Alex Burrows Joins Canucks Ring of Honour – Behind the Scenes

Alex Burrows Joins Canucks Ring of Honour – Behind the Scenes

(phone rings) – [Alex] Hello? – Hey Alex. – Alex, hi, it’s Francesco, how are you? – [Alex] Very good, yourself? – Very good, very good,
it’s been a while hey? – [Alex] It’s been a
while, how are things? – So listen Alex, the
reason I’m calling is, what we’d like to do is add
you to The Ring of Honour. – [Alex] Oh wow, that’d be… It’s really… I didn’t expect that at all, that’d be really special for me for sure. It’s something I’d love to
be a part of that’s for sure, it’d be an honour to be,
Vancouver’s always meant a lot, the organization,
yourself, your family and be a really nice for me
to wrap it up that way, that’d be special for me and my family, that’s for sure, I’d love that. I’m really honored and I
don’t really know what to say but I’d be really
flattered by it for sure. – Well listen, you know
how I feel about you Alex, we’ve always had a great
relationship since the beginning when you came undrafted and you represent all the Canucks values
that we adhere to so, yeah, it’s gonna be a special night. You know, I can’t think of anybody else who deserves it more than you. – [Alex] Oh, thank you very
much, it means a lot to me. – Yeah.
– Coming from you. So thanks a lot for that. (inspirational music) I feel good, I’ve been
keeping myself busy obviously with three kids that are
running around at home and now with my new post-career
job with Laval Rocket, keeps me pretty busy so I’m on the ice still with the guys everyday. After losing to the Blackhawks
three years in a row and then finishing first in the league, up three-nothing in the
series, tied three-three then finally after playing game seven and we really wanted to get
it done for the fan base, for each other too, who
knows what would happen if we had lost that game with
management, coaching staff, twins, who knows what could happen? The wildest thing is next morning
my daughter was born so… It was a crazy 24 hours that’s for sure. You’re asked to be a good
hockey player on the ice but what’s even better as a player is you’re asked to be involved
in the community quite a bit and those are life-changing
experiences for us players, they’re super humbling experiences. As you get older and realize that, wow this is a great community
and you can have an impact, a positive impact on so many lives. – You met her one time here.
– Aw. – Four, six, so now she’s eight. – Aw, you’re a big girl
now, good to see you. (inspirational upbeat music) Can you do the floss? Yes? Ah yeah, you’re good at it, nice. (upbeat music) Oh I think they’re
probably equal up there. (audience laughs) Like, I don’t hate them,
they’re just teams that we had good rivalries
against and they took stuff that we would have like to have took. I’d say Boston is probably the team that I’d like to give it back to them one day. (audience laughs) But, this time when I went to Ottawa, we beat them in the first
one and I was so happy that, to just stick it to them at
least in the first round. Spencer, so nice to
meet you, this is Jacob. Jacob, give pound. Yes, Lexi, pound too. Yes. Oh, this is going to be fun to do. Hey Griffin, how are you
buddy, how you doing? To be a Canucks player
you’re not only asked to be a good hockey player,
you’re asked to be good in the community and for me
to spend a couple hours here and make these kids’ day,
it’s well worth it for me and for my kids and for my family, so any time I’m asked for I’m up for it. How did you do that? Chocolate inside the lollipop. What’s super important I
think we were super fortunate as being pro-athletes is
to play the game we love and getting paid big money to do it. For me, I remember as a kid
meeting some Montreal Canadiens it was, it made my day,
made my year almost so, it’s not much that we need
to be accountable for it as a pro-athlete and it’s always fun to be out in the community. That looks good, you did a good
job Griffin, very good job. Aw, thank you very much. Aw. (gentle music) Never would I thought to
be standing here today to receive this honour at this building. This city, this organization’s
always meant so much to me so today to make it
come almost full circle will be a fun day and
I’m gonna really enjoy it and hopefully, emotions of joy. For me, emotions of pride. Like, this organization
was so good for me, they gave me my first chance. I’ve had so much fun
working for this team, working in this great community, I’ve had some life-changing experiences, I’ve made some great friendships, always enjoyed my time here, and even if we didn’t
achieve our ultimate goal, it’s still really a lot of fun and it’s always gonna have
a special place in my heart. (gentle piano music) All the fans have always
