Arcade 1Up Mods! Change Out The Controls, Add More Games?

Arcade 1Up Mods! Change Out The Controls, Add More Games?

welcome back to another arcade 1Up
exclusive video. today we’re going to talk about all the news and
groundbreaking information that’s just hit the Internet in the last 48 hours first things first let’s talk about the
big news yes you can mod these machines that’s right
fellow youtuber Meg Turney just released her YouTube video showcasing and
reviewing the street fighter 2 cabinets she was sent by arcade one up and in
this video she showcases as you can see in this image right here what the
underside of the control panel looks like and the great news about this is it
uses standard arcade parts just like they’ve always said but in seeing this
you can also dictate that you can change these parts out there’s nothing that
would indicate that these parts are locked in or unique in any form
whatsoever these are genuine normal interchangeable arcade part all the way
down from the buttons all the way to the control stick so meaning if you don’t
like the concave of buttons that these machines come for you can swap them out
with convex buttons or if you’re not fond of the the ball type joystick you
can switch it out for a bet style or you could just switch it up for a different
ball top stick basically the world is your oyster you could swap these parts
out it’s great news anybody that was on the fence about whether or not this
should get one of these machines and they were hesitant just because of the
parts the parts themselves they look great it looked to be a good condition
look to be very well-made parts but you know everyone has their own tastes and
interests so if you want to swap out the buttons and the joysticks by all means
go right ahead the unfortunate bad news is it appears
that if you were going to hack this system so to speak and try to put your
own emulated roms on this machine it’s probably not very likely at least not in
the initial stages in the same mech turn a video we also got a look at what the
emulation board itself looks like and they’re looking at this image you can
tell that it’s a little bit lockdown arcade one up has said that this is
going to be a proprietary you know emulation software set up that they you
know made in-house and it looks to be a hundred percent truthful to what they’ve
said so if you want to hack this put your own emulator roblems you’re
going to you’re gonna have your work cut out for you because it doesn’t look to
be something as simple as just plugging in a USB and updating the firmware or
anything of that nature but if time has proven anything is that the gaming such
nerd community with enough time energy and caffeine in their system can
accomplish anything so get to crackin folks additionally there’s been a lot of
hubbub and speculation about just how tall the risers are so there’s a lot of
misinformation going around the internet unfortunately some of that is just due
to confusion due to communications from the arcade one of team but they’re
trying their best folks that they’ve went above and beyond today and they
made a video posted it on all their social media accounts showcasing just
exactly how tall the risers themselves are and how tall the final cabinet sizes
with the riser so the risers themself in the story and
speculation there’s only one riser the stuff you see on the Bed Bath & Beyond
website that’s just error that was prototype samples mocked up bed bath me
on like said in my initial video with that beth and beyond
they’ve just proven that they can’t upload reliable credible information on
their website but in the story the riser 13 inches tall
essentially rises the cabinet up one foot and the overall height of the
machine is going to be under five feet so four foot eight inches and some
change is going to be the overall tallest point of the machine so if you
were on the fence about getting a riser you didn’t think it was gonna be the
biggest bang for your buck or you just don’t think that’s gonna be enough feel
free to make your own there’s a lot of people who said oh my gosh I can I can
make one for cheaper than $40 well put your money where your mouth is make your
own riser show show everybody your woodworking skills because I’d love to
see it another hot topic of debate was the Canadian prices for these machines
so a lot of people have been complaining from the great white north that the
Canadian prices of these machines are significantly higher than that of the
United States and other territories well it looks like I don’t have any more good
news for you only bad news in fact if you’re a Canadian customer and you want
so I don’t know like the deluxe Atari arcade 12 and one game cabinet pictured
here if you want that unfortunately you’re gonna have to smuggle it across
the border because Walmart has exclusive licensed retailer rights to the arcade
one-up brand so the fries and the Best Buy exclusive cabinet that is going to
be the deluxe twelve and one Atari machine you are not going to be able to
get this from a retailer and Canada Walmart is the only retailer that can
sell these machines as of right now speaking of fries and Best Buy there’s
been a little bit of confusion and speculation as to differences between
the deluxe cabinets and fries and Best Buy some people thought there was two
different variations of the deluxe cabinets one that Best Buy is yet to
unveil since they’ve not formally announced or shown anything on their web
store there is no variance there’s not two deluxe cadmus there’s only one
deluxe machine both fries and Best Buy will have the same machine but which it
makes sense if you think about it because Best Buy and fries are kind of
split out throughout the United States as far as the territory they cover so
there’s only one deluxe machine and it will be available at both Best Buy and
fries and on the topic of product variances and availability if you’ll
look at this tweet right here somebody that’s that is there a difference
between the United States cabinets versus the European market cabinets and
if you’ll read the arcade one UPS official response here in this tweet
you’ll see that no all the machines are all identical as far as parts joysticks
across all markets and unfortunately tagged onto this there was another bad
breaking news space invaders is not going to be available in 2018 so if
you’re one of those people that was holding high hopes for space invader to
get it before Christmas this year sadly you’re out of luck you’ll have to put it
on your Christmas list next year God dang it
additionally sumit speculated and hope that arcade 1up would get into the
full-size arcade cabinet business after the initial rollout of their initial
machines well I’m gonna put that to bed right now No as you can see in this
tweet they are not going to be making full-sized cabinets and if you think
about it it makes 100 percent since they’ve created a niche in this market
for smaller sized cabinets for specific reasons so it’d be counterintuitive
for them to back up on that business model and go into the full-size arcade
cabinet business juice many have wondered if there are going to
be other Namco titles besides pac-man and pac-man Plus released in the future
as of now the only official greenlit machine is the pac-man arcade cabinet
with pac-man and pac-man plus but as you can see in this image right here they
already clearly have a great working relationship with Namco so it really
shouldn’t be any surprise for us to see other great games like mappy Dig Dug and
Bostonian just to name a few and lastly if you’re really desperate for more
arcade 1up news I suggest you make really good friends with a Game Stop
store manager because the Game Stop GME conference held in Indianapolis Indiana
on August 25th to 30th we’ll be partnering with arcade one up here
arcade one up will be able to educate and form Game Stop store managers about
the new machines the current machines and everything that their product line
is going to be carrying now and into the future I want to thank everybody for
watching this update if you liked it feel free to hit that like button
comment down below what you think of the channel and if you’re new to this
channel please consider subscribing because I’ve got more great arcade 1up
videos coming up

