Are Boys Smarter Than Girls?

Are Boys Smarter Than Girls?

The stereotype that men are smarter than women has a long history, but in the battle of the sexes, who actually has the superior intellect when it comes down to it? Are boys smarter than girls? Early studies show that male brains are 8 to 13 percent larger in volume than female brains, however this has been since attributed to differences in body size. Women’s brains have more gyrofication or brain folding, and as a result, a greater cortical surface area. Besides, bigger isn’t always better. Sperm whales, elephants and dolphins all have larger brains than humans, and while they are smart, their cognitive abilities are less than our own. There are other structural differences, though, like males having more connections within hemispheres, while women have more connections between hemispheres. But overall, MRI brain imaging shows significant overlap in the physical structure between the sexes. After studying 14 hundred brains and comparing the sexes, researchers found that mostly all men and woman show a mosaic of female and male typical structures in the brain. This study also evaluted gender stereotypical behaviours. Like how video games are often considered male behaviour while scrapbooking is female and the results found that 0.1% of test subjects displayed only male or only female typical behaviours. Tests on intelligence find similar results with major IQ studies showing neglible, or no sex differences in general intelligence but do show women having stronger verbal abilities while men show stronger visual-spatial abilities. Interestingly, studies show more male variance in tests with their scores being both the worst and the best. One meta analysis of 22 studies did fiund men to be 3.3 to 5.5 IQ points above women but this study has been called into question by academics who found the methodology flawed. In academic performance of language, math and science, women consistently received better grade in 70% of nations. But on SAT testing in the U.S. men scored 33 points higher in math and science. Other tests like the Program for International Student Assessment showed both sexes performing equally in several countries with girls performing better in some like Iceland suggesting cultural and environmental differences and not necessarily biological differences at play. But research has found that stereotypes about womens performance actually impact how well they do. When told that a particular math test had significant gender differences, women performed significantly worse than their male peers. While women who were told there was no difference, scored the same. This phenomenom is known as the stereotype threat. Even google search data shows that parents 2.5 times more likely to search is my son gifted than is my daughter gifted? Despite 11% more girls in gifted programs in America. And girls pick up on these bias as early as 6 years old. When told a story at age 5 about a person who is really really smart both boys and girls associate intelligence with there own gender but by age 6 both girls and boys picked a male character as the smartest. In a similar experiment kids were asked if they wanted to play a game for people who are really really smart and again at age 5 both sexes wanted to play but by age 6, girls had decided these games weren’t for them. and though women do strive to work in STEM fields studies show they face barriers. In a double blind study science faculty from research universities rated applications for a lab manager position. What they didn’t know is that the applications were randomly assigned either male or female names. As a result, faculty perceived the male applicant names to be significantly more competent, hireable and deserving of mentoring even though the applications with female names were identical. Males were also offered higher starting salaries, an average of 30,000 versus the females 26,000. Though these studies produce a sobering reality research does point to growing equality between the sexes with passing decades and education and in spite of these barriers women continue to contribute to our collective scientific knowledge. Rosalind Franklin allowed us to understand our own DNA, Katherine Johnson helped Apollo 11 land on the moon and this year Maryam Mirzakhani is the first women to win a Nobel prize for mathematics. Fellow mathematician Izabella Laba said “Mirzakhan’s selection does exactly nothing to convince me that women are capable of doing mathematical research at the same level of men. I have never had any doubt about that in the first place.. What I take from it instead is that we as a society, men and women alike, are becoming better at encouraging and nurturing mathematical talent in women, and more capable of reconizing excellence in women’s work.” To learn more we asked the women at ASAP Science to speak personally about their experiences growing up and give insight about how they navigate the societal pressures of being a woman. Click on the screen or the link in the description to check out that video and subscribe for more weekly science videos every Thursday.

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  1. Correction: Maryam Mirzakhani won the Field's Medal in 2014, the most prestigious award in mathematics, which is often described as the mathematician's "Nobel Prize".

  2. SOMETIMES GIRLS ARE SMARTER SOMETIMES BOYS IT doesnt matter live your life

  3. Women think emotionally and men think logically. The avg man is smarter than the avg women. Lol.

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  5. Its ok if u not smart u learn from a mistake u did

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  7. women r smarter at certain things. Men r smarter at other certain things

  8. “While scrapbooking is a hobby for women”
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  14. I've never actually heard "boys are smarter than girls" i've only heard 'girls are smarter than boys' AND the ORIGINAL phrase is 'girls rule boys drool'.
    My last math report card was:
    Reading: B+
    Spelling A+
    Math: B (or C+ i think)
    P.E semester: B
    Music semester: B-
    Art semester: A+
    But it actually depends on the person, and I probably have this opinion because I am female.

