Welcome back to the channel of coach EmRatThich. Today, I want to present
an amazing battle between the two 1st grade kids in Japan: Iwaida (red) and
Watanabe (blue). Intense match until the end! This is the final match during the Summer
Tournament in 2016. The winner of this match has said in the interview “I want to be the Olympic Champion” 🙂

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  2. What….is this real!!

  3. They are from different planet ??

  4. This is the most realistic anime ive ever watched

  5. I thought of practicing tt but after watching this m giving up coz m useless lol???

  6. You doctor yet??? Why you not doctor?? You don't come out until you doctor!!!!

  7. What planet are these kids from? They shouldn’t be allowed to play. They’re too cute. They still have baby fat! ???The one in red makes you want to pinch his cheeks.

  8. Why dislike? You are veryyyyyyyy….. FOOL

  9. An Owesome match…

  10. Oo…..what a talented boy's,in reality I'm below even do I'm 34yrs.???

  11. Japanese boy!!!凄い

  12. Oh my god……. This is totally insane…. Legend kidz

  13. From which planet

  14. Future grand master

  15. In any areas or field of sports or academic, if you want to excel your kids/children, the best age to teach them is in their younger years, because their grasp of learning in their younger years are faster than they grow older.

  16. Back when I was at 1st grade. I'm still confuse whether to wear underwear or not.

  17. Both r brutal their talent is unmatchable

  18. Waw!!, this is next level kids. Good skills and good game.

  19. Tell me I’m just watching an Anime! Man wake me up I’m dreamin’

  20. good loose no win

  21. Kalau ketahuan KPAI dikata eksploitasi bocah nih

  22. Siapa yg nonton sambil ikut triak triak…??

  23. Ohh what was that


  25. My boy insane on the table

  26. Superrrrr…. coolll… amazing skill, amazing kids ????

  27. This is the best ever match in table tennis history ?

  28. I can't even let one serve in.?? I feel useless after watching this.

  29. lefty always look good

  30. Best fight i ever seen .

  31. I can just hear hai hai hai hai….. ?

  32. Broooo it's Just another Asian thang

  33. The reaction when they win a point is awesome ?

  34. I get that they're like rly talented and all but when they were screaming after every point and acting as if it was like an Olympic finals match,that rly annoyed me and let's be honest they probably get beat up

  35. This is just Japan.
    What till you see how they train kids in CHINA… ???

  36. Chinese pingpong team is like USA basketball team

  37. I believe now after watch this, Alien is really exist..

  38. like machines ??
    great awesome skills and pace..
    plus the movement is ridiculously good 4 that age..

  39. I will surely burn my table tennis table, I knew it this game is for children lol

  40. They will surely be the greatest rivals in the future ?

  41. « Pik , Pok, Pik, Pok, Pik , Pok, Pik, Pok , Pok »

  42. Japanese are totally different than others… great children..

  43. They’re probably smart enough not to eat dirt

  44. What a energy level!


  46. They must have been playing most of there lives to be that good.

  47. Gw yakin ini bocah gedenya atlet

  48. All I could understand of the commentary was "high" "high" ?

  49. This looks so real :))))

  50. What chance does the rest of the world have?????

  51. At this age I used to clean my nose properly lol??

  52. This is how every sports anime get their reference

  53. The table wasnt equal

  54. I think they come from planet saturn

  55. It looks like they're wearing little capes too hahahaha ?

  56. ????in my opinion both should be given the Trophy

  57. Im veteran table tennis player and I'm not sure if l play with them l win that's amazing little kids

  58. 這個紅色小胖子真是太有喜感了 !

  59. If this was anime, I'd imagine other rival kids from different schools are watching them from behind the background studying their moves and techniques.
    Thanks for recommending the video!

  60. Omg. I can't even make 2points ?

  61. The table itself is almost their height… And looks like the kids are playing volleyball on the table 🙂

  62. Man has not reach moon..where is another planet shame on you

  63. Me: I need a good anime

    Youtube Recommendation: sure

  64. At the end of the game, I mean "day," they are still two little boys. That's why the loser cry.

  65. For those interrsted the announcers are speaking Japanese. Im assuming the kid in the Blue is Japanese and the Red Chinese.

  66. Yang orang Indonesia like dong ?

  67. Their 'celebration' is a great example of how kids emulate their role models. Happens a lot in football too.

  68. In my eyes there both winners

  69. At that aged,I ate sand

  70. Hahaaa tat was so cute?

  71. Both are amazing players pro

  72. Njir umur segitu udh jago ?? hebat dahh

  73. Goten vs Trunks tournament …

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