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  1. Will you be switching out the buttons or joysticks on your cabinet? What will you put in their place? Let me know!

  2. It looks like a LVDS monitor connected to the board. They make LVDS to HDMI adapters which could be the way to go.

  3. Thank you for keeping us 80's/90's arcade kids up to date, bud! You've easily been my go-to source when it comes to these 1up cabinets. Prior to these being announced, I had plans to either restore or build a multi-purpose cabinet myself, but these (for now) are far more appealing (given my busy schedule).

    As a father, I'm actually excited to re-live the thrills and enjoyment I had when my dad used to take me to the arcades of the 80s and 90s, with my own kids. Given their size, reasonable price, and authentic look, I have no doubt that I'll buy many more, if they're as good as they (I hope) claim.

    I've got the Street Fighter 2 cabinet reserved, as its a staple anyone from my generation should have.

    I don't know if it's feasible, but if they come up with a cabinet to support the classic light-gun games of the past (e.g, Terminator 2: Judgement Day, Revolution X, and many others), I wouldn't hesitate to snatch them up. Beyond that, could you imagine how awesome it would be if they come up with a way to provide us with mini versions of Sega's Model 1/2/3 and Naomi arcade classics?

    Hell, I'd even go so far as to buying one for the office, just so coworkers could have a nice outlet during their breaks.

    P.S. 1up, if you're listening (and I suspect you are), I hope you consider solutions that go beyond these initial 2D games. Also… please make those classic 4-player beatem-ups (e.g., TMNT, X-MEN, and Capcom's games) available on a cabinet wide enough for us adults to re-live the good old days!

    Anyway, I love your coverage, and for that, you've earned my subscription, bud!

  4. Cool toy Be honest do you work for arcade 1up.. ?is a cool product but why not just have a arcade 1 up channel. Instead of a guy who obviously works for them pretending to have a genuine channel.

  5. thanks on the update

  6. If it used an HDMI connector for the screen I would have bought one. That old IDE ribbon gives hope for a raspberry pi maybe…..

  7. I guarantee "the Nerds" will in fact figure a way to get more games on there.
    I mean 3 games is ridiculous, I mean yes three perfect or near-perfect arcade versions of great games but still for the money I need to know it's open for business.
    (and more games)

  8. I'm wondering if the monitor accepts HDMI or VGA, if so it will be a very easy mod. Personally I'm very interested in the cabinet shell itself then the actual games. But it is a plus to have them, cause plug n play is great and that's how you sell to the regular market. The SF cab i'd switch all parts to Sanwa, either place a PS4 in there running SF: Anniversary or a PC with FightCade. Who wouldn't wanna take your cab online? 🙂

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  10. Excellent video, best yet on the ARCADE1UP product offerings.

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  12. Im waiting on the Mortal Kombat cabinet. Day one for me.

  13. You might not be able to hack their board but it would be pretty easy to just get an ipac and put a cheap mame setup in there.

  14. What gets me is it is emulation software. The fact that you can download an emulator and games you actually like for free makes the 300 dollars seem like a lot not to mention how much easier it is to download and play pc emulation.
    I do however find this good due to the fact that it provides an easier and more affordable option towards bringing home that nostalgic arcade experience and feel.
    But for me all I really see is arcade structure with games that run on software I can download for free and get games I like on top of that for free.
    It is just not a practical purchase in my opinion.
    Thanks for the video, you answered questions I had and this was very helpful.
    (note I made changes to wording)

  15. next thing you know someone will mod a chip with multiple games, and they will hack it somewhat, it kind of reminds of me of the ps1/ps2 chips that would hack the systems to play burned discs…we'll see..

