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  1. VN vô địch bóng đá nam
    Seegame 2019 ^^


  3. Master yi ez champ

  4. why is he playing with ignite?

  5. Việt nam vô địch

  6. Can you explaim to me in a video or in the comment how to use the ghost poro pls man? that is quite hard for me to understand . <3 you cow

  7. Dễ thương vãi. Rank đại cao thủ Việt Nam???

  8. I thought it was Russia impression

  9. 400iq cowsep = grandmasters in less than month? 😉

  10. I suggest placing your first ward at the beginning of a game on bot lane.
    If you're lucky 2 champs will walk in and instead of 2 stack you'll get 4 stacks which will be 3,6 AD ~ 4 AD.

    (Unless it's fixed by now)

  11. Viet nam vo dich ??

  12. Dude u need go to google and write đồng ý

  13. Ubsub, your channel became boring when u started to upload one cut game

  14. You cant Milk those but you can Go grandmaster

  15. 2:57 "I like the way this game going" He likes fiesta

  16. ông biên hài vcl

  17. Going to the top of the world a week try it, the Vietnamese server is not as simple as you think, the clip transplant is not everything. OK, got it

  18. y he f he didnt pick the rift im getting cringessssss

  19. go on, keep doing it Cowsep I believed that you can rank up even faster to Grandmaster and next will be Challenger

  20. Me encantan tus videos con yi saludos desde Argentina❤

  21. VietNam LOVE Cowsep!!!

  22. Yes Yes Yes !!!
    You Can Do It

  23. tại sao k có sup tiếng việt

  24. Oh yes but not in vietnamese server ???

  25. Why doesn’t he play on Korea anymore?

  26. Ok I may sound like a noob but we can have 2 rift herald in a game now???

  27. Where Akali?
    Ah….. Under the hell???

  28. Nhìn ông Cowsep đọc tiếng Việt buồn cười vãi :'))))))

  29. i meaaan u cna do it. BUT try playing something else than master yi cuz he is kinda broken and easy…. but big fan!

  30. Cowsep why you have your fps locked at 80 fps only ?

  31. Việt Nam không occho đâu nhé Bò sữa

  32. chờ từ năm ngoái tới năm nay chưa thấy cowsep lên được Đại Cao Thủ :))

  33. Cowsep streams League of Legends every day on twitch! Check it out:

    Doubt [x]

  34. Think you should not cut the video but instead put funny stuff like music n stuff like pianta so that we can see 1 by 1 how to main yi

  35. Press F to pay respect for Rift Herald

  36. i think u can't do it 🙂 just kidding

  37. 7:25 u did nothing special but ok

  38. Mr Ba welcome 😀

  39. Yes for challenger

  40. Hi Cowsep, your opinion please txs for your videos

  41. I cant make it when botlane feeds people go afk etc… how u make it?

  42. Maybe if you played jax but not yi KEKW

  43. Help find this baby sound in the beginning.

  44. Thầy Cowsep ơi.Có thể qua facebook của đệ nhắn tin vs đệ được không ạ?

  45. Mic rape 0.000000001

  46. Can someone tell me how did he not get charmed at 6:18 please

  47. COWSEP!
    they fixed the ghost poro ward thing…switching from trinket to wards is all messed now, i need you to teach me what to do now with this change

  48. hey cowsep did they fixed the ghost poro trick in the new patch??

  49. 1:45 report that ussles yi

  50. yes you can make it

  51. I don`t know Why i play Yi when it could be so much easier With Warwick kappa… But the love Is there

  52. so you create unnecesary clown fiestas around the game, fail gank, fail smite but for some reason 1vs9 the game. YOU ARE A BEAST MAN.

  53. Insane rift herald.

  54. I like you

  55. Did we see Tomato? Was that Tomato? I need to know.

  56. No need to grand, u will be challenger xdddddddd

  57. You didn't get the trinket at the begining :O

  58. You will meet "Bronze 5" best yasuo Việt Nam

  59. Em Trang đánh akali tốt quá =))

  60. Whats the best build for low elo yi?

  61. Pls play different heros

  62. cowsep the ghost poro bug has been fixed

  63. I believe that you will get masters in a grand way.

  64. have you ever gotten challenger

  65. 4:58 OMG!!! "Grandmastersss"

  66. Master Yi and good don't go in the same sentence.

  67. you cocky but i like it , good luck man. im trying to climb to plat iv right now only in the top lane. i hope i get yi on my team.

  68. Ghost poro trick doesn't work anymore, what rune should i take instead?

  69. tbh I prefer the slower start videos. I hate when it jumps into the action.

  70. Can you make a video tutorial on the jewel and Master Yi's dressing up in version 9.24 ??

  71. I dont like that you change your personality for views. I wish the old cowsep was back

  72. Master yi sát lực xem nào ông

  73. Love the editing lol …. gra-gra-gra-grandmasters

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