Are Skateboard Insoles Worth It? #AskRadRat 74

Are Skateboard Insoles Worth It? #AskRadRat 74

This time on Rad Rat Video, we’re talking
about skateboarding slope style, skate video music, footprint insoles and
Numbers. Let’s get started. Welcome back to Rad Rat Video, the channel
where you can learn something new about skateboarding three times a week. We talk
about all different kinds of skateboarding culture stuff, from brand
breakdowns to trick histories, to learning tricks on the Shred School, and this
series, which is called Ask Rad Rat, where I answer your questions about
skateboarding. So we’ve got four questions from three people
today. The first one is from the Z J to the H, who says, “do you think there will
ever be skateboarding slope style, since redbull hart lines, Dew Tour
street style and skate cross are a thing?” So I had to look up skate cross. Haven’t
seen it before. I’ll show you some footage right here. It’s basically like a
BMX dirt course type of thing, and that is pretty cool, and I enjoyed watching it.
I don’t think it really has the same kind of appeal from a contest
perspective, you know, like outsiders wanting to watch it. It’s not all that
exciting to watch if you’re not a skater, to me. But I thought it was kind of cool.
I don’t know if that particularly is gonna catch on that much, because it’s
not out of dirt, so it’s a lot harder to make. So I where I grew up, in my high
school, there is this kid who had a BMX — or maybe it was a dirt bike — course like
that, that went all the way around his house. He had all these jumps and stuff
going around his house, and they’re all made out of dirt, so it was possible to
have this huge track all the way around his house. And the other thing about it
being dirt, is that you could tweak it. You aren’t getting enough air out of
this one? Maybe you can, you know, dig into a little bit make it a bit steeper. That
kind of stuff. But if you have to do it all out of wood, that makes a lot harder
to manage. So people aren’t really gonna be able to practice on these things that
often, you know. How many different skate cross courses are there gonna be, where
you could actually go locally and work on it? So I don’t know if that
particularly is gonna catch on in the same way. I think it’s cool. I’m glad it
exists, but that’s really not gonna be the next big thing. But he’s talking
about slope style, which I’m thinking about in snowboarding, you know,
like the street contest where there’s the different kinds of grinds and stuff
you can do, but you have to do it downhill, and you can choose this thing
or this thing and that thing. And to me, I don’t really see why you’d want to do
that with skateboarding, you know. One of the best things about skateboarding is
that you have some freedom. You don’t have to do everything one direction. You
can hit this thing over here, or you can go all the way the opposite way and do
something no one thought of, and that’s what makes it exciting and interesting.
Trying to be more directional isn’t really an upgrade to me, I don’t think. In
any way. So I don’t know, I don’t think any of these things are really gonna be
the next hot thing. I think the big air caught on even though it’s really
expensive to build one and there aren’t that many, just because of the crowd
appeal, you know. People who don’t skate can watch that and be blown away by how
much air they’re getting and all that kind of stuff. So that’s what makes that
worth it, but there’s other stuff I don’t really see. I could be wrong. I guess
we’ll find out. Next question is from Geoff Thompson who asks, “how much
influence do skate videos have on one’s music taste? Songs discovered by skate
video reigns supreme in my daily playlist 15 years later. Am I the only
one?” No, you are not the only one. I’m sure everyone in the comments will agree with
you. Me personally, I am not a huge music guy. Don’t have really broad tastes. I’ll
know a song if it came out while I was alive and I heard it on the radio. That’s
about it. So my wife, in particular, is a very musical person. She’ll start singing
a song that came out in 1982 and I have no idea what it is, but every now and
then I’ll know something and I’ll be singing along to a song. She’ll say, “whoa how
do you know that?” It’s always because it’s in a skate video. How I know It’s
a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong? Well, it’s because Rodney Mullen used it
in Plan B’s Questionable. There’s stuff like that all the time, if it was in one
of my favorite skate videos, if it was in Tony Hawk 2 or something like that, then
I’ll know it and I’ll sing along to it. I don’t have a playlist of it that I keep
going but I definitely have broadened my musical tastes, mostly due to
skateboarding and I’m sure a lot of other people would agree.