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    Keep this up!!

  23. this canadian only wanted the 12-in-1.
    walmart, you hoser! take off eh!

  24. Anyone knows if there is a plug in play from the ribbon cable to HDMI cable?

  25. Better machines have been around for like 8 years now I’ve had one for 6 years myself , why are people getting so hyped about this company.

  26. Theoretically couldn't you just de-solder / unhook the screen and make an adapter for a PC or Rpi. It doesn't seem to be that hard?

  27. Yeah… I think I'm just going to build my own with a pi in it.

  28. Cool and all but for me the beauty of vintage games is in orignal arcades I have full sized mame for emulations. Cost was about $600 for pretty much all emulations I dont even know how manys on it. So you could buy 2 mini arcade kits or one full sized emulator kit both take up about the same floor space so saving sqft arguments blown. Full sized em can be made to look like any game has most every game and is by far the better deal.

  29. Why cant people buy these arcade cabinets and enjoy them and stop trying to figure out a way to mod them! If you want thousands of games in one place with emulators theres a place for that called your pc! SMH

  30. Got mine today. So happy I bought it.

  31. The Canadian price is equal to the US price, converted by the exchange rate. Don't know why the Canucks are crying over the price.

  32. can u just swap the motherboard ?? would a Pandora box fit on that lcd screen ???

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  35. Does anyone happen to know what kind of speaker is being used or the thickness of the ply used for the cabinet?

  36. At the back of most supermarkets got plastic empty milk crates, grab yourself one or a couple and you got yourself a riser ..

  37. Just a collector's item

  38. Update, instead of mailing off my cabinet after finding out the backflip button failed to work on my SF2 cabinet, they mailed my a new joystick setup. Very pleased with the ease of resolving my issue. Update 2, my second cabinet is perfect.

  39. Can't you just swap the board out for a raspberry pi since the joysticks and shit use standard parts?

  40. Could I switch it out with a raspberry pi 3. Then use adapters to hook it up. The only down side you'd have to program all of the controllers.

  41. I’d mod Mortal Kombat Project games onto one of those cabinets

  42. I miss the first wave in but already order my SF cabinet. Will I receive one with the protective plastic already on?

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  44. Need some games like bad dudes, arch rivals etc

  45. Yes….it worked!..There's room for a trackball. ???

  46. Someone already put a pi in it

  47. Hi i live in Australia and a store called ALDI will sell them on Wednesday the 31st of October and they are $500.

  48. Seems it would’ve been easy to have 2 speakers. Any information on why the 1?

  49. Erm you can hack it!…speak to ETA Prime!!! lol 🙂

  50. I was told by the distributor at the Melbourne toy fair that there was a way to add more games to it. I had a look at their Rampage cabinet which appeared to running emulation station, as for the Street Fighter version of the cabinet it looks like its been customized. Basically my question can you add more games to it? and if so how?

  51. $500 in Australia from Aldi, there are far better options available out there in my opinion.

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  54. What we'd like to see is the inside of the cab. Who cares about the proprietary board. We knew that's how it was going to be. We can always switch that out with a dedicated PC. But what type of monitor is being used? How is it mounted? What are the dimensions? Is it using VGA, DVI or HDMI?


  56. Neo Geo: Blazing Star, Metal Slug, Garou: Mark of the Wolves I would pay whatever that lmao.

  57. Hey just an off question, is there a continue function on the street fighter 2 cabinet?

  58. I seen them in my Walmart for about $400 it’s kinda high to play something that’s limited to just the few select few games or game it comes with. I guess the buying point in this would be taste. I grew up when they had real arcades and the managers would walk around with wods of cash in there hands. It’s something you don’t see anymore. That and malls. Some malls are closing up shop.

  59. Very interesting. Have a nice day now.

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    You have everything you need already after that.

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  73. people shouldn't be complaining about prices because they have to realize… taxes, free medical isn't free.

    When we send our stuff across the border Canada taxed us. Guess who's paying the taxes? Canadians.

  74. Great vid. I just bought pac man and I'm having issues with the joystick. Do you happen to know what will Arcade do to help me?

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  79. Also somebody needs to jump on the custom rizer market. Make one higher.

  80. This is priced 499 EUROS (560USD!!!) in Europe. Just WHY? No one bought that, of course.

  81. There is a ex demo cabin for sale near me is it easy to take it out of demo mode?

  82. I have the 12 in 1 cab that does not come with a joystick. Would I be able to swap out a button to ad a working joystick?

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  87. Yes the machine!

  88. I found out that if you are using a Sanwa JLF or JLF clone joystick, you can still use the Arcade1up joystick mounts. the 4 screws on the middle of the JLF mounting plate (around the shaft) line up exactly with the Arcade1up mounting plate. no need to try to re-center or drill new holes for the joystick. just unscrew the 4 center screws from the both plates, and swap them.

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