Annoying Orange 6: Super Bowl Football

Annoying Orange 6: Super Bowl Football

-[Orange mumbling] Hey, get me out of here. Whoa, watch it, Mr. Grabbypants. I don’t like being carried
around like that, geez. -Whoa… whoa. -Whoa!
-Hi, there. -What the heck are you? -Me? I’m a football. -You’re a ball made of feet? -No, no, no. Foot-ball. Get it? Not made of feet. -Whoa! [grunts] Whoa… -Whoa, it’s a melon! -I’m not a melon, I’m a football. -Oh, no you’re not.
Not in America, buddy. -Whoa…
-Freakin’ tourists. -Is Melon made of feet too? -No, nobody’s made of feet. Boy, what’s wrong with you? -I’m an orange!
-Yeah, newsflash, thanks. -Your face is full of laces. Somebody didn’t take
their shoes off. [laughs] -Hey! Do you even
know what a football is? -Yeah, it’s a ball made of feet.
-No. Football is a game that picks two
worthy opponents against each other in an arena made of violence and grace. It’s the only true– -Boring.
-What? -You look like a mutated lemon. You’re a lemonhead. [laughs] -Yeah, that’s not even funny. I’m shaped like this so
it’s easy to throw me. -Wait? Throw you? With their hands? -Yeah. -So why are you called a football then? You should be called a handball.
-No. -You’re a handball!
-That’s not my name! -Hey! Hey, Handball!
-It’s Football! -Hey Handball,
do you have any money? -No. -‘Cause I want my “quarter back.”
[laughs] -All right, this is getting a little– -Your name is Handball Lemonhead.
[laughs] -That’s not my name!
-Hey, hey Handball! Can you blow bubbles with your spit?
-No. -Like this, watch.
[mumbling] -That’s disgusting.
-Try it! -No!
-You’re not trying. -Yeah, and I’m not going to. Stop that! -You’ll love it!
-No, I’m pretty sure I won’t love it. -It’s fun!
-No! What’s going on here? I’m the star of the Super Bowl
and this is how I get treated? Being berated by a talking orange? -Super Bowl?
Is that for a really big salad? [laughs]
-No! It’s not for a really big salad! Are you actually that slow? -Hey, hey Handball!
-What?! -Foot.
-What? -Whoa!
[Football yelling] -Hey Handball, can I have your seat? [Football yells, groans] [sighs] Oh, well. -Whoa… [grunts] I tell ya, I’m a bloody football, not him. -Yeah right. Handball told me
that you weren’t made of feet. Stupid melon. Captioned by SpongeSebastian

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  1. your video s are cool☺

  2. Released on my birthday

  3. Super Bowl XLIV: New Orleans Saints VS Indianapolis Colts

  4. Soccer is the best sport in the world ?

  5. So funny orange he say i my name is headball lemon head XD

  6. 67 41p0,0eae.1a,x1 bpn x

  7. Orange whoever you talk to they get killed

  8. Hand ball lemon head!

  9. Why the heck does the guy bring the Orange to the Park and not eat it? This episode would have been the final episode of the Annoying Orange.

  10. orange : hi basketball
    basketball : Hi orange
    orange : Do you have any balls?
    basketball : yeah in my basket


  11. Football :No Nobody's Made of Feet 0:39 Me: Um They kinda are Becuase there's feet at the legs of you're body

  12. When I watched this video 7 years ago, I didn't have hair all over my cheeks.

  13. Who’s watching 1 week before super bowl

  14. this orange is definitely different

  15. Orange: You're face is full of laces somebody didn't take their shoes off. Hahahaha!

  16. Z. Z. ZZzzzx.

  17. You're onscar orange

  18. Did anybody notice he looks different

  19. I tell ya, Soccer Ball is bloody, not him!

  20. Where is grape fruit

  21. Orange looks different

  22. Orange:Woah What The Heck Are You

  23. 0:27 I like how he said "Whoa"

  24. Why did the football players go to the bank. To get there quarter back

  25. AO: hehe! I'm an orange
    Me: haha I'm a cookie!
    AO: hey football!
    Football: what
    Me: – dies in laughter –

    Edit: AO is awesome and the person who posted this

  26. Thats like avocado big game

  27. Your name is Handball Lemonhead!?




  29. Hi in Orange I like to game

  30. This is the end of humanity

  31. Which it grabs pants ??

  32. HAHAHAHAHA I laughed so hard about fod ball made of fod

  33. Hahahahaha it's do funny [email protected]??????????

  34. hey handball i have a foot

  35. Football tries to get Orange to know what is Football.

  36. Every Big Game Sunday I watch this

  37. Hey Xbox ball WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!! Foot what?

  38. Annoying Orange 6: Super Bowl Football

  39. Look, let's just settle this once and for all. The sport played around the world is called football. The sport played in the states is called padded rugby.

  40. omg This is my help!!!!!!

  41. One is a eggball another one is a football

  42. Without fail during super bowl week I watched this on a Non-Stop loop Dane he didn't think the annoying Orange would be so popular I'll look at all the money you've made

  43. You stole this video

  44. American Football : Freakin' tourists

  45. Anyone watching this when tonight is the super bowl??

  46. Who do you think is gonna win the super bowl?????

  47. Not in america Amanda b

  48. and now he is a new orange

  49. This is like the first thing I saw on youtube

  50. When I first saw this video the day it was posted, I always wondered if the football is supposed to be reddish-brown, why are his eyes and mouth dark blue-green?

  51. Football:In an arena of violence and grace
    Me: that's bassicly football in my school

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