Last question is from s, well two questions. First one is “footprint insoles –
do they work?” This is kind of a tough one, because I use some, but they aren’t
skateboard branded. I have like Dr. Scholl’s or something. At some stores,
they have a big machine you can stand on and it’ll measure where the pressure
points on your feet are, and it’ll recommend a semi custom footprint thing
that you can get, and I have some of those. I have a very flat foot. I used to
have like custom molded orthotics when I was a kid, but that’s good enough for now,
and it really helps me in particular. I don’t have very archy feet, so having a
lot of arch support is a bad thing for me. This kind of helps with that. It does add
a little bit of extra cushion and I do like them, it helps a lot. And I think it
was a good thing to get because of the knee problems I used to have which are
mostly gone at this point. But — well, I think that the idea of having a shoe
insole is a very good thing, but I haven’t used any of the skate branded
ones. I think the idea that they aren’t customized in any way would be a
downside. Having just a lot of cushion with nothing else, I don’t really see if
there’s a big point unless you’re getting really cheap shoes. If you’re
buying, you know, the basic stuff you can get or you go into Walmart and buy
the ten dollar shoes, throwing in those insoles could really
make a big difference, but it’s really tough. I used to have these Vans that I
got, I don’t know, 15 years ago now. But they had this really huge arch bump
inside the shoe, and it was really uncomfortable for me because my feet are
all weird, and I could see trying to put an insole on that and then it doesn’t
really fit because it’s got that bump in there. You know, it really depends on what
kind of shoes you’re getting and what you need them for. The theory of them is
really good, but it just depends on what you’ve got, I would probably go with the
customized ones personally. But I don’t know. I haven’t tried them. If you have,
let him know below in the comments. Okay S’s second question was, “Opinion on
Guy and Koston leaving girl to start up Numbers?” So there’s a lot of different
ways to talk about that. They’ve both been on Girl for a million years. Is it a bad
thing that they left and started their own thing?
I don’t know, I mean, I don’t know about the personal, like, friendships and
relationships and all that at the at that place. But you know, the longest I’ve
ever worked a job, being almost 30, is like two years. I’ve always been jumping
from different jobs and everything. That’s very common these days. A lot of
people do that. So is there anything wrong with wanting to start out on your
own and do your own thing? Of course not. I went from having a job to being
self-employed, and I really enjoy it, so being able to do something like that, I
don’t think there’s anything, like, morally wrong. Like they were being
disloyal or anything like that. I don’t know the details about it all,
but I don’t think there’s any big problem with that. But about Numbers in
particular, I’ve looked them up and they don’t make anything in the size I skate.
I’m old so I skate a 7.75, but I don’t know. “What’s the point of it?” is kind of
my question when there’s a new brand that comes out and they do all this
heavy marketing push and everyone knows about this new deck brand. I always ask,
“what are they doing different? Did they come up with this new shape? Did they do
some new technology? They’re doing like vertical laminates, and they’re doing, you
know, something different? Do they have the slick bottom layer? What are they
doing that sets them apart?” And as far as I’ve been able to see, it’s not much. It’s
just their graphics. You know, like it’s just a new name and a new style of
graphic. And there’s nothing wrong with that, but it doesn’t really excite me too
much and I’m not running out to try one. Especially the first level, like their
first series of graphics that they came out with. I didn’t really even like that
much. Some of the newer stuff is pretty cool. So I don’t have a problem with it. I
don’t think there’s anything wrong with it. I don’t think that they’re bad or
that they’re good. They’re just another brand. Whatever. If you want to try them,
go for it. But I don’t think anyone’s done anything wrong in making it, if
that’s what your question was exactly. So that’s it for now. If you have any more
questions, find my Twitter or Instagram links below, and send them to me on there.
I will get to them as soon as I can. and until next time, here are some more
videos you might want to check out. Make sure you hit my logo on screen right
there to subscribe, and then way you can keep learning new things about
skateboarding three times a week. Thanks for watching.

