physical visualization of sort of imagination of that motor
skill it’s it’s about 50% as effective as physically performing it – and it’s
50% is effective what I mean there is in changing the plastic connections within
the brain so even just visualization you know passive play as it were still can
actually cause a rewiring of the brain beneficially so as you guys saw his leap
is extremely important so the first time the first thing that you got to do 25
minutes as you woke up practice your aim see a video of a good aimer
whatever it is anything related to body 1 achieve on that day so if you want to
become a better aimer see a guy doing your exercise
extremely fast your brain gonna capture this in 12 the day you’re gonna be
thinking about this be like super conscience so then your subconscious as
you go to sleep try to see again so someone a me fast so this is how you
evolve like either way you do it yourself or you see someone else doing
because our vision our when you see something was someone doing something
you can’t achieve it because we’re all humans we’re all equal like we have the
same brain the same not the same of course but we have a brain we have eye
we have a hand so if I can do it you can do it
you know it’s it’s pretty much that way so the way I do it is this 25 minutes
mark 25 minutes before bed so let’s say I want to become better at this game
this game it has six big squares and you gotta click around right now if I want
to become better this not only the 25 minutes before batting during five
minutes in the morning but also I would do something like this I will search a
smaller target and I will concentrate more in this target and try to click
around I will try to just chill over here for like 30 minutes or 20 minutes
of my day just clicking around now in my sensitivity trying to be as
modes the most accurate as possible that way you’re going to dominate your
sensitivity not only here but also in the other game now go to the other game
one that you wanna I don’t know be good at but any any any that you do is gonna
be very useful for you go to this one now
now you’re gonna fracturing the best you can remember doing is LOI now we’re
gonna do fast I’ll take over be my record but like
that’s just so you guys can understand like now you’re my my mind understands
that this is a much bigger target which means it’s easier so 172 I bet I bid my record by one like
not not a big deal but alright so we’re here in pop G now and I’m going to talk
about angle shaky routine so I always come in this part of the map called the
boot camp and I have my Ingo shacking routine I always land in this left side
over here that I think I have the most advantage on the people that I’m playing
this let me pick it up this gun and we’re good to go and the cool thing about is that even in
mind when I’m playing pop G like as my sensitivity is perfect like I can
literally 360 on all this stuff you know I know like there’s a window here right
I’m angry on here I’m in the window but stairs where those stairs you know this
is like sensitivity but let’s talk about the angles so it’s every in every game I
want to use babji’s okay when is the pub gia example is because
every game in each average angle shacking routine like for temple we’re
gonna go into this room checking here strafing here behind the door and here
that’s the angle shot you know team right and I always close the door when
you go around because it’s very important so angle shaken Martini in any
game is very important but like in pop G there’s so many angles that is very it’s
very unpredictable should say unless you know the city but in siege for example I
will use season example in a minute but in C sharp battlefield in battlefield or
Cod for example it’s really hard to have an angle routine because there’s so many
angles around and if you’re checking one angle you’re gonna need to worry about
one out of nowhere so you know it’s hard to target there’s only one angle then
those interesting so you need to create an angle routine for each game that you
play I’m gonna go to Rainbow six siege now and I want to talk about my angle
shaking routine there right so I decided to use this map and this part of the
window for exempt as as an example because it’s very common like this first
sample somebody’s coming through this place over here and like let’s say
you’re aiming at the window and out of a sudden you heard someone breaking the
window you need to know the angle this angle were here so angle checking
routine is one thing but knowing all the angles that the map is gonna be much
more beneficial for you and for your gameplay that way you can react like
much quicker and like for example this example I use a lot like the bomb is
over here and there’s always a guy here so what you gonna do strafe
strafe and shoot persons like this you know like there’s another angle very
common this one so you can either pre-fire those angles you know if you
know them already this angle here a lot before use here
and also people stand over here just should be like a surprise so knowing the
angles like it’s pretty important like if you know exactly this angle here from
this window you can get a freaky oh you know so knowing all the angles is
extremely important in the map so each map you’re gonna have a different angle
Shackleton with that as I told you before if you’re here and out of a
sudden this don’t break this window you can be able to turn fast and good and
kill him because you know the perfect angle inner sensitivity you know
everything so it’s gonna be much much easier for you to do this alright so now
we’re going to talk about the flick shots exercise so this one is the one
that I use the most ah it has a one two three four five six
seven Rachel the configuration the map is pretty simple you guys probably know
where that I’m using the map aimbots in Cisco I put all the links in the
description for those maps and stuff like this but it’s pretty much simple
like right now I’m doing the third I was doing the second one first and you just
got to do super slowly super slow you want to be consistent because it’s so
slow that you don’t want to miss like you don’t want to do this type of stuff
like going around like super quick and then you go to the fourth one just fewer
sensitivity you know sometimes you get at you you can change the place that
you’re doing but few your sensitivity do not rush anything this one is the fourth
one and then we gonna go to the sixth one is the one that requires more aiming
wrist my wrist I should say not more Amy but my wrist and this is pretty good
true train your 3d zone right and then you’re gonna pretty much use all of them
like one two three four five six and try to be the most consistent that you can
like if you’re missing don’t care about it just keep going keep going until you
get everything right but the important part of this exercise is just to know
your tree Diesel that’s what matters now now I know everything you probably
know how to find your sensitivity you know how to find the right exercise for
your weakness so if you find a week your weakness is a flicking you know do you
exercise if your wicking is tracking your gonna know the exercise pretty
after this one that I’m talking which is gonna be the final of this video you
know it’s pretty much what all can tell you just search your weakness
work on your weakness but never depends on one person telling you what to do try
to think for yourself this is what makes good players good like when you die in a
game question yourself well I died because I did a mistake or
because the guy is better than me you know
never blame your teammates try to be a good team player you know this is what
matters I used to be a very toxic person when they start playing but I learned my
mistakes and that’s why I think is so valuable
for you guys to know this okay let’s go for the tracking exercise now now let’s
talk about tracking tracking in Rainbow six as they told you guys before it’s
super important in this game ascendant ascended tracking vichu is probably the
best tracking game there is in Kovac so I’m gonna base this video on Kovac
but you also can download a lab aim here all those older games I’m not a big fan
of browse games because the sensitivity is completely different I used I think
browse games as better to train your eye that’s it but in Kovac you can train
your sensitivity in your eye at the same time as well doing other exercises which
is much fun so I prefer Kovac just because of this so this one is a
tracking game spray cleaner tracking and other tools before
search your weakness and start practicing that’s pretty simple like
this twenty five minutes when you woke up aim twenty five minutes before your
bad aim that’s why you gotta focus on hope you
guys enjoy I try to put the most complete stuff that I do here on the aim
guide and yeah that’s it if you guys have any questions ask me in the
description below in the comments below and me
Shikha as well the link in description think very much mass drop for the hats
for the keyboard it’s amazing again guys the link in the description below if you
guys want to get your don’t forget to click on them and yeah take very much
and as you all in the next piece take your game a job for sending me this
awesome I had said if you want to use the same assets as I’m using right now
I’m gonna leave the link in the description below only for you guys I
hope you guys enjoyed this video don’t forget to click on I like and I see you
all in the next one peace

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