An OG Vacation – The International 2019

this is a smaller one but just wanna share a word like this for sure close this view man look at his fucking you
yeah that’s it wait till it stops and that’s it
have you seen my rods like vibrating we’re in business guys he took the whole
thing with him fuck that’s why your face important matters we cannot call on you
okay genuine why haven’t you caught a fish I’m not sure people didn’t think
we’re gonna qualify for TI we were left without a team two weeks before their
qualifier starts everything with how it happened and what happened it was so
typical they were so normal a typical is being
nice yeah a typical is putting the best word yeah the nicest words totally when
we got to the finals I was much happier than after we won oh really
yeah as soon as we won that it started going down rather than the opposite I
had like complete euphoria after we won and I was terrified I was terrified oh
yeah I mean oh shit just need some epic action movie music and that’s it oh that’s a good excuse me Becky me from
sports this is a big one I think it’s around 13 14 22 2008 and
then the next shot we’re cooking to Australia so yeah and everything else look at what we got Wow thank you thank
you things escalated really quickly for
these fish it is very good yeah yeah this that’s nothing is so unfair of an
unranked Kerry player wins the eye so he wasn’t intentional we stopped actually
well did you at one point realize that you won t I like that this might change
something going further well might not what does it change
I don’t know might not change anything you didn’t feel like playing dota after
that change yeah but I also had the feeling beforehand already there when I
was like grinding doing us and watch for such an angry person frustrated
yeah Haase the worst I’m worried about becoming weaker because of it yeah just
beat you through yeah why should you become weaker from doing this once you
can stamp it again because you’re satisfied with yourself cuz you’re
satisfied so you’re a weak now you had this infinite source of motivation no
it’s not there anymore you know but the way I see it is that it’s still there
you just chose to let it go I also play me a little bit man I’m working on it
every day I’m working off a fucking bad fucking bad to me it’s always been win
or die you know we’re winners zero I hate losing games he’s winning enough
like even if you want like are you truly on the level that you want no no you’re
not no I think that’s my dilemma is I think that there is more and I want to
be better and this win it’s not enough what are you looking forward to your
next year yeah I don’t know minor darn it simple yeah just a minor’s all the
I’m gonna make sure we can qualify the major I just want to play I want to play
really good daughter and I want to play free I’m excited for the chat wheels is
there is there one in particular you’re waiting please give some lock up black
and matte look like like I’m at attack I’ve been missing it man I feel I feel
it I felt naked I’ve been sending him emails every day giving you a pro by the
time I like metallography yours sincerely normal in

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