Aladdin Nasira’s Revenge All Cutscenes (PS1) Full Game Movie

Aladdin Nasira’s Revenge All Cutscenes (PS1) Full Game Movie

spirit on this fateful night I command the
powers of evil to pop the sands of time and make a vision cleaner summon Jafar
from the darkest depths and bring him here Oh Lucy
my sister I have been waiting in this dreadful is far too long at discovering
bring me back to Agrabah indeed I have Jafar according to an ancient legend
there is a spell of restoration that can breed precious life back into a long
dead soul because of her spells power artifacts necessary to cast it will
fetch to the far reaches of the desert but once I obtain these artifacts the
to live again and the world will be ours for the taking don’t get too excited sister
beware of Latin and is infirm I underestimated them once before on a
pain don’t worry too far I have a
rid us of the Jew and that Street Aladdin once and for all huh what’s going on up leave me alone huh huh what’s going on there
Oh what are you doing stop leave me alone oh my oh yes I think I’m going to
enjoy my stay here you you l master wake up come on L get up good
morning GE what’s with the wake-up call how could you do this to me after all
I’ve done for you what made you do it weren’t those wishes
enough for you Jeanne what are you talking about come
on hell open your eyes and smell the hummus you’re a wanted man take a look
at this this has gotta be some kind of mistake by Royal Decree of the new ruler
of Agrabah Nazira it’s gotta be a mistake al something must have gone
wrong at the palace oh no you don’t think something happened to Princess
Jasmine in the Sultan well you better go and find out but be careful from the
looks of this I think the palace guards might be looking for you
Street rattle and find him oops I guess I spoke too soon
it’s time to do a little magic Oh watch out hold onto your faces boys cuz we’re
out of here well if it isn’t our guest of honor I’m so glad you could make it
Aladdin what have you done with Princess Jasmine and assaultin I disposed of them
now that I am the ruler of Agrabah their services were no longer needed
and once Jafar is returned to this mortal world you won’t be either excuse
me but did I hear you right or did I miss something
cuz the Jafar that I know is dead gone finished sleeping with the fishes no
longer among the living you hear what I’m saying
well what a surprise if it isn’t the famous Junie of the lamp oh I have heard
a lot about you really well darling I am known around this little town I did a
bit of theater here Oh about ten thousand years ago and I’m still adored
by the critics I’ve been looking forward to this moment a fan I suppose you want
an autograph looks like it’s gonna hurt uh-oh Jeannie
Jeannie what have you done with them patience your time will come
guards take this insignificant flea down to the dungeon I’ll be along Shore Oh careful
you need to rescue a lining before this year indecent nasty laws into this place
is booby-trapped with eight times in trouble be careful Oh am I glad to see
you I need you to find the key that will
unlock these shackles the keys got to be down here somewhere I have you now where do you think you’re going street
rat no one gets through these gates without dealing with me first you must be the mystic I’ve been told
you might be able to help me yes yes Aladdin boyfriend to the princess and
future Sultan of Agrabah I have heard all about you now let’s get down to more
serious matters you come to me seeking the whereabouts of your friends that’s
right do you know where they are I am only a link to the mysteries of the
unknown it is the spirits that lead us to the
truth let’s see what they can tell us how Fernand all-knowing spirits speak
and enlighten us with what a lad and wants to see vast desert in in it and massive tiger’s
head there is a cave filled with treasure wonders your destiny is to go
there and secret achieve yes I Jeanne poor al I’ve been sent back to the Cave
of Wonders with a magic carpet we’ve both been imprisoned in a magic
trap oh and did I mention I’ve lost all my powers things are not looking good al
would you be a pal and come save us please thanks genie are you all right
we’re jasmine and the Sultan are they with you the spirits have told us what
they can on the Cave of Wonders is where your destiny awaits to find it you will
need a prayer scare in need of two parts that scarab is the key to the Cave of
Wonders find it and you are one step closer to
finding your good luck allowed the fate of Agrabah
rests in your hands who disturbs my son it is I
Bruce touch nothing doctor never who don’t touch uncle al you’ve found us and I thought I’d be
stuck here for another 10,000 years buddy now if you can find a way to get
us out of this trap try setting up whoo into that small chamber setting us free
is in there see what Abu can find would you Abu go into the small children and
see if you can find something that’ll set genie and carpet free way to go boo
now let’s try to release chimney and carpet Oh small spaces like that give
you such a crick in the neck thanks master you to Abu Abu I told you
not to touch anything we need to get out of here and fast
faster I wish I could catch you Sara put the other a spell and I can’t
use any of my powers no juice you’re going to have no fried cop it out of
here on your own and fast let’s go come on coffee let’s
move I knew I would find you here I see that
the information the spirits gave you were put to good use I came across the
whereabouts of the princess jazz you know where the princess is she’s being
held captive in a pyramid at the far reaches of the desert
travel there and inside its depths you will find her in
thank you a wise mystic I’m in debt for your kind the debt is paid if you can
save Agrabah from the evil that threatens come on guys we got a pyramid
to find actually Aladdin your debt to me is as Mike explained this has to be the
place G you and the guys wait here while I look for a way inside the pen no
problem now you go ahead we’ll all be right here waiting for you when you get
back he couldn’t drag me in there if he paid
me bye bye good luck Oh Jeff
Aladin you don’t have much time no zeros henchmen trappings cages a gift
to an Egyptian god I don’t know how long working socks you need to hurry get me
out of this time an Egyptian god you Oh Jasmine you rescued me a lot thank
you we don’t have much time I overheard the
zeros henchmen say that my father and I will be used as things in order to trap
you both as it worked so far you know what they’re taking the Sultan attention
and also said that my father was taken to the ancient city if it’s the place I
think it is there’s a map in the palace library that shows how to get there
all we’ll get the map and meet you outside of Aqaba rogem
be careful are you alright oh I’m alright Aladin
here’s the map to the ancient city it should help you find my father be
careful there’s no telling what you’ll find there good luck thank you Lattin hi soldier Rick alpha Nick hey carpet we meet again
how did you find the source of my abilities are far too complex even for
you to understand I’m gonna send you back to where you
came from right thank you for falling into my trap
I’ll take care of those artifacts now Oh better luck next huh ha ha ha ha what is this place what you not so fast
nasira I’m not finished with you yet you’re too late Aladdin I have the
magical artifacts and my brother Jaffar shall be your resurrected we’ll see
about that hey 11 you’ve just defeated Nazira and
Jafar what are you gonna do next go into Disney laugh you’re just gonna wanna
stay here with jasmine thank you once again Agrabah is safe
because of you entire city is important