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  1. I have FP Orthotics which form to the shape of your foot. They're not very cushioned, they're not for that. They absorb impact. That they do well.

  2. late 90's-early 00's skate videos shaped so much of the music i listen to now! marc johnson's modus operandi part – built to spill

  3. Here's a good question for #askradrat: Did Thps 5 kill skating games?

  4. i think my right foot will always be messed up because of plantar fasciitis

  5. Please look at Avenue trucks, I'd love it if you did

  6. what is the origin of hating mongo? What started the hate?

  7. What are somethings you can do to help with knee injuries?

  8. You heat up FP Insoles and mood them to your feet

  9. Love to see how fast this channel is growing… just a few months ago I remember it being at 12k haha

  10. FP insoles are really worth it and yes they are "customized" in a way. You mold them to fit your feet and they really make a difference with impact absorption in my opinion.

  11. Loved those gritty New York skate vids from the 90's. Got to see a world I was never apart of and it was amazing! #yayskateboarding

  12. I have the 411 theme in my playlist

  13. Disaster trick history please

  14. FP insoles are the best, I have some gamechangers and I use them everyday. And also I love that they mold to your feet because I have a really flat foot. I once tried Remind and hated them after one session. I'm using FP forever.

  15. Slopestyle=redbull hartlines

  16. Did anyone else notice he changed the way his hair goes?

  17. Are you shooting on a new camera? Im just noticing a change in picture quality and was curious

  18. Yes Rad Rat! You, Loveletters to Skateboarding and Epicly Later'd are some of the very few information skate based videos i watch these days. Keep it up mate, good stuff 🙂

  19. some random tracks from old skate videos i still listin to, peace!:

    Swollen Members – Committed
    The Grouch – Till the Endathis (HQ)
    Raised By Seuss : Face The Music

    and when im at it a bonus one:

    Funkdoobiest – Wopbabalubop | Official Video

  20. yo i started using FP insoles recently, i got the gamechangers, they are definitely better than the plain insoles in all of my shoes i use them at work too. as far as skating goes they have really good board feel and its not the worst if you stomp your board primo. i highly recommend them if you are having any ankle and/or knee pain since i bought them after my PT said i should use orthotic insoles.

  21. I use footprint insoles to skate flat. The flat shock absorbing ones with no arch. I have very arched feet and, according to the footprint site, that calls for more pressure on the contact points. The arch support is for people who lack it naturally. With es accel slims, which are great shoes, I use both the stock sti insoles and the footprints and I mostly skate flat! It really depends on your feet.

  22. Footprint ARE custom though. They mold to your feet with either body heat or actually heating them in your oven, depending on how much you spend.

  23. i had footprint insoles. great for impact. was able to skate 12 stairs and not get any heel bruise. doctor sholls sucks for skateboarding

  24. Footprint Insoles, wearing my third (or fourth) pair, right now. I love these insoles so much, I've even bought a pair for a co-worker (he just asked for a new pair a couple days ago, too)! Highly recommend them to anybody wanting insoles that feel good and actually improve your quality of life. My co-worker (who doesn't skate, we just work in retail so, loads of walking on hard surfaces) said that they "changed his life!" I sound like I work for Footprint, I know. But, I'm only trying to spread the knowledge of a great product.

  25. I bought a pair of footprint insoles flat (Dane Burman model) and the first day i used them i sprained my knee. Then i tried them again but i don't know if they are really working. What i've noticed is that i have more pop using my vans eras with late 90s vans mignus insoles. I got hyped with the footprints but to be honest i don't think they really worth

  26. Footprint makes an insole that you can put into the oven for a few minutes, and then you insert them into your shoes and walk around to mold them to your foot! I've used these, and they're awesome.

