AMP Frame Diaphragm Elk Calls Review by Elk Calling Academy

AMP Frame Diaphragm Elk Calls Review by Elk Calling Academy

hey everybody Michael Batease from the
elk calling Academy we’re taking a break today from
setting trail cams and doing some scouting them for elk out here in a new
area we’re going to hunt this fall and going to come back with another
diaphragm review this time we’re doing the amp frame we are doing the whole
line we’re actually going to do this one a little bit differently so since there
are different variations in the latex and the stretch you know there’s been a
lot of questions you know well what can I do with this Reed and what can I do
with that Reed so hopefully today we’ll kind of go through that we’ll go through
each of them starting on the bottom with the orange and we’ll work our way all
the way up to the white so okay let’s get going on the bottom end is the
orange latex or sorry orange tape white latex this is
the lightest latex lightest stretch so basically what does that mean to you
light latex light stretch typically means you’re going to kind of get higher
pitches higher tones younger cows younger calves younger Bulls you know
you can get some good volume with it but this thing it does cow calls
exceptionally well you know I would put this orange in the class definitely as a
beginner but intermediate advanced color shouldn’t shy away from this is either
because they definitely can use it now before we get into sounds let’s talk a
little bit about the amp frame so the amp frame is built on a narrow frame it
does have the silver dome on it and just regular size tape so I know typically
you know I say really find a diaphragm that fits you if you’re a medium frame
or a white frame guy I’m a white frame guy I don’t have any problems using this
narrow frame they actually are really really responsive so really any of these
amp frames beginner all the way up to advanced caller can do really really
well on them so okay so just like always I’m probably going to do a few more cow
sounds and a few more bugles just to kind of show off the ranges range of
each of these so like I said orange lightest latex lightest stretch higher
pitches younger cows younger calves younger bulls so here we go so as you can see with the white it hits
that high note really really well so good call really really easy to use
really this is an exceptional call for beginner really really easy to control
okay next step up from the orange is the
black with the red latex so now with the red latex it has just a little heavier
stretch and it’s a little bit heavier than what the white was on the orange so
you’re still going to have those higher ranges for younger cows younger calves
younger bulls but you can kind of start getting a little bit more aggressive
with it so here’s the black with the red latex okay so with the black and the red latex
being just a little bit heavier than the orange it does take a little bit more
tongue pressure a little bit more air pressure I’ll operate I still think a
beginner would be able to do this there would just be a little bit of a learning
curve on it intermediate to advanced callers would have a really easy time
with the black okay next step up from the black is the flow green tape with
the blue latex one thing I will tell you about with the flow green latex because
of the dyes that they put in that latex it will have a funky taste when you
first get it the more that you have at your mouth and the more that you call on
it that cut that taste will subside it’ll go away a little bit
so okay flow green this one’s kind of in the middle of the pack with with all of
the amp frames this one you actually have the nice advantage of going with
those higher pitch you know younger cow younger cap into some older tones same
thing with the bugles you young bulls satellite bowls and into a little bit of
hurtful and really challenging that guy so let’s go ahead and do some cow sounds
and some bugles on the flow brain so you can hear what this one sounds like okay that’s the flow green this pole
really really is responsive it’s me it responds really really well the like
tongue pressure it responds really really well to air pressure so those
those beginner callers can work this one really easy those intermediate to
advanced callers can work it really easy and the advanced callers can actually
push this reed to get kind of some of those sounds that they really really
want to get okay next up from the flow green is the gray with the white latex
again a little bit heavier latex a little bit heavier stretch now once you
start getting into the gray you kind of start getting into your deeper tones
your older cows your older Bulls kind of being able to get into the more mature
bull bugles but you do still have that ability to that you can get the higher
notes that if you want to sound like a smaller bowl that you certainly have
that ability as well so here’s the great so as you can hear with that great
automatically in the bugle kind of has those deeper tones same thing on the cow
sound so still a really good all-around diaphragm that you can do your location
bugles just display bugles challenge bugles older cow younger cow lost calf I
mean you can just run through the full gambit of it because it is a little bit
heavier latex a little bit heavier stretch I would kind of steer this one
kind of towards that beginner slash intermediate and then intermediate and
on up so okay and then finally at the top we have the white with the black
latex this is the heaviest latex heaviest stretch so obviously that’s
going to kind of get you your deeper tones older cow sounds mature heard
bulls so here’s what the white sounds like okay so there’s the white so overall
with the aunt diaphragms they’re extremely comfortable to use very easy
to use I would rank these definitely from beginner all the way up to advanced
callers you know flow green in the middle there that’s kind of a good
starting point if you are really looking for one to start with then you can get
that kind of decide whether you want a little lighter stretch or a little
heavier stretch and then you can go one way or the other but the flow green is a
great one to start with so as always thanks guys for watching we always
appreciate your support hope you’re getting out and getting ready for this
fall it’s coming quick so July first we’ve got two more months and we’re out
there Jason itself have a great one guys we’ll see you later

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  1. Another great review of the AMP frames and colors Michael…before buying the BRO series I had bought the orange, black, grey & white and was clueless as to the different stretches and sounds. Now I know! Thanks!

  2. I got a black and and a white amp and tend to really like the ease of of use compared to the white. The white one just feels like it's holding me back on bugles and I can't get everything out like I can on the black one. If I like the black amp what's another to try?

  3. I'm enjoying these diaphragms so glad once again I came across you you tube.

  4. These Phelps Amp frames are awesome and the easiest reeds Ive ever used. The Grey is my favorite

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