Comments (37)

  1. Those 3D graphics are so outdated.

  2. I love how Jodi Benson is doing her impression of Jafar when voicing Nasira. It makes the whole brother/sister dynamic much more believable.

  3. what a misleading cover


  5. 6:20 music sound similar at Ice base the from the videogame Action Man Mission Extreme for Psx

  6. Funny how Jafar's sister is never even mentioned in the series.

  7. I Love nasira's accent

  8. JAFAR'S CRAZY SISTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. So Jafar is not the only child then? I wish she could've been in the tv series

  10. PlayStation Underground… the memories

  11. Funny how Jafar's dialect is an all-out combo of Boris Karloff and (Mr. Thriller himself) Vincent Price, I'd love to hear Jodi Benson read the spoken lines on MJ's Thriller. That would make my day.

  12. Ariel went to the Dark Side! O.o

  13. I keep wishing they would've made a film version of this game! Or even a PS4 version with updated graphics! I know a lot of people would find that unnecessary and maybe even dumb but Imo, I'd find that fun

  14. Michelangelo: it’s good to back in agrabah again.
    Leonardo: yeah, except it’s more dark and gloomy like the beast’s castle

  15. Lol, graphics were better in SNES.

  16. Lauren: (cautiously) Aladdin, Jasmine, there’s something that I have to tell you both about.
    Jasmine: (worried) Yes, dear? What is it?
    Aladdin: (worried) Is something wrong?
    Lauren: Well, it’s about Jafar.
    Aladdin: What about him?
    Lauren: Well, he has a sister named Nasira, and she’s really evil just like him.
    Jasmine: (shocked about the bad news) What?! Jafar has a sister?!
    Aladdin: (shocked) Really?
    Lauren: (nodded my head) Uh-huh, and the worst news is they are fraternal twins.
    Aladdin: (surprised) Jafar and Nasira are twins?
    Lauren: (nodded my head again) Yes, I’m afraid so, Aladdin.
    Jasmine: (shocked) Oh, my goodness! This is terrible news!
    Aladdin: (angrily) I knew there was something wrong with Nasira. She’s trying to bring her twin brother back to life so they can kill me and take over Agrabah.
    Lauren: (angrily) But that’s just mean! They should be stopped!
    Jasmine: (bravely) We agree with you.

  17. because the villain of aladdin is a woman, if in the movie is the evil genius?

  18. The plot of this game would make an excellent plot for a new Aladdin TV Show. Really wish they would use Nasira, who knows maybe if the Aladdin live action movie does well they'll make a movie where Nasira is featured. (Wishful thinking but I can dream.)

  19. Holy crap I never thought Ariel could sound so fucking evil lol

  20. It's too polygonal.

  21. Sebastian: IT'S JAFAR'S CRAZY SISTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The thing is The Little Mermaid 2 might have been more tolerable if it was a game like this.

  22. Why is genie acussing aladdin like how could you do this to me after all I done for you and he cry’s and like what make you do it

  23. 15:01 ARIN HANSON: "Not so fast, Jafar!!!"

  24. I guess this takes place after Return of Jafar

  25. how did the possessed guard get inside

  26. 3:09 my new catchphrase

  27. im gonna say the cutscenes are terrible the mouths dont move and the music for jasmin is not good and still this was after toy story 2 and tarzan still worst disney game

  28. Jafar: "Don't get too excited, sister. Beware of Aladdin & his infernal Genie. I underestimated them once before & I paid dearly. Also, my former parrot henchman, Iago betrayed me & aided Aladdin in my demise"

    Nasira: "Don't worry, jafar. I have a plan that will rid us of the genie & that street rat, Aladdin once & for all! (Laughs evily) and I shall see to it that bird, Iago will pay dearly for what he did to you!" (Laughs again)

    Howcome jafar makes no reference to Iago. Wasn't he the one who killed Jafar by kicking his lamp into the lava pit, destroying it?

  29. I always knew that mermaid was a scheming no good double crossing witch.

  30. How come jafar doesn't mention Iago's betrayal? Thats the reason Jafar is dead! Really

  31. Nasira really should return in a future Kingdom Hearts game, bring back Jafar who was killed by Sora and make him the ultimate villain where she wishes to have the heroes and gods imprisoned, and wish for his freedom so we could see a free Jafar fight against the heroes.

  32. 6:01 the music is the same as Gulp Boss fight in Spyro 2… what the hell… is this just stock music or did Disney actually steal that from Spyro 2?

  33. This should’ve actually of been the third Aladdin movie that is after Jafar‘s death Before meeting his father, the forty thieves and the villain saluk

  34. Jafar has a sister?? How come I didn’t know about this!?

  35. Crazy cuz this is my name

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