Arcade 1Up Rampage and Street Fighter II Cabinet Reviews!

Arcade 1Up Rampage and Street Fighter II Cabinet Reviews!

for any kid that’s ever had the pleasure
of walking out of a busy arcade after a full day of gaming they’re often too
overwhelming fillings that hit them as they walk towards that exit door first
being the wish they had more quarters secondly a whimsical wished they had
their very own arcade machine for their own home now that these kids have grown
into adults some continue to pursue that dream oftentimes though they run into
difficult considering these meshes take up and the price these machines often
costing into the thousands of dollars fortunately for these adults longing to
fill that nostalgic void there’s the three-quarter scale arcade cabinets from
arcade one a product the aims to fill the space left for those who want a real
arcade experience in their home without breaking the bank with a standard arcade
cabinet coming in at over six feet tall and often weighing over 400 pounds
these scaled-down machines offer a far more convenient option for an arcade
enthusiast coming in only a mere 63 pounds at a height of 46 inches
adults can play these machines comfortably while seated in a chair or
if they desire more original arcade experience there is an optional riser
sold separately they can be placed underneath this machine to raise it up
an additional foot bringing the arcade controls up to the exact height they
were on the original full-size machines speaking of controls you’ll notice these
machines also have built-in arcade controls that allow you to play these
games exactly the way they were intended to be originally played thankfully
arcade 1up has went to great lengths to ensure they provided very close to
original experience for the consumer working with the original game license
holders arcade 1up developed a proprietary system to run these machines
interrelating the original arcade ROM some will be quick to notice however
that there have been some changes to the machine mainly these machines use a 17
inch LCD monitor instead of CRT monitors that were very prevalent in original
arcade cabinets back in the day while this might upset the most feverish
arcade fan this is an understandable change considering it’s 2018 and CRT
monitors are no longer being mass-produced in fact I’m happy to say
the 17 inch LCD monitor that comes in this machine looks amazing it’s
beautifully sharp it’s a vibrant display that makes these games really jump off
the screen especially during Street Fighter gameplay providing
excellent visibility for gaming at all usual viewing angle
one of the biggest complaints of using LCD monitors for arcade gaming is often
input lag that sometimes games run into I’m very happy to report that I found no
such issue with the situated monitor if you’re a technophile and you’re looking
for a potential change to the settings this monitor display has or potentially
adding something such as a scanline generator you’ll be a little letdown to
know that none of these things are possible with this monitor but for the
$299 price point that these machines are currently listed at I don’t see that
being an issue as it really doesn’t affect gameplay and it’s more of a
personal preference these machines also include they’re originally licensed
artwork adorned on the side panels of the cabinet monitor bezel and the
control panel itself providing a 99% accurate replication of the original art
with the only real difference being the addition of the arcade 1up logo itself
they reassure to include the original misspelling of ball rods name on the
street fighter’ bezel find the original marquee graphic fixed to the top of the
machine one thing to note is unlike the full-size predecessors this machine does
not have been illuminated marquee now I completely understand that the marquee
not lighting up was a cost savings measure but for future installments down
the line I would like to see arcade 1 I make some changes potentially just
changing the wood panel to a plexiglass panel and that way we can add our own
LED light strips if we want and that way we could have a truly bright and
colorful light up marquee so let’s see these cabinets are relatively affordable
at $299 are pretty accessible available at most major retailers and are easy to
move and lightweight you know very simple to store in your house but none
of that even matters if the gameplay isn’t good so let’s go ahead and change
out and get right into it shall we let’s go okay so I put the Streif under
cabinet through the paces for the last couple of days and I’m very happy to
report that it plays fantastic the joystick does leave a little bit to be
desired as far as for hardcore gaming enthusiasts if you’ve got a hard court
fight fan for a long time and you’ve played numerous fighting games
especially with arcade style sticks you’re probably not gonna be as happy
with the joystick but honestly I do think for casual gamers it’s gonna be
completely fine now this joystick does use a square restrictor plate instead of
a round or an octagonal restrictor plate but it still plays pretty good one gripe
I did have was that the round ball tops on this arcade stick continuously kept
coming on wound and unscrewed and I continually
had to put it back on after oh no maybe one or two rounds a solution I found for
that is very simple I mean you could just put superglue or some kind of
superglue product on the tip of that and screw it down in a hold or you could do
what I did and replace those ball tops with bat tops I found these on Amazon
I’ll be sure to put a link down below in the description box below this video but
uh I put these bat tops on there and they screw on just you know just unscrew
the ball top you put on this bat top and these fit much more snugly and I didn’t
have any issues whatsoever with these coming unscrewed very cheap easy fix
secondly the only other gripe I had about this machine was the sound
unfortunately when you’re playing the Super versions of these games the the
the sound files just don’t sound good and the reason for that is because
arcade one up was sent stereo file sounds from the game licenser capcom and
they tried to output that via mono sound so essentially you’re compressing a
