Hey guys what’s up! So we’ere here for some Ant Man highlights. This guy gets Huge, out of all the MOBA games
I’ve played, this is the only hero that grows to this size. Ant Man can also shrink in order to avoid
his opponents, you become untargetable with your second skill, then out of no where, you
can also become a giant that provides crowd control for multiple targets. This guy to be honest has a lot of potential
when it comes to team fights. Also, your ultimate summons bees to attack
your opponents, it lasts for 15 seconds, and then it returns and heals you, depending on
how many opponents they’ve hit. So the more opponents you hit, the more heal
you’ll get. His second skill and ultimate is actually
a great combo. It’s sometimes hard to make full use of your
ultimate in a team clash since you have to be near your opponents for the ultimate to
hit. And Ant man, isn’t really that tanky. That’s why, it’s great to use your ultimate
together with your second skill. Remember you’re untargetable when you’re on
your second skill, so you can go through your opponents while having your ultimate activated,
it’s really a perfect combo. This buys you some time for your bees to come
back and heal you. There are a lot of ways to make full use of
your skills though, it really just depends on the situation, you can also use your ultimate
while you’re in giant form. Or sneak into the middle of your opponents
while you’re shrunk, then cancel the form, and switch to giant mode, and crowd controlling
everyone near you in the process. Your third skill is your giant form, every
time you switch, you knock up anyone near you. So like I said guys, lots of possibilities
for this guy. More so in higher tier team fights. Anyways, that was just a quick run down on
his skills, we’ll make a seperate video going into full detail about his skills and gameplay. Enjoy the rest of this Ant Man gameplay video. So what do you guys think about Ant Man? Share your thoughts in the comment section. That’s all for this video. Thank you for watching!

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    Hey Guys WhatsUp

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    Make next iron man he's very good
    I played some matches with him and he its very op
    And hes like gord from MLBB

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    Wictory streak
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