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  27. It depends on how hard you study not on gender.

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  29. Stop giving people the idea that girls don't deserve as much. Less pay? Why?? Because the employer learned about the past's female inferiority belief.

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  34. The most smartest man ever has 230-260 IQ and the most smartest woman has 215 IQ

  35. Boys are smarter than girls that’s what statistics say sooo?

  36. I get this but we created most of everything

  37. Basically: Equal “smartness”, but it’s CULTURE that can often lead to women over men or men over women. NOT biology.

  38. This video is clearly bias as they question the studies that they don't agree with but don't question those that show equality. Statistically they should point out flawed studies show equality. I mostly came here to see chemical difference primarily the effects of estrogen and testosterone on intelligence but obviously need to try and find a journal article.

  39. Hey I'm a boy let's say females are smarter in noticing what is good and poison and males are better at physical things like hunting and knowing what prey is right and if you guys more tell me thanks you

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  42. Its the spirit that determines smartness, not the brain

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  45. Well the right thing is that a girl can be smarter from a boy and a boy can be smarter from a girl it doesnt matter

  46. Paying less for the same position due to gender is illegal, so that would not stand, I would have to do more research on your example though, when it comes to IQ difference between males and females (note that I’ve specifically written IQ and not intelligence) men do score higher and the question why is for us to solve through discussion and not outrage, I’m really happy that this comment section is quite civilized in its interactions. Also important to note is that people used in the study ware of a similar cultural pool so we cannot use the repressed women of Middle East argument, yes I took a jab at the chauvinist Muslim traditions ^^, stereotypes affecting the performance is also an interesting angle and I shall do my own research but the graphics shown although likely not accurate if it is it has to do something with the sterotyped side being female, for I imagine a lot of men would actually try even harder to prove the professor wrong (I would) really there is no value in the experiment if they did not do the opposite variant of it, Ill gladly discuss this topic with someone so feel free to add your own ideas.

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  51. Just you all remember what gender is mostly responsible for most technological advancements that helped shape the world we live in today…………………………males

  52. This is actual correct and backed by research evidence. Props to this channel for getting it right unlike other channels going by "school grades".

  53. It really depends on the person

  54. it depends on the person, not the gender, most of the time

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  56. My question is why are there 11% more girls in gifted programs if there are way more gifted boys than girls?

  57. Short answer: yes
    Long answer: yes, of course


  58. What is the gender for? Its just the person! Stop being sexist

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    The "scientists" are those idiots who think one of the genders is better than the other one while they are working with 140iq scientists who are GIRLS and BOYS. They are thinking about it while the answer its around them every single day. So the gender doesnt matter.

  63. Being a female myself I think that some men are smarter than some women ,some women are smarter than some men but most of the time the smartEST ones are men . At some level, individuality matters more than gender stereotypes but sometimes the differences between two genders matter more than individuality. Women can't do everything that a man can do and to some extent vice versa. It's just the way it is. I also think that some races have more number of intelligent people . I don't believe in the popular belief that says "everyone is equal"( but obviously everyone is equally important). I'm one of the rare people who think this way and some people might find this offensive. Facts>> feelings. Sorry for my poor English though.

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  72. You have it backwards, The Stereotype is females are smarter

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  77. We are not all perfect we are all equal and made by God
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  78. Of course this video would deny the truth that male and female brains ARE VERY DIFFERENT

  79. well…I hate to say it….but girls in my class are totally 90% better than boys…JUST SAYING!!!!!

  80. When it comes to surviving in nature, which is the reason we have anything, men do more of the dirty work, hunting/protecting. While women did more of the cultivating and raising young. It was the mans job to protect his family, what the man did required much more, both physically and mentally. Our brains are not the same, there are even fundamental differences. However, we are similar. Females are more emotionally driven creatures, on average than men. This makes sense as raising young requires loads of empathy. While men tend to be more rational. This does not mean that all males are smarter than women, but when youre talking about biology, you have to consider the necessary traits we possess to survive, and our respective roles in nature.

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  83. Did a man or a women create the social construction of our government, motor vehicles, television, internet… It's pretty obvious when you look at the results. Results talk.

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  85. i bet there will be some guy who will be triggered because there is no transgender or non-binary in the title lol

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  87. Maybe not scientifically, but psychologically yeah. Men tend to be mentally more resourceful probably due to society's programming and in part to different hormone distribution that on average makes men more driven to achieve intellectual dexterity

  88. No. I am a boy and I admit.

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