Angry guy goes mad while playing badminton NOW WITH SUBTITLES

Angry guy goes mad while playing badminton NOW WITH SUBTITLES

Do you have rice in your underwears? Rice noobs Meh Are you angry? Shut up, it’s not funny at all (Spits) I think i broke my back Fuck! Whats the score? 5-2 Kind of funny if the guy in blue starts to rage too Nice smash So much luck Fuck sakes, my grand mother could have taken that ball 5 – 2 Hes starting to get really pissed off I know Where is it? What happened? Is there any way to zoom? 6-2 6-2 Take it easy, we only have 2 balls left Stop it Soon its on us Chill down 7-2 Holy fuck Pretty hard to believe you got 21 on that exercise we did earlier today (Random talking about the exercise) (Still talking about it lol) 10-2 come on Fight for it Thats the worst serve ever LOOOOL Byebye This is not working, i dont want to play anymore Come on, lets do one more set I really don’t want to play anymore OMG That was only the warmup match You are too bad We play first to 3 sets How many times did he spit on the court so far? 5 i think First to 3 sets, lets go Game on This point is for who starts to serve No, fault We would like a hawkeye on that one (Random talking about earthquakes, keep on watching) Good serve 1-0 How the fuck could i miss that one That is sucha terrible serve, fuck, i can read that hes going to hit the ball there Stop with the whining 1-1 Fucking trans, in the fucking zone all the time fucking lucky boy The lucky power master 1-1 Sucha fucking terrible serve of me Just break it man, you will feel so much better I don’t break rackets No battery left.. 20% left Is there something wrong with the fucking racket or what? If i aim to the right side it always hits the fucking frame Thats because you are so bad Ok last point now, lets make him angry God, that was the most embarassing throw i have ever seen

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  1. the dude has ADHD lmao

  2. badminton people are very emotional

  3. its not ur racket fault ass***…its ur own fault noob..

  4. My Review

    1. You two suck. I am 6 and I would 21-0 you both.
    2. Those cost money.
    3. LOL

  5. No wonder why they are angry.. Cause after all these years of playing, they still suck! I bet I would beat them even when I was in elementary! Sadly, I'm 22 now… Can't pick on the losers anymore…

  6. haha fan va skönt

  7. 1: how gives a shit
    2: no shit sherlock
    3: ..

  8. hormones out of control. either he needs to bang his head on the wall to release some pressure or bang some chick

  9. he undergoing menstruation?

  10. is this guy abnormal?

  11. It's just not his day is it…

  12. Terriblblle skills lol

  13. You do this and it's too dangerous for other people, The blue shirt man should stomp his face for being ridiculous. The 7 years old boy has much more temper control than you. Suck!!

  14. Aha this is fiction didn't it?

  15. He pretend to go mad, I see.

  16. I can beat him easily,poor skill and poor attitude =>>NOOB

  17. haha … very funny
    NooB !
    go to Malaysia girl also can beat you ..
    hahaha .. just relax . play more learn more !

  18. who gonna marry you ..??

  19. WTF! Poor skill and attitude, he's level as same as an elementary schooler.
    My cat can beat him so easily

  20. He reminds me of someone I play badminton with. The dude throws his racket too! LOL

  21. an historical moment for this sport. Seriously, he play with a very good plastic shuttle ( I mean very good to play with your grandmother in the garden, the shuttle is yellow and it give the possibility to find him again in trees, that's great .

  22. He is just stupit player, he is not even know how to play badminton…

  23. plastic shttlecock worst player

  24. He lunges on his wrong leg

  25. Noobs,yes noobs

  26. Kids nowadays don't know how to play badminton

  27. I can win this noob easily but I'm afraid he might send me to the hospital for winning him, with his temper

  28. I feel bad for his racquets, they deserve a better owner. Btw, his footwork is horrible.

  29. Absolutelly NOOBS!

  30. because stating that you're better than these people in a youtube comments section makes it true

  31. lol. so shitty. it's not worth getting angry about.

  32. youll never get better with that attitude

  33. Bro do you even footwork?

  34. He gets so angry because he's probably the worst player in this planet haha 🙂

  35. This Video. I watched All days and I. Got is this video was Funny until My Stomach about to exploded

  36. Stupid Buoooy

  37. Such a ass hole playin.. HAHAHA!! Lol NIGGA!!

  38. i'm so glad he's not playing with some asian kids – any regular player in our club can beat him without moving much.  btw what racket is that?  looks like a really strong one

  39. lol foot work still need a lot of work. Attitude need to work even harder lol

  40. Is better not to play with this kind of fucking attitude!!! You AREN'T an international player but SHAME Of YOURSELF…… Is NOT professional at all!

  41. Deux branleur jamais vu ça …

  42. play badminton with this idiot…!!! no thx… dont want to "rape" my rackets

  43. wat the fuck is this. these guys truly suck ass. bet my 8 year old bro can cream both their asses

  44. What a complete moron.

  45. Why does the court look like this??? hahahahaha

  46. scripted? hahahahaha

  47. is this a real??i fell want to beat him

  48. yes of course she was menstruation

  49. man this us not a wwe show..u don't throw chair at people

  50. 他不好,是个_ _。

  51. that guys are really bad!!!

  52. fuck u basturd ….if u cant respect the game dont play it moron,,,better go n fuck urself jerk

  53. not everyone fortunate enough to be able to buy racket. this guy is a complete trash. he is a trash, and will always be with that kinda attitude. no skill, no talent, no manner, whats left?

  54. Je me suis déjà énervé en match mais jamais comme ça. Pathétique, en plus le niveau est vraiment pas terrible.

  55. I would love to destroy this arrogant idiot so bad.

  56. No club would put up with his crappy attitude and the better players would wipe the floor with the arrogant shit!! What a fucking knob end he is!!

  57. That footwork tho… my eyes

  58. Lol left foot at backhanf wtf ans his footwork wtf is that

  59. the guy recording is a FUCKIGN weirdo

  60. I can beat him without moving. Bruhhhhh

  61. Train with me kid

  62. relax your grip after you hit the shuttlecock

  63. minimize your step.make your step wider.try to go front and back with 2-3 step left and right 1 step and top and back corner with 1 1/2 step

  64. Lol if you are bad… calm down and learn

  65. hahahaha he's angry because he sucks LOL …. what a loser ….

  66. You fuck if my bat get a single hurt I broke my self confident

  67. Why that’s a nice racket

  68. Fucking fool angry will not make you best player.

  69. LMFAO.. Never bored to watch this video ??


  71. He sucks at this. No wonder he's angry.

  72. He is the one of the stupid idiot i ever seen this shit hole doesn't even don't know to hold bat properly and showing his angry on bat stupid fellow…..

  73. How old is he, so childish.

  74. Better go to some mma..the goose feathers has no fault in here.

  75. 2019 and … every racket u need to take care of it not throwing it even i am mad like him but its not bcuz of ur racket its about to ur skills . U have something to be sucked at before u get better.. 'do not quit until u succeed ???

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