Airplane Trick Shots 2 | Dude Perfect

Airplane Trick Shots 2 | Dude Perfect

This is the reverse
loop de loop. Yeah! What a shot! Dude Perfect. Well, howdy. I got a sugar glass
bottle on top of my head. I am worried about the nose. It’s rather large,
and I just don’t want it to be, uh, broken. Good luck, Ty. This is the plane bottle
busting trust shot. You ready, Codes? Sure. Oh! Yeah! Bang, bang, bang,
bang, bang, bang, bang! I told him all he had to
do is trust me, and he did. Ty just got diagnosed
with strep throat– They don’t need to know that. I got two little
girls at home, man. All right, folks,
here’s the deal. Cory hits this target. Boom, releases the balloon. I hit it with my airplane
before it hits the ceiling. And you were supposed
to catch that. Now, uh, we’ve got to
go blow up another one. See you guys in 10 minutes. the floor. Yeah! Yeah! I’m going to use this here
plane to snap that there string. This is the two-point swisher. Yeah! Let’s go, baby! Oh! Yeah! Got a bit of a doozy
here for you, folks. Ping pong ball on a string
will catch the bracket, flip the plane up under,
and then pop a balloon with this here toothpick. Let’s get after it. lightning. Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Got everyone’s favorite mascot
rolling around the corner. This is the panda popper. Yeah! It’s always exciting,
and then there’s the confetti to pick up. And it’s like, was it worth it? I say we just let
Panda pick it up. I agree. Panda! Grab a broom. When Our research and development
team here at Dude Perfect– Tyler– made some
quick modifications. If Coby throws a
good plane, that hush puppy’s coming in and
landing right here. Let’s go! As always, when
there’s a shot that involves putting your
life on the line, Ty is somehow volunteered. Just know that if this
goes poorly, uh, I probably wished I wouldn’t have done it. Well, due to some
unforeseen circumstances, we now have a yellow
balloon attached to me. No! No! No! Trust shot on myself. Yeah! Yeah! He’s alive! He’s alive! I’m doing a blindfolded
balloon buster. Which means once I
throw it, we’re just waiting to hear if it pops. Here we go. Yeah! Hey! I think I made it, though. [BALLOON POPPING] What’s up, guys? Team Cory fans may remember that
I recently lost my eyebrows. I just want to say thanks for
all the encouraging comments. This plane’s about
to fit through here– apparently. Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Let’s go! Welcome, ladies and gentlemen,
to the Dude Perfect treehouse. You guys may recognize the wood. It’s from the old
basketball court. Rest in peace. Rage Monster really
did its toll. What do you say we do a
trick shot from up here, huh? Just take the wings off. It’s torpedo time. Coming at you, Codes. Yeah! We had target missile lock on. She is destroyed. Gone, baby. What’s Codes doing? Is he talking to the GoPro? He’s talking to the GoPro. She gone! Gone. She gone! Gone. Nice. Cool. See you. Next shot, here we go. This right here
is the twisty pop. Check it out. What! Yeah! What a twisty pop! Nice. So we made a ring
the size of me. This is 6 foot 6 inches tall. Don’t get dizzy, ’cause
this is the roly poly. Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Hey, you guys made it. Welcome back. It’s time for a
plane reaction shot– chain reaction
shot with a plane. Here we go. Go, Cody. Yeah! Let’s go, Cody! This is the crossbar skipper. back. Yeah! That just feels amazing! And I’d like to say
that our passengers came to a safe landing. Yeah! You guys have seen
the loop de loop. But we’re going to skip
the double loop de loop and go straight to the
triple loop de loop. This is the trip flip. you. Ooh. Oh! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Oh! Yeah! Oh! The triple flip! No way! What’s up, guys? Thanks for watching. If you’re not already a
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join the DP Squad. Signing off for now. Pound it. Noggin. See ya!

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