been so good to me, and this, yeah, feels like, super fair, always treated me really good, through the good times and the bad times. And I remember all the sell-outs, all the times they always cheered for me, everybody that always supported
me away from the rinks, so they made it special for me. And hopefully tonight I can
thank them one last time. (gentle piano music) Oh, nice. – Look cool? – Really cool. So they’re going for warm-up like that? Nice. Oh, it’s gonna be cool. (gentle piano music) Who would have thought, hey? Well, thank you very much,
now, we’re really good, thank you for that. – Yep, it’s a pleasure.
– Appreciate it. Thank you Patty what an honour,
thank you very much man. (laughs)
– It’s a pleasure. – Appreciate it, ah, we good. (gentle piano music) – It’s a special night, someone’s going up into
the Ring of Honour. I wanted us to personally
be able to congratulate Alex on his special night. Burr, come on in. Guys, Alex Burrows. (team applauds) For those who don’t know Burr, or don’t know his story that well. Okay, two years in the East Coast League? Started with two years
in the East Coast League, played a year and a half
in the American League, grinded it out as a fourth liner to start, and ultimately became a top line player in the NHL for a while, that’s a huge part of our organization. When you talk about Burr he probably, as much as any players that
we’ve talked about here, he exemplifies what it
means to be a Canuck. He did whatever it took
to make it to the NHL, he did whatever it took to win. He was the ultimate competitor,
the ultimate teammate and probably even a better person, which I dunno if you
can say anything better about a hockey player so Burr, congrats. – Thank you very much.
– It’s a special night, well deserved, I’m happy for you. – Boys just wanted to
get you a little present to congratulate you on your
huge career as a Canuck, I mean, you’re a huge inspiration
to me and a lot of guys in this room so.
– Thank you very much. Thank you boys.
– Congratulations. (team applauds) – Thank you boys, have a
good night, have a good game, you guys are playing well right now. I watch a lot of your games and you guys are playing the right
way and keep playing hard, keep it tight and go to work
tonight against these guys. (team applauds) Thank you, thanks Stech.
– Congrats brother. – Thank you, appreciate it. – Hi Tanev, have a good night man. Hey Benn, how are you man?
– Congratulations buddy. – Thank you man, appreciate it. Hey Quinn, thank you, appreciate it man. Hey Myers, thank you very much. Thank you very much. Thank you very much, thank you. Great aim against us last week,
you stole one for the boys. – Congrats man.
– Have a good night man. Very good, yourself?
– Good. Nancy’s looking forward to seeing you. Thank you JT.
– Oh, I can’t wait. – Thank you Adam, thank you very much. Have a good night boys. Thank you Lou. thank you very much, appreciate it. Elias, thank you man, appreciate it, have a good night, have fun. – Congrats man.
– Hi man, thank you, appreciate it. Thank you boys, have a good one. – Congrats
– Have fun boys, hey. S’up Virt, have a good night man. Josh, have a good night man. Good luck, thank you, I appreciate it man. – Congrats.
– Thank you man appreciate it. Hey Goldie, how are ya man?. (inspirational music) (crowd applauds) – [Announcer] Accompanied by
daughters Victoria and Lexi, son Jacob and wife Nancy,
please welcome home Alex Burrows. (crowd applauds)
(inspirational music) – Say “Hello,” say “Hello”. (crowd applauds)
(inspirational music) – [Announcer] Alex Edler
is here to present you Alex with a beautiful, new Rolex watch. – Thank you very much. (speaks in foreign language) (crowd cheers) Thank you very much man,
thank you very much. – High five?
– High five. Hockey’s always been
my number one passion. Ever since I was a kid, I always dreamed of playing in the NHL. But, passion is not the only thing you need to get to the NHL. For me, hard work, never being satisfied, never-quit attitude and
always wanting to get better and a great supporting cast
around me made it possible. Vancouver, thanks for the memories and you always have a
special place in my heart. Thank you very much, have a good one. (crowd cheers and applauds)
(inspirational music) (crowd cheers) (inspirational music) (speaks in foreign language) (inspirational music) – [Commentator] And now
here comes Adam Gaudette in. Gaudette centers, Roussel scores! Eh le but, Canucks! – [Person] We scored, it was Rousse. – Really?
– Yeah. – Did he do a bow and arrow?
– Yep. I knew he was gonna, I knew
he was gonna have a night. (upbeat music) Oh yeah, he pointed at me
and then he did like that. – Oh, I don’t know it’s
something I thought if I scored like him, a little respect to my idol and just, that happened. (upbeat music) – [Crowd] ♪ Alex Burrows! ♪ ♪ Alex Burrows! ♪ ♪ Alex Burrows! ♪ ♪ Alex Burrows! ♪ ♪ Alex Burrows! ♪ ♪ Alex Burrows! ♪ (upbeat music)

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