stereo sound into a one-tailed system you’re basically losing all the left
side of it this is really noticeable in certain areas like the character select
screen as well as various different levels there background music you
completely miss a lot of instrumentation and the chip tunes that are playing in
the background it’s a little bit distracting it’s not a deal-breaker by
any means but for anybody that’s play these games for many many years you’ll
pick up on this right away overall I’m very satisfied with the streetfighter
cabinet and I would have to give this two thumbs up I think it’ll make a great
companion piece to my full-size of Street Fighter arcade cabinet and I’m
very happy to add it to my collection so next let’s talk about this guy the
rampage cabinet the rampage cabinet is probably the most unique cabinet from
this initial launch of arcade one of machines as it comes with controls for
three players while this is a great idea the cabinet with currently does make for
some very awkward three player gaming for full-sized adults but it is still
completely playable in this manner I was very happy with the gameplay of rampage
the controls are very responsive the picture was very sharp and has great
bright colors that really pop from this LCD all in all I have zero complaints
with rampage next I tried my hand at gauntlet the
gameplay was great until I ran into an issue a very big issue unfortunately
when I reached level 30 the game has a glitch that caused the screen image to
scroll continuously and would not allow me to play the game any further I tried
multiple different sessions of this game and ran into this issue every single
time now arcade 1up has officially released a
statement on this glitch notifying everyone that they are fully aware of
the issue and have a fix in place they are encouraging anyone who has
experiences this glitch on their rampage cabinet to reach out to their customer
service department and they will get fixed up with replacement parts to solve
the issue after this it was time to try my hand at joust I had an excellent
experience with this game and it plays exactly how I remember and overall is an
excellent representation of this game lastly it was time for me to play one of
my favorites growing up defender and sadly this was an extremely frustrating
endeavor I’m almost at a loss for words for just how hard and difficult it is to
play a defender with the current control scheme and layout on this game now I
understand this cabinet was set up for rampage and it’s being you know
repurposed for defender but whoever programmed the button mapping on this
game well this should be taken outside and punched in the stomach I mean quite
simply this is infuriating there’s no way to play this game without
having both hands across the entire width of the control panel and it’s just
it’s not playable I mean quite simply put it’s just unplayable you could you
can fight and try to you know adapt to this gameplay style and probably spend
45 minutes on it and maybe get used to it but for anybody else you’re just not
gonna have fun playing this game it’s so hard and difficult it really shouldn’t
be it’s very basic control scheme and it’s just the button mapping on this
game is unfortunately just horrible so III really have to just not recommend
anyone play the defender game so if you’re looking looking at getting the
rampage cabinets specifically for defender I’m going to suggest you look
elsewhere so let’s wrap it up what are my final thoughts on the arcade one a
product so I had a great experience with the Street Fighter cabinet in a
middle-of-the-road experience with the the rampage cabinet do I think these
machines are worth $299 yes I honestly I think that’s a pretty good
price point for him obviously we would all love to see them lower but
reasonably speaking I think that’s a great price point really the only
competition and summer theme parks for this right now are the little handheld
arcade cabinets that you’ll find out like Walmart’s and targets and things
like that those things roughly cost about $25 they’re cute and all they’ve
got the look of an arcade cabinet but they are really unplayable I mean unless
you’re an absolute child you’re now going to be able to play those things I
mean they’re just little bitty controls like this I’m I’m a full-sized adult I
have both size adult fingers I can’t work those little machines they
look cute on a shelf but I don’t want to spend $25 to play those things when I
could just invest in one of these and get a much more authentic and similar
arcade experience that I had as a child do I think you should spend the money
and actually buy one of these if you’re a hardcore gamer or retro enthusiast
absolutely I think your $300 is well spent on these machines I really think
it’s going to be the hot ticket Christmas item this year especially with
the availability of them the fact that you can go into major retailers and just
pick one of these up put it in the back of your vehicle and drive home put it
together in relatively short time you know 45 minutes put together like an
IKEA bookshelf very simple assembly I think all of those factors the fact that
it’s lightweight it’s easy to pick up move store around your house much more
accessible than a full-size arcade cabinet speaking of which look let’s
talk about full-size arcade cabinet for just a brief second so this guy over
here yeah this guy right here I had to pay well over $1,000 for I’ve had to put
lots of money time and energy into repairing it keeping it up much more
difficult ownership liabilities here than it is for arcade one of cabinets in
fact it took me and two other buddies a hell of a time trying to get this up my
stairs almost died put a hole in my wall don’t tell my wife I’m much what I
prefer just going to a Walmart Target or Best Buy and buying an arcade 1up
cabinet if those were available anyways short story long if you’re new to this
channel please consider subscribing because I’ve got more great nerdy
content coming up I’ll be following the arcade 1up releases coming up in the
future very closely so be sure to follow me and subscribe to this channel hit
that notification they’ll get notified every time I’m
posting a new video and as always thanks for watching guys