  27. Jeremy Klein got me on to Cocteau Twins, Frank Black, and The Breeders and for that I am eternally grateful.

  28. I got some DC's and they had insoles that came with, they really do help, me and my mate both skate at the same time and my feet are never sore by the end and his kill because his insoles are just the average cardboardy cork crap, if you want your arches to stay arched i'd suggest always having some sort of shock absorbing insoles foamy or rubbery idc.

  29. What do you think skateboarding will be like in 100 years? Will it still be around? What kind of tricks will people do? Skateparks on the moon maybe? 😉

  30. Dude I love your videos so much. They always put such a nice cap on my day. Keep it up!

  31. RedBull HartLines is a contest that Ryan Sheckler organized that I would consider to be the closest thing that could reasonably exist to "Skateboard Slopestyle."

  32. Vans propeller has the greatest soundtrack since who knows when

  33. Footprint insoles are the real deal!They have customizable insole that you warm up by putting them in an oven or with your body heat and they get molded to your feet.

  34. Got any street footy of you? Id love to see

  35. ok with fp its not the amount of cushion its the material the cushion is made out of… idk its some very scientifically shit i can explain it later…the material is the dopest dope… so worth it. I have a video on my channel about them… if i buy another pair i will make a bowling ball drop video on them…

  36. I listen to edubble, Hopsin, Kid rock, etc while i skate. Anything thats a chill listen. ??

  37. Footprint insoles are the best investment you can make

  38. Leaving you sponsors to start a new one up has always just been a part of skating, I'm kinda surprised RadRat didn't mention how abruptly everyone left their sponsors to start Girl. There's even a story how they all sat around in a room passing the phone to one another to let Rodney Mullen know they quit World Industries, Blind, Plan B… I don't think it's such a bad thing. Andrew Reynolds left Birdhouse to start Baker and Tony was cool with it, his son Riley even rides for Baker now.

  39. Since slowmo is becoming more and more available, how do you think it will effect skating?

  40. I don't think you understand the benefits of Footprint insoles. I recommend looking more into them, this video is very misinformed

  41. I got into MGMT from this one Sean Malto video that featured Electric Feel

  42. 411vm videos alone gave me so much music which is still in my phone over 20 years later ?

  43. 4:40

    I have two pairs of those insoles and I love them.

    I have injuries so I really notice the difference.

  44. Dude, try FP insoles and talk about them again later

  45. After severely breaking my ankle, I had to take half a year off plus time for physical therapy. Couldn't afford the orthotic insoles my PT suggested and ended up getting FP gamechanger orthotics. Took them in to ask what he thought of them and he now actually recommends them to patients instead of the normal "medical" ones. The cheaper ones they make are less good in my experience, but since I can buy cheaper shoes for months using one set of insoles to make up the difference, it's really a good value at the end of the day.

  46. Alien Workshop's early videos helped ensure Dinosaur Jr a major following in the skate community. To this day. I went to see them recently, and all kinds of skate kids, many of whom I'd assumed to listen to trap, turned out to be fans.

  47. NASA believes in foot print, nasa uses that stuff in space…..

  48. I have flat feet too (callous-on-the-inside-of-my-arch flat), but insoles just wind up hurting my feet. It's also hard enough to find shoes that fit my gigantic feet without adding all that extra mass. Custom orthotics don't hurt as much, but it's not worth it for me. I usually just grab flat shoes (Vans, Sperrys, etc.) and deal with it. Except for my running shoes. But running without an arch is killer on your knees.

    I'm 33, and I've been at the same employer for 15 years. That's not too uncommon when working for a university, though. Start as a student worker, and just move to different positions in the department.

