Ankle Sprains | Foot and Ankle Associates of North Texas

Ankle Sprains  |  Foot and Ankle Associates of North Texas

Hi this is Dr. Paul Steinke with Foot and
Ankle Associates of North Texas, and the condition we’ll be discussing today is ankle sprain. Now, being a sports medicine practice we see
a lot of ankle sprains in our office, and often it occurs because an athlete twists
their ankle or an adult steps off a curb. Now, when you come into our office for an
ankle sprain, there’s a lot of things we’re worried about. We’re worried about possible ankle fracture,
of course sprain to the ligament and any damage to the associated tendons in the area. This means that when you come into our office,
in addition to the clinical examination, we will also be performing x-rays and possibly
even stressing the ligaments in your ankle to see if they’ve been torn. If there is any concern that they’ve been
torn, often we’ll do ultrasound imaging in the office or an MRI test. For patients that have sprains, there’s really
three different types. Your mild sprain, which is simply a stretch,
and typically within three or four weeks this is already resolved, and in often cases, patients
will heal these on their own at home. The second, which is more common, is a partial
tear of the ligament. Now, when we see these in the office, I say
more common, I mean presenting to our office they are more common than the generic sprain. When people tear a ligament, it requires physical
therapy, immobilization, and you basic sports medicine, which is rest, ice, compression,
and elevation. Now these patients unfortunately take a little
longer to heal, and they’ll be out of sport or activity a little while longer, but typically
by about six weeks they’re back to full, normal activity. The final and most severe injury is a complete
tear of the ligament. This can be evaluated during our clinical
examination, and we can tell if there’s little laxity in that joint that they’ve torn that
ligament. Now these patients have two options for treatment. If it’s a chronic problem where they keep
spraining their ankle, often we’ll take you to surgery immediately and fix the problem. If it’s a more acute issue, where it just
happened and it’s the first time, casting for several weeks and then a period of physical
therapy afterwards typically will heal these injuries, but if it does not heal with conservative
care, again, surgery is required. Most patients that have this type of injury
take about twelve weeks to recover, not laid up the entire time, but obviously in the early
stages restricted by a boot or cast. So, if you’ve suffered an ankle sprain and
are not sure if you’ve broken your ankle or sprained it, or just the pain is too much
for you to perform your daily activities, come on into the office so we can help get
you on the road to recovery.

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