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  5. I originally preordered SF2 cab and the Rampage one for Gauntlet for 3 players. Lo and behold I found out beforehand that the Rampage cabinet only allowed Gauntlet for 2 players making the other joystick worthless. I canceled the preorder of the Rampage cabinet. Now, you're telling me they have a fatal bug in level 30? Wow. I'm glad I just went with the Street Fighter cabinet! It's not perfect by any means, but it does deliver a "close 2nd" arcade experience for your home. I do wish I could get more of them, but I simply don't have the space.

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    I have a large collection of console video games, with over 8,500 games, and 247 consoles, so space is a premium for me. I also hate ROM's, but with all of the arcade games I want to play in one cabinet, besides a few that take more buttons, I'll be more than pleased. I figure aside from the rasberry, I'm looking at $340 for the cabinet and riser, and $100 for the buttons, sticks, et. So $500 should give me the arcade I've been wanting for years, along with the awesome arcade art of one of my favorite games of all time.. Final Fight.

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  16. there is an easyer fix for the stick if you can get under the controle panel with machine unplugged there sould be a flat blade screw under at the end of the shaft of the joystick twist that while holding the ball and it should be solid!

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    At any rate, I was seriously about to buy a multi-out 4 game MVS cab with the old stuff (Super Spy, Magician Lord, Baseball Stars, and NAM) for 1,400.00 until I saw these. I have been quite hesitant as I was worried at the low $299 price. I was thinking…I don't know about this. The price is still baffling to me but I digress. I am off on Tuesday and I planned to buy my fiance a Switch (she has been wanting one for a while and is the only machine I did not run out and day one purchase)…I am seriously thinking of stopping at my local Wal-Mart as it is in the same parking lot as our Gamestop and picking up Street Fighter 2 and Rampage. Thankfully, I really only care about Street Fighter 2 and Rampage. Gauntlet is cool, to be sure but the other two were really before my time.

    I had an Nes when I was a kid but did not really become a diehard nut until the Sega Genesis. I blame the arcades for not really and truly gaming at home. That is until I played Altered Beast, Ghouls n' Ghosts, and Strider at a friend's house. I remember telling my mom "I want this for my birthday and Christmas." Unfortunately or fortunately, depending on how you look at it, I got real sick and had to go into the hospital. My parents bought me a Genesis and every launch game there was…from then on, I was a gamer.

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