  49. Simple answer about insoles. Yes.

  50. I don't know about Footprints and Reminds but the eS STI Energy Foam insole I got was totally worth it. Got my second pair 2 weeks ago. They pack out quite fast. On the 4th month they got almost paper thin on the toes and heel, which reduced their impact protection a lot, but during the first 2-3 months they were absolutely perfect. Made my landings much softer and impact absorbent. Its so good that I don't think I can go back to skating regular insoles. Footprint and Remind I haven't tried but I guess they ought to be even more impact absorbent due to their higher price. I got my eS STI's for €15. I currently skate the eS Accel Slim which are an extremely thin gutted out cupsole shoe. If I skate them with the regular insoles my feet hurt quite a lot and also my confidence goes down because if I land the wrong way it hurts like hell. The eS STI Energy Foam insoles make them perfect to skate. Thicker cupsole shoes like the Etnies Marana and Marana XT are fine without aftermarket insoles but I definitely got more confident when I put eS STI Energy Foams in my Maranas a few months ago which was my previous skate shoe before the Accel Slim. The Maranas I skated were already pretty worn out and got thin on the sole so the aftermarket insoles definitely helped.

  51. can you do an episode about skate rails and why handrail skaters dont use them

  52. Welcome skateboards are doing some interesting things with their shapes. Just bought 2 decks for cruising transition. Can't say whether or not they're better than other boards yet, but their graphics are sick. Even if you don't skate them, their deck art is perfect for wall mounts.

  53. I now listen to a lot of post-rock thanks to Emerica

  54. Preface: this is not meant to be a direct endorsement; I was not asked by any person or entity nor was I paid to write this comment. That being said…

    I bought a pair of the king foam insoles first; they didn't quite give me a comfortable fit in my cup sole shoes, but felt good in vulcanized. The hard cup sole just pushes the insole in weird ways on the bottom and i felt like i was standing on my heel, but vans just feel like gloves on the bottom of your feet so the insoles conform a little better. The king foam didn't really do anything for me.
    Then i got the gamechangers, and the name fits.
    They feel great in both types of shoes, simply because i can just re-bake them and mold them to my foot's weight pattern in the shoe i swap to. I've re-baked the same set of insoles 6 times now, (they've survived longer than 6 pairs of shoes… that's pretty crazy) and while there is a building oven odor of pizza and feet, they are perfectly set in the shoe and my foot imprint keeps my foot stable and give me that 'secure' feeling.
    I won't lie though, i should probably buy a new set now because the toe area is getting a bit flat after the last bake, but to restate; 44$ lasted 7 months/6 pairs of shoes.

    Get some, test them out, and give us an unbiased review!

  55. Real men skate barefoot

  56. Oh yeah THPS2 best game soundtrack ever

  57. Can you do Ali Boulala on retro rippers?

  58. Hey Rad Rat, who do you think will win the skateboarding gold medal at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics?

  59. slopestyle is already a thing sorta, they made an all downhill street contest a few years ago

  60. After an off day with all day worse than normal knee pain I decided to give your semi custom insoles from the store idea I try. Instant relief after putting them in my least supportive shoes. Don't feel like they'd mess up your board feel either like a lot of other generic options. Going to test them out tomorrow breaking in a new pair to skate. Thanks for the tip! ??

  61. I'm not a skater so I apologize if this question is stupid but do you think that skaters who can do both vert and street, maybe even freestyle, are inherently more skilled overall than skaters who specialize?

  62. The Footprint Game Changers are absolutely custom once you take them out of the oven and wear them.

  63. This channel is fantastic

  64. Just saw a bones brigade video from 84 and there was a portion dedicated to downhill slide. If you haven't already, I'd be interested in hearing you discuss the divergence of street/park and longboarding/downhill.

  65. ok theres this guy who does 1080 triple flip i think we went for a quad too i nsane he is making history abd he is so underrated

  66. Use the footprint or footprint orthotics if you have a lower arch.
    They are different and they make a difference.
    The orthotics you customise in the oven. They are pricy .. but you move them from shoe to shoe. It also cuts down the Brei in to new shoes to a minimum.

  67. And ouff. Sometimes you make me really angry with your ignorance and lack of knowledge. Every fucking Skateboard is the same .. there are a couple board pressing companies only out there who press for all. If you know the pressing company of your brand you know how it is.
    But how can you not be hyped about brands like numbers,ade from people that are living and still skating skateboard history, by people that are part of the reason why skateboarding is how it is today

  68. I am skinny, and I have skinny feets too. If I lands primo one time… it hurts really bad for weeks. With my FP insoles, it really, REALLY decrease the ammount of pain. I feel the primos, but I don't get hurt, and I am not effraid to do fliptricks like before

  69. I've tried a wide variety of insoles and I gotta be honest; FP insoles are amazing. Better than any major brand, and competitive if not better than super expensive custom orthotics. I've always worn these to skate but I recently switched from a desk job to a factory job where I stand all day because it pays better. I wear them to skate, work, take bae on dates, anything and everything. I don't know how I used to live without them. I've been recommending them to everyone for years.(not aggressively, just when insoles come up in casual conversation) Unless you have a more specific foot problem (super high/low arch or other special circumstance, idk I'm not a doctor lol) FP is an affordable, universal, high quality solution for most people. I'm not sponsored by anyone. I'm just a happy customer trying to spread the word. I sincerely wish FP wasn't so heavily skate marketed. They have a fantastic product and they seriously limit they're market by pandering only to skaters. Of course if you're jumping down stairs every day they wear out fast. This is still reality after all. Still, a heavy skater will go through 3 pairs a year. $120 a year or totally wrecked feet by 30; You tell me whats better. A new complete wears out just as fast if not faster and costs 3x as much. Thing is they're built for performance, impact, an arch support. If you only want comfort strap a flimsy used pillow to your foot, call it Vans, and prepare for foot problems as you get older. 😛

  70. Skates insoles are designed for absorbing  impact.  For jumping down stairs, its not a custom footbed or orthodox insole buddy way off his rocker on that one!

  71. Footprint gamechanger insoles are so worth it the last like three pairs of skate shoes absolutely fantastic things

  72. You heat the fp insoles in the oven at like 235 degrees for 8 to 10 minutes and then put them in your shoes and wear them around for an hour.. They mold to your feet and work very well. You should check them out… They absorb a ton of shock and make it So you can skate longer with less impact fatigue.

  73. Can you do one of evolution of skate shoes? From pillowie with skate armor like the old dcs dvs and circa, to now flat vans and lakais

  74. so many good songs ive gotten from skate videos

  75. The old A-1 Meats vid and This Is Not the New H-Street Video introduced me to Op Ivy and changed my musical taste forever.

  76. I've been using the FP insoles for about a month now and I think they've worked wonders for me. I've had problems in my left knee and recurring back pain due to bulging discs in my lumbar region. I really think they've absorbed shock like advertised since my back and knee problems haven't been flaring back up yet.

  77. I love your videos man! But you've gotta get your audio levels even. There are effects that will do that for you when exporting.

  78. Why is RadRat so misinformed on the FP insoles? Jeez dude, i wouldn't skate without that, I'm 40 and landing primo or dropping from a 3ft ledge would stop me skating for weeks without FPs.

  79. You need to try fp insoles. They arent how you described. You heat them in the oven and mold them to your feet.The material is great.Defionately not 'cushiony'.Absorbs impact incredibly

  80. this videos title is shit, this video had a very vague answer on that question

  81. I declare myself the #1 geek/dork RadRat sub..this is a fact! ESP in ragards to shoes,insoles,suede etc…

    My honest opinion on insoles>>>>
    >They are EVERYTHING!
    You can skate any shoe as long as the insoles are THICK!!
    -I have 70+ pairs of skate shoes on 3 shoe racks..
    Most are skated..(none are dead/thrashed cause I buy em frequently as dork-hobby.
    And I’ve 4-5 insoles that I move into the current shoes I’m skating..
    ~Lakai Manchester selects ~#1 and cheapest(ironic)
    ~Vans Rowleys #2(all vans have Uber insoles,Lasek,Dollin etc)
    ~ Nike ~ I have Prod 5 and Koston-1 and BOTH have lunarlon steirofoam.weird yet good.
    I didn’t wanna mention ‘Nike’ cause they r bad 4skating…

    That’s it..I put these insoles in all my other shoes from Busenitz to accels and whatevs…

    ~~I bought the insoles picture for overpriced $12-20bucks a few years ago..
    I got the Jaws ones after watching Biebel & ChicoBrenes toaster over them and then wear em to shape them..
    I thought WOW…
    BUT when I got mine, i got the Jaws pair and I thought WTF. These are so lame looking and feeling..
    So I put em in. Pair of older DC shoes and realized that now they are broken in fully
    I would say that the technology is better then the ooeyGooey insoles from RowleyVans.or the old man ones you buy from Walgreens…and those dr. scholls do work Great..esp when you’re 40and still Ollie’ stairs..(4-5in my max lol)

    ~~Nike Lunarlon insole tech in my P-rods and Kostons are AWFUL and retarded..
    Not a surprise since both skaters are skateboarding most arrogant skaters.
    Look at Kosotns lame shoes over the years since K-1..ALL WACK AF and you know it..
    I actually really really like my P-rod 5’s from like 2009-2011’ish(I forget). They are just normal looking suede kicks where the Kostons look weird….

    Do you guys enjoy seeking and skating you’re fav shoes from years ago?
    Or do you go with whatever is right for the moment?
    **one of my current fav shoes that I just bought my 3rd pair of is GLOBE theOdin Chris Hallam signature shoe..
    It is really good and ALWAYS $22bucks w/ free shipping on eBay skate warehouse..
    TWENTYTWO BUCKS!!! And they skate and look daf..
    -this is how I manage to keep my shoe stash going…
    Thrash The Globes and mix it up with the rest……

  82. I only skate old skools. They're really thin and i get great board feel from them which i like. A little more cushion for gaps wouldn't hurt but i can chuck on a fresh pair and I'm comfortable in them pretty much immediately.

  83. Your intro looks like it’s a show from pbs in the early 00’s late 90’s

  84. It doesn’t have to be an upgrade ugh

  85. There's the downhill disco! Its a slopestyle skateboarding/longboarding festival every year!

  86. Flat footed music hater

  87. I love Mariano and Koston, but I just don’t like anything about Numbers aesthetic

  88. Quick answer yes

  89. that redbull downhill skate contest was awesome

  90. Would you please put the times for each question in the description. I want to know about Skateboard insoles, not music or the other questions.

  91. Here is a question for you. What in the world happened to my beloved Vans? They just straight up fall apart these days.
    After nearly 30 years- is it time to switch?

  92. ijust stack about 3 cheap insoles in my shoe, then when you wear them all day the insoles compress under your toes, ball of foot and heel and you end up with custom shaped insoles that fit your feet perfectly and gives arch support

  93. footprint insoles are amazing if you skate impact. could jump down 12 stairs like it was a curb and never any heel bruises. plus it felt like walking on clouds. prefered to walk around the house wth shoes on than bare food lol

  94. Fp is actually the best, I use them for work and it feels so nice when u have to be on ur feet all day, I also have no arches so it hurts to do activity. Having those soles help me out a Ton

  95. Yeah if it's the first time I hear a song and it's in a skate part, that essentially becomes the music video for that song lol!

  96. Red bull did a down hill comp

  97. If he has arch problems, I would definitely suggest checking remind insoles, I have flat feet they work for me

  98. I've had a few numbers decks in the past and they were OK but I've always been more of a creature or enjoi skater its just that the nubers decks snapped pretty